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Easy Table Runner DIY Projects – Drop Cloth Fabric

I’ve created several Table Runner DIY Projects because I can’t find exactly what I want when planning a tablescape theme.

So today, I’m sharing a new table runner project that’s inexpensive and easy to make using drop cloth fabric. In addition, I’m sharing some of my previous projects that can be adapted for any season.

Y’all know I love creating table settings and creative tableware. A fun table cloth or table runner helps to anchor all the pieces and makes the table setting flow together.

Table Runner DIY Project for Cinco de Mayo

My Supper Club friends and I are sharing tablescapes for Cinco De Mayo this week. We plan a theme for our tables each month and create a menu to share with you.

I wanted