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DIY Ideas for Napkin Rings Pottery Barn Style

Do you love the Seasonal Decor at Pottery Barn? Today I’m sharing these budget friendly creative ideas for Napkin Rings, Pottery Barn Style. A tutorial on how to easily make DIY Thanksgiving Napkin Rings for your fall tables.

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How To Make Napkin Rings Pottery Barn Style?

First the inspiration for these DIY Thanksgiving Napkin Rings came from the Fall Pottery Barn Look Book.

Y’all know I love setting a pretty table and I loved these cute napkin rings. However, when I calculated the cost for 8 napkin rings, I started searching for a budget friendly solution.

Inspiration photo of Fall Napkin Rings Pottery Barn

Ideas for Napkin Rings

First, begin with your current supplies. I had everything I needed for this project except the cookie cutters. To keep my project budget friendly, I choose to only purchase the maple leaf cookie cutters.

I had originally planned to use thrifted napkin rings but only had a set of 4 that I felt would be appropriate for this project.

Instead I remembered seeing a post from Anne & AnnMarie at Simply 2 Mom’s where they had used binder rings to make napkin rings. Since I had a supply already on hand, I decided to use their technique for the base of the Thanksgiving Napkin Rings.


These are the supplies I used for DIY Napkin Rings.

I recommend using supplies you have on hand for making this cute craft project. You can substitute the cookie cutter shape or you may have thrifted rings that will work. In addition, you can be creative with your paint colors.

How to Make the Clay Leaves?

First, you want to make your clay leaves.

Begin by rolling a small ball of Air Dry Clay and placing on a piece of wax paper on a solid surface. Use a rolling pin to flatten the clay to approx. 1/8 -1/4 inch thick.

Roll out air dry clay with rolling pin.

Once the clay is the desired thickness, begin to cut the leaves with your maple leaf cookie cutter.

Dampen fingers to smooth out any ruff edges or dimples in the clay leaves.

use maple leaf cookie cutter to cut the leaves from air dry clay for DIY Thanksgiving napkin rings.

Finally take a paring knife and cut shallow lines into the surface of the clay to form leaf veins.

Cut veins in maple leaves with paring knife on air dry clay ideas for napkin rings.

Place the leaves on a wire rack for faster drying time. It will take approx. 24 – 48 hours to completely dry.

Air Dry Clay Maple Leaf DIY Napkin Ring Craft project.  Dry on wire rack.

Paint The Napkin Rings Pottery Barn Style

To achieve the Napkin Rings Pottery Barn Style appearance, begin with a coat of white chalk paint. Brush evenly over the surface of the leaf.

You may choose to paint your leaves another color to match your fall tablescapes.

Air Dry Clay project with fall maple leaves painted white.

Once the white paint is dry, begin adding a touch of Antique Gold paint to the edges of the leaves.

Paint with antique metallic gold to highlight edges of the air dried clay leaves.

Make Jute Napkin Ring

At any time while waiting for the clay leaves to dry, you can begin to make your jute napkin rings.

Begin by opening the binder ring and cutting length of the jute rope approx. 2 yards.

Tie the end of the rope and secure with hot glue or tape to prevent unraveling. Begin wrapping the rope tightly around the ring until you reach the end.

Reconnect the ring and continue wrapping until no silver is showing.

Secure with glue to prevent unraveling.

wrap jute rope around binder rings to make DIY napkin Rings.

How to Attach Clay Leaf to Jute Napkin Ring?

The creative idea for napkin rings is almost complete. Once everything is dry and secure, you are ready to glue the clay leaves to the jute napkin rings.

Begin with a drop of E6000 Glue on the backside center of the maple leaf.

Then place the jute covered ring in the position you desire.

Surround the ring with hot glue to secure.

Note: The E6000 will be more secure than the hot glue. You can avoid using hot glue if you can secure the ring to the clay long enough to allow drying time. The hot glue is a quick way to secure the position of the ring to allow the E6000 glue drying time.

