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How to Press Herbs for Botanical Art

If you read my last post about drying Herbs, you know that we have an over abundance of herbs this year. Do you love Botanical Prints? Well, there’s nothing more authentic than a real pressed herb. Since I’m sharing about preserving your herbs this Spring, here is another way to use your herbs.

How to press herbs for botanical art. Easy and inexpensive art project for all ages.  Fun craft for kids.

Here is a step by step guide on how to press herbs to use for botanical art. In addition, you will learn how to frame your pressed herbs. This is a fun project for all ages and you’ll love the results.

Gather Herbs For Pressing

You will want to gather your herbs at a peak time and when your herbs look their healthiest. Gather on a sunny day when the sun has dried all moisture from the stems. Use shears to cut your herbs.

Pressing herbs to make botanical art is inexpensive and a fun craft project for all ages.

How Do You Press Herbs?

You want to use a heavy book. I have an old dictionary that I like to use. If you are not concerned about the condition of the book, you can lay your herbs between the pages without any protection. Some herbs and especially flowers, may stain the pages. If this is a concern, place your herbs between two pieces of parchment paper and then place between the pages of your book. Note: Your herbs will dry much quicker between the paper pages. Usually within 2 weeks. Parchment paper doesn’t absorb the oils as quickly and drying time is extended.

Add some weight

Using a heavy book and extra weight to press your herbs.

Once you have your herbs placed between your pages, you want to add some weight to the book. I place the book on my desk under this urn and add extra books for good measure. I allowed my last batch of herbs to stay in the book for 3 weeks.

Pressed herbs are beautiful.  You can't beat the authentic look of art made from pressed herbs.  Fun craft project for all ages.

Here is the result after 3 weeks of pressing. I was not as happy with my basil. The leaves were very small and curly. Therefore, they didn’t press as well this time. The larger leaves work better.

Now To Make Botanical Art?

Begin by finding a frame for your botanical art. Here is one that I love. I already had three frames that I had picked up previously from Ikea. So I used what was on hand.

Framing pressed herbs or flowers makes a great DIY Botanical Print Project.

If you are using a pressed glass frame, you may want a background for your herbs. I used some quality paper that I had on hand. Using a calligraphy pen, I hand lettered the names onto the heavy paper.

How Do You Attach The Herbs?

Frame pressed herbs and place between glass for a beautiful botanical print gallery wall.

Next, to keep the pressed herbs from slipping, I used a basting adhesive. Just a light mist of spray will hold the herb in place on your paper. I held the spray can 24 inches from the herb and gave it a light spray. Because you can easily damage your pressed herbs, you want to use caution while handling and especially while applying any adhesive.

Using pressed glass frames make your pressed botanical herbs look great and it's a fun DIY project for all ages.

How To Frame Pressed Herbs?

To attach the background paper to the glass, I added just another mist of adhesive to the center of the paper. Then align the paper in the center of the glass and press. Apply the top glass gently and then add to the frame.

These are perfect for the new greenhouse. If you’d like to see how we built our greenhouse it’s on this post.

Pressed herbs framed

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. This technique works for press drying flowers as well. It’s a great way to preserve your flowers and make them into art.

Don’t miss the tutorial on how to dry herbs. You might also enjoy this tasty basil pesto recipe. I appreciate you for stopping by and your comments and questions are always welcome.

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How to Press Herbs to make Botanical Art Prints.
How to Press Herb for botanical Art.  Fun, DIY project for dry pressing herbs or flowers to frame for botanical art.  Easy instructions.  Great craft project for kids and adults.  Great way to preserve your herbs and flowers.

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