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Creative Fruit and Free Flowers Centerpiece Idea

Are you looking for unique and interesting ways to use fruit and flowers for centerpiece ideas? This is a creative and affordable fruit centerpiece idea using free flowers that are sure to impress your guests.

Fruit and flowers are a classic combination for a centerpiece, but they don’t have to be expensive. With a bit of creativity, you can create a centerpiece that is both unique and budget-friendly.

You can use fruits that can later be eaten, used in recipes or salads. In addition, look for free flowers and greenery options when planning your centerpiece.

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What Style Vase Is Needed For A Fruit and Flower Centerpiece?

The container or vase is the most crucial aspect of creating a unique fruit and flower centerpiece.

You will need a clear glass vessel so that the fruit is visible. Here are some options to consider when choosing.

  • Will water surround the fruit, or do you want the fruit to be dry?
  • Do you need a smaller vase inside the larger one to hold the flowers and water?
  • What fruit are you adding? This will determine the size of your container.

Many cylinder-shaped vessels work well for this type of arrangement. I have a set of hurricane candleholders that make a great fruit and flower centerpiece.

The lemons and limes hide the smaller container which holds the water and hydrangeas for this Cinco de Mayo centerpiece.

Lemons and Limes with Hydrangea flowers for a fruit and flower centerpiece idea.

What Fruit Should You Use For The Centerpiece?

Another consideration is the fruit you plan to use. The larger the fruit, the larger your container will need to be.

You may need to consider some additional filler for larger round-shaped fruit.

Another option is to cut the fruit.

This can make a beautiful centerpiece; however, you must consider how quickly cut fruit can turn colors or spoil.

One beautiful option is to freeze the fruit inside the container, leaving a center container to hold water and the flowers.

How To Make A Budget-Friendly Centerpiece

Y’all know I’m always budget minded so for today’s centerpiece, I’m using Free Black Eyed Susan’s from my garden.

When you are planning an event, always look for nature’s options.

Look for free flowers for centerpiece options as well as greenery. Wildflowers, landscape, and garden options don’t cost you anything to gather.

Also, use fruits that can be consumed after disassembling the centerpiece.

I am planning an Everything Peachy Tablescape so my fruit of choice is peaches.

Black Eyed susan's for Free Flower Centerpiece.

I have a large round glass vessel to hold the peaches and a smaller vase for the black-eyed Susans.

In addition to the peaches and free flowers, I gathered some asparagus fern stems as filler.

Peaches, fern and glass vessels to make a fruit and flower centerpiece

How To Assemble Fruit Centerpiece

To assemble the fruit centerpiece, add the small vase filled with water to the center of the larger vessel.

use a small vase inside the larger vase to hold the free flowers for centerpiece.

Next, add greenery around the base of the smaller vase.

Note: Try to use greenery that will not droop without water.

Add fresh fern to the glass vase for a free flower centerpiece idea.

Finally, add the peaches to the top of the greenery.

Gently place the peaches around the vase. It may be necessary to shift the vase to the side to add larger fruit.

Peaches and fern as the base for a Fruit Centerpiece

You can continue to fill the vessel with as much fruit as you desire.

Add Peaches to glass vessel for Fruit Centerpiece ideas

How To Assemble Flowers for Centerpiece

Next, begin to add the flowers to finish the centerpiece.

Use sharp pruning shears to cut the flower stems at an angle and loosely arrange them in the water-filled vase.

Arrange Free Flowers for Centerpiece Ideas.

I wanted a simple loose style for this flower arrangement, so I only used a few stems.

Insider Tip

Black Eyed Susans will droop quickly if left in the sun or exposed to heat.

If your event is outdoors, I recommend arranging the flowers last minute. Otherwise, keep the arrangement in a cool, dark space until you are ready to set the table.

Fruit Centerpiece and Free Flowers For Centerpiece Arrangement for Everything Peachy Dinner Party

I placed the free flowers and fruit centerpiece on the table about an hour before the event. Since the dinner party was held in the late evening, the flowers held up beautifully.

I look forward to sharing more Everything Peachy Tablescape Ideas with you tomorrow.


Resource – Click for Large Round Glass Vessel with Brass Stand

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Fruit and flower arrangement in glass vessel.


Wednesday 26th of July 2023

I love the smell of peaches but have never thought to use them in a vase. So doing this soon. Thanks!


Wednesday 26th of July 2023

Cindy, I'm so glad you like it.


Wednesday 26th of July 2023

Such a creative centerpiece. W love black eyed Susan's.


Wednesday 26th of July 2023

Renae, Thanks so much.