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How To Make Free Herb Centerpiece Ideas

Do you plant herbs in your garden? If so, here’s how you can make herbal centerpieces for free and then transplant the herb centerpiece in your garden after the event.

If you are purchasing fresh herbs for your garden, before you plant them, use this easy idea to create fun centerpieces.

In addition, you can use the herbs you already have growing to create beautiful, casual centerpieces with fresh-cut herbs.

We are planning a Low Country Boil Party, and the casual outdoor event inspired these herb centerpiece ideas.

fresh herb centerpiece ideas for casual dinner parties.

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How Do You Make Herbal Centerpieces?

First, determine your containers.

For this casual party, I have two long, narrow tables for dining and one table for the condiments and side dishes.

Therefore, I needed 3 centerpieces and didn’t want to spend any money to make them.

Here are the containers that I already had in my stash to use for the three herbal centerpieces.

The two long dining tables will hold the chicken feeder-style trays, and the food table will have the patriotic basket. I also saw these cute metal baskets that would look great.

In addition, I decided to add some cut herbs and used vintage milk glass bud vases.

Containers for centerpieces, centerpiece vase, patriotic basket

What Herbs Can Be Use For Herbal Centerpieces?

The herbs that you like to plant in your garden should be used to make an herbal centerpiece.

First, purchase your fresh herbs for planting a few days before your party.

Prior to transplanting, be sure to soak your herb or flowers thoroughly with water. You don’t want them to dry out before you can plant them in their permanent location.

Transplant the herbs into centerpiece containers as close to the event date as possible.

I transplanted these herbs into clay pots the day before our low country boil.

Herbs for centerpiece ideas, drainage area in potting bench

In addition, for the second table arrangement, I decided to add some milk glass vases with cut herbs from the garden.

Sage was blooming, and I couldn’t resist adding sprigs of sage and rosemary to the herbal centerpieces.

Cut fresh herbs to make centerpiece ideas, patriotic centerpiece, herbal centerpiece

I filled the long chicken feeder tray with several pots of different herbs and green vines.

How to Make Herbal Centerpiece ideas, potting bench with herb display.

Adding Light

Although we have string lights surrounding our outdoor kitchen and dining area, one of the tables will not be directly under the lights.

Normally, I would add some candles, but it has been so windy that I was concerned about keeping them burning.

Therefore, I added some battery-operated lights to the centerpiece.

Add battery lights to herb centerpiece

Just wrap them in and around all the potted herbs.

The wooden patriotic star ornament is nestled among the herb plants.

How to Make Herbal Centerpiece ideas. Patriotic accent peice

The battery pack is easily hidden under the coconut fiber that is lining the tray.

Hide battery pack in centerpiece

See how they illuminate the table as the sun is setting.

Lights in centerpiece look beautiful after dark. Lighted herbal centerpiece

Adding Vases To The Arrangement

For the second herbal centerpiece, I added the fresh plants to the ends of the container and then filled the center with the milk glass vases.

Use vines to herb centerpiece

Since the Memorial Day Weekend is just around the corner, I decided to add a couple of flags to the centerpiece.

Place cut herbs in milk glass vases and add flags How to Make Herbal Centerpiece ideas

How To Add Plants To A Basket

Finally, I’m adding the thrifted patriotic basket to the food table.

I love using baskets for flower arrangements and you can see more details on this Easy Basket Tutorial.

You may need to add some risers to the inside of the basket.

Here, I added two styrofoam bowls and some crushed kraft paper to lift the plants above the rim of the basket.

Fill Baskets with risers

Then, I filled the basket with parchment paper.

The parchment paper will help to disguise the plant containers and prevent any liquid from dripping through the basket onto the table.

add parchment paper to baskets

To add a patriotic feel, I used a red geranium for this basket.

combine herbs and flowers for a creative centerpiece ideas

Place the geranium on one side and allow the blooms and foliage to come under the handle, being careful not to break the stems.

Add geranium to basket

Next, add the asparagus ferns to the other side of the basket.

This American Flag was added to the geranium soil to add another patriotic touch.

fill basket with flowers and fern How to Make Herbal Centerpiece ideas

In addition, I used a smaller basket to hold another herb plant.

Fresh herbs in basket

The Herbal Centerpieces in Place

Here is the long outdoor table ready for the Low Country Boil Party dressed with the herb centerpiece, DIY Kraft Paper Tablecloth, and lobster napkins.

How to Make Herbal Centerpiece ideas

The table inside the outdoor kitchen looks festive with the red, white, and blue theme which includes wooden-handle flatware and wooden napkin rings.

Flags and milk glass mixed with herbs for a fun centerpiece

And finally the food table is located right beside the dump zone for the Low Country Boil.

Although each centerpiece is different, they all have a patriotic touch, fresh herbs and everything is FREE if you are planning to purchase for your garden anyway.

Patriotic centerpiece with florals and ferns and American flag for herbal centerpiece

Cute Fish Plates, cute fish-inspired appetizer bowls, and cute coastal towels make the table fun for this party.

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More Ideas

In addition to using herbs for free centerpieces, you can do the same with flowers.

The geranium and asparagus ferns will all be transplanted into the garden as soon as the party is over.

For additional decor, I quickly slid a petunia tray into a clay pot and added it as decoration for the outdoor kitchen. Next week, it will be overflowing from its permanent flower pot.

Free Floral Decorations that will be transplanted into yard.

I hope these ideas for Free Herbal Centerpieces will help you save money on your future entertaining adventures.

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Thanks so much for stopping by!

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How to Make Herbal Centerpiece ideas


Monday 30th of May 2022

Love these ideas. This is the first summer no herbs on our deck. It's filled with Zinnias!


Tuesday 31st of May 2022

Cindy, I bet they are pretty!

Mary from Life at Bella Terra

Friday 27th of May 2022

Rachel, I love the idea of battery operated lights. The wind can certainly end a candlelit dinner quickly. You have so many great containers too.


Friday 27th of May 2022

Mary, I really appreciate this. Thanks for stopping by.


Friday 27th of May 2022

Super cute ideas! Hugs to you.


Friday 27th of May 2022

Renae, I'm so glad you like them.