You will need to hold in place until the hot glue has set.

hold napkin ring in place until glue dries

Finally seal the painted leaves with a clear matte spray sealer to protect the finish.

Once dry, you are ready to style your Fall or Thanksgiving Tables.

Spray to Seal DIY Project Napkin Rings, Pottery Barn Hack.  Budget friendly DIY craft  Fall Napkin Rings
Yield: 8

DIY Idea for Napkin Rings Pottery Barn Style

DIY Idea for Napkin Rings Pottery Barn Style

Inexpensive Budget Friend Pottery Barn Napkin Ring Hack

Prep Time 15 minutes
Active Time 45 minutes
Additional Time 1 day 2 hours
Total Time 1 day 3 hours
Difficulty Medium
Estimated Cost 10.00


  1. Roll small ball of Air Dry Clay flat with rolling pin. Approx. 1/8 to 1/4 thick.
  2. Cut 8 maple leaves from clay with cookie cutter
  3. Smooth edges and any ruff spots with damp fingers.
  4. Dry 24-48 hours
  5. Make Jute Napkin Rings with binder rings.
  6. Open ring and attach approx. 2 yards of jute twine to one end.
  7. Wrap tightly until almost completely covered.
  8. Hook the ends of binder ring back together and wrap until completely covered and no silver is showing.
  9. Secure the end of the twine with glue.
  10. After air dried clay leaves are dry, paint with one coat of white chalk paint. Allow to dry.
  11. Paint edges and tips with Antique Metallic Gold Craft Paint and dry.
  12. Attach painted leaves to jute napkin rings with E6000 Glue
  13. Apply hot glue to hold the ring in place and allow the E6000 to complete cure.
  14. Once glue is dry, spray with matte sealer to protect the finish.


You can substitute materials for paint colors you already have, a different cookie cutter shape and thrifted napkin rings. Use what you have on hand to make this project as inexpensive as possible.

Did you make this project?

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Ideas for Napkin Rings Pottery Barn Style

Here is the result of my idea for napkin rings Pottery Barn Style.

DIY Project Napkin Rings, Pottery Barn Style.  Budget friendly DIY Fall Thanksgiving Napkin Rings

Although the inspiration photo has two leaf shapes, however to make this more budget friendly, I opted to only purchase one maple leaf cookie cutter shape. The savings will vary depending on what supplies you have on hand, however I saved $50.00 on my 8 napkin rings.

Inspiration for DIY Napkin Rings Pottery Barn Hack.

These Ideas for Napkin Rings are going to be perfect on my fall tablescapes as autumn approaches.

Craft Project Napkin Rings, Pottery Barn Style.  Budget friendly DIY Thanksgiving Napkin Rings

I hope you liked these ideas for DIY Thanksgiving Napkin Rings and that you will be inspired to try this DIY project. Be sure to watch the Full Video Tutorial Here.

DIY Napkin Rings, Pottery Barn Style.  Budget friendly DIY Thanksgiving Napkin Rings for your fall tables.

Here are some budget friendly options if you are not into crafts. Click Image for Details.

Another cute napkin ring idea

While making air-dry clay Christmas ornaments, I decided to use the smaller versions as napkin charms. Super easy to make and look great. You can adapt this idea to any season.

More Favorite DIY Projects

Thanks for stopping by. I look forward to sharing my next adventure with you.


Creative Ideas for Napkin Rings, Pottery Barn Style.  How to make Budget friendly DIY Thanksgiving Napkin Rings

Kristin | White Arrows Home

Sunday 9th of October 2022

These turned out so pretty Rachel! I absolutely love them!!


Monday 10th of October 2022

Kristin, I really appreciate this

Brendt Blanks

Saturday 8th of October 2022

Rachel, Oh my word! These are to die for...pinned!! Have a happy weekend, Brendt


Saturday 8th of October 2022

Brendt, I'm so glad you like them. Thanks so much.

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Sunday 14th of August 2022

Tammy, I'm so glad you like them and I really appreciate you for sharing my tutorial. Thanks

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