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5 Things You Need To Know To Host A Low Country Boil Party

Hosting a Low Country Boil Party is easy, fun and is a relatively inexpensive party to host. Here are the 5 things you need to know to host your own Low Country Boil Party.

What is a Low Country Boil?

Have you ever been to a Low Country Boil Party, if not you may be asking “what is it”? There are several versions of Low Country Boil Recipes, however most will always include Shrimp, Sausage, Corn and Potatoes which are cooked together in one big steam pot.

You may also see onions, crab legs, clams, mussels, or oysters added to the mix.

I don’t want you to miss Brad’s Recipe for a Low Country Boil.

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Why is it call Low Country Boil?

Let’s begin with a little history lesson. The reason it is called Low Country Boil is because the dish originated in the small fishing village of Frogmore in the low country of South Carolina.

As a result, you may have also heard the dish referred to as Frogmore Stew.

In addition, the primary ingredient is shrimp which are plentiful to the region.

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Where do you hold a Low Country Boil Party?

Oh, my gosh, they can be messy so therefore, the best location for a Low Country Boil Party is outside especially if you are serving a large crowd.

However, we’ve done a small boil inside when it’s just my husband and I, but for a party it’s best to be outdoors.

Traditionally, once the food is ready, the pot is dumped out and everyone gathers to fill their plate.

It’s so much easier to clean up when this is done outside.

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Supper Club

Today’s Low Country Boil Party is part of our monthly Supper Club Series.

If you are joining us for the first time, we are a group of friends who love to entertain and when entertaining in person wasn’t recommended last year, we started a virtual supper club in January 2021.

Each month we choose a theme for our dinner tables, which we post on the 4th Thursday of each month.

Next, we each share a recipe to complete the meal on the 4th Saturday.

Each month we have one guest blogger joining us and I’m so excited that Regina from Saved by Salvage is our guest for May.

If you are joining me from Simply 2 Moms, welcome. 

Supplies Needed

Here’s what you need before you plan your party.

You can see Brad’s full recipe and ingredients here.

Stock Pot for cooking low country boil, propane burner uses, pot for frogmore stew

How to Prepare a Dump Site for a Low Country Boil Party?

We have had many Low Country Boil Parties and our dump sites have varied. Here are a few suggestions.

  • An old door
  • Old Wheel Barrow
  • A large piece of plywood
  • An old sink

With each of the above options, you will want to clean the surface of your dump site and then cover with several layers of aluminum foil.

Some will say to use newspaper, but I’ve never felt the newspaper version is sanitary and aluminum foil wraps around your site easily.

Low Country Boil Dump, prepared area for shrimp boil dump, Steamer area, outdoor steam pot service area, area to dump seafood pot

Allow for drainage

You will need to position your dump site to allow for the liquid to drain off. This can be accomplished with saw horses or placing a brick or two under one side of the table.

Caution: You will want to assure that only the liquid drains from the table and not the food. You may want to add some side boards to hold the food in place.

We are currently using an old sink with a drain that my husband installed beside his smoker. It’s the perfect solution because it has a drain and he just adds a bucket to catch the liquid.

A Casual Party Atmosphere

I’d love for you to come to our Low Country Boil party, because it’s casual and the more the merrier.

Cocktail Time

Let’s get you a drink and some tasty appetizers.

When we plan our party, guest usually arrive approx. 1 to 1 1/2 hours before the Low Country Boil is ready. As you will see on the recipe, it’s a process and my husband loves to stand by the pot and talk with his friends.

Meanwhile, our guests get to chat with each other while sipping a cocktail and enjoying hors d”oeuvres.

Set up table for appetizers , handmade table cloth for outdoor dining, seafood tablecloth, seafood tablescape

Note: Here’s what happened .

Just as the appetizers are being served a rain shower decided to arrive forcing all the appetizers inside.

Thankfully, by the time the pot started to boils the rain had moved on and I was able to quickly reset the tables.

 Low Country Boil Party appetizers, appetizer serving tray

Dinner Is Served

When planning your table, keep it simple and the use of paper plates and paper napkins is perfectly acceptable.

Remember to provide extra napkins as this is a messy meal with shrimp to peel and corn on the cob.

I place the plates buffet style which allows our guests to fill their plates with their choices straight from the dump site.

Seafood inspired table setting, crab salt and pepper shakers, patriotic baskets

You should provide long handled tongs so guest can easily grab from the pile of food.

Finally have a table filled with sides and condiments such as cocktail sauce, melted butter, cole slaw and maybe some hushpuppies.

You can use the same table for the desserts and appetizers. Just rotate the dishes as the evening progresses.

Buffet style table for sides and condiments at Low Country Boil Party, patriotic basket, unique crab salt and pepper shakers.

Be sure to check back on Saturday for Brad’s Easy Low Country Boil Recipe and the full Supper Club Menu.

Table Setting

The tables are set with centerpieces, napkins, and fork.

Paper napkins and kraft paper tablecloth for Low Country Boil Party

You are welcome to seat yourself for this casual alfresco dinner party.

This table is comprised of 3 bistro style tables that can be pushed together or arranged separately depending on the number of guests.

outdoor table setting for alfresco dining. Homemade table cloth, homemade table runner for shrimp or frogmore stew dinner

Because Low Country Boil Parties are a little messy, I opted for these kraft paper tablecloths and you can see how I made them here.

Supplies for Kraft Paper Tablecloth – Click Images Below

Hand drawn kraft paper tablecloths for low country boil. patriotic centerpiece

This bar height table is inside the outdoor kitchen and is also 3 separate tables pulled together for this Low Country Boil Party.

casual table setting ideas for Low Country Boil Party, tablescape for frogmore stew. Outdoor kitchen

Each table has a different centerpiece but each one is using plants and herbs that I plan to add to my garden.

Therefore, I didn’t spend any extra money for the table arrangements.

Please take a look at how to arrange a free herb centerpiece for your outdoor events.

Easy centerpiece ideas at the ponds. Outdoor fire pit. Homemade table cloth with menu printed

I hope you enjoyed these tips for hosting a Low Country Boil Party! It’s always a fun party to host here at The Ponds.

Relaxing evening at a Low Country Boil Party here at The Ponds Farmhouse. Outdoor lighting. Friends around fire pit .


See supplies and tools used for Low Country Boil Party – Click Images Below to Shop

More Outdoor Dining Ideas

Next up is Stacy from Bricks N Blooms with her Clever Outdoor Ideas for a Low Country Boil.

Be sure to click each link below for more Low Country Boil Inspiration.

Stacy – Clever Outdoor Entertaining Ideas / Regina – Best Ideas for A Low Country Boil

Michele – Easy Shrimp Boil Tablescape / Jen – How To Host a Low Country Boil in 3 Steps

AnnMarie – How to Throw a Low Country Boil Get Together – Rachel-5 Things You Need To Know

Thanks so much for stopping by and I look forward to sharing my next adventure with you!

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