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Ideas For A Salad Bar Party & 6 Menu Items

Did you enjoy all the beautiful Spring Fling Tablescapes on Thursday? Now it’s time for some ideas for Salad Bar Party decorations. Plus, I’m sharing six menu items for Salad Bar at Spring Fling Dinner Party.

On Thursday, you saw a glimpse of the potting table I used to set up the salad bar.

Setting up the Supper Club Party in the Greenhouse was so fun, and adding vintage garden decor to the salad bar made the two tables work seamlessly together.

Spring Tablescape with vintage garden charm in greenhouse for Spring Fling Salad Bar Dinner Party

Click for Sources: White Birds, Cabbage Plates, Bird Nests, & white chargers. Pink Tulips, Peonies, & Lilac

Ideas for Salad Bar Dinner Party

First, the DIY Potting Table is located beside the dining table and is a convenient spot for all the yummy salads being served.

I added vintage gravy boats and mini salad dressing boats to the table. This allows guests to add salad dressing at the bar or take some back to the table in small proportions.

Ideas for setting up a salad bar in the greenhouse for a dinner party or brunch.

A rustic metal candelabra and DIY birdhouses add a vintage garden style to the potting table.

Items for Salad Bar in Greenhouse with Cobb Salad Stack and Fresh Fruit with wine.

In addition, a vintage wicker basket filled with tulips sits on a chippy green stool used as a riser. Another idea is a basket with a mix of greenery and vintage dishes.

Tulips fill a vintage basket on the Spring Fling Salad Bar Table.  Ideas for setting up a salad bar party

Spring Fling Supper Club Dinner Party

Each month our virtual Supper Club Series has a themed party with table setting ideas, a full menu and recipes to complete a fun dinner party.

These ideas are intended to inspire you to plan your Spring entertaining.

You can still see this month’s Spring Fling Table Ideas if you missed it.

Today’s salad bar ideas will inspire you to create a garden-inspired dinner party.

Table ideas for Salad bar in she shed for Spring Fling Brunch Party

Items for Salad Bar

If you are planning a salad bar, there are many items for decorating and setting up.

The serving dishes for the salad bar should be set at varying heights. This allows all items to be visible as guests fill their plates.

I like to use cake plates and risers to elevate platters and bowls. You can also stack dishes to raise the serving bowls and plates.

Ideas for Salad Bar located inside the she shed for a Spring Fling Dinner Party

You can add beverages to your salad bar or create a separate beverage station if space is limited.

Items for Salad Bar located inside the greenhouse with Cobb Chicken Salad Stack as main dish.

Plates, bowls, napkins, and utensils can be placed on the salad bar or at each setting.

I chose to set the Spring Fling table with full place settings, and guests can take their plates to the bar and fill them individually.

Ideas for Salad Bar and Table setting for Spring Fling Dinner Party - She Shed and Greenhouse Party
Click for Table Setting Sources:

Salad Bar – Cobb Salad Stack Recipe

Next are the ideas for the salad bar menu and items for salad bar recipes.

The Cobb Salad Stack with Chicken is a delicious main dish salad bar option. I shared the full recipe on Monday.

It’s light and refreshing but hearty enough for a main dish.

Creating a stacked salad adds a beautiful presentation to the items on the salad bar.

Don’t miss these tips for making this delicious recipe.

Cobb Salad Stack with Chicken Recipe for the Supper Club Menu for a Spring Fling Themed Party

Another Stack Recipe

Check out this delicious Poke Tuna Stack Recipe.

More Recipes for Salad Bar

Caprese Salad

By Stacy at Bricks N Blooms

Another great recipe for a salad bar party is Stacy’s Caprese Salad recipe. The salad is light and delicious, which is a perfect accompaniment to the Cobb Salad.

Caprese SaladRecipe for the Supper Club Menu for a Spring Fling Themed Party

Edible Fruit Salad

By Jennifer at Cottage on Bunker Hill

Jennifer created a beautiful, edible fruit salad recipe for today’s salad bar menu.

Not only is it a delicious addition, but it can also serve as table decoration.

Decorative edible fruit salad recipe for the Supper Club Menu for a Spring Fling Themed Party

Blueberry Salad with Lemon Vinaigrette

By Anne & AnnMarie at Simply 2 Moms

This lovely blueberry salad with lemon vinaigrette is so refreshing, and it can easily be a main dish with the addition of grilled chicken.

Blueberry Salad Recipe with grilled Chicken for the Supper Club Menu for a Spring Fling Themed Party

Simple Lemonade Iced Tea

By Jennifer at Midwest Life & Style

Nothing says Spring Fling like a delicious lemonade iced tea recipe.

You will love serving this recipe all summer long.

Lemonade Iced Tea Recipe for the Supper Club Menu for a Spring Fling Themed Party

Old Fashioned Buttermilk Pie with Lemon Curd

By Michele at Vintage Home Design

Finally, you must have a delicious dessert for every party. Michele’s Old Fashioned Buttermilk Pie with Lemon curd is a perfect finishing touch for the Spring Fling Dinner Party.

Dessert - Buttermilk Pie with Lemon Curd for Spring Fling supper Club Dinner Party

These recipes will make your Spring dinner party an event to remember.

Additional Recipes Great A Spring Fling Party

Recipes for Spring Gatherings

I hope this inspires you to invite your family and friends to gather for a Spring Fling event.

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How to Set up the salad bar table for a Spring Fling Dinner Party for Supper Club
6 Items for Salad Bar Menu and recipes for a Spring Fling Dinner Party for Supper Club.


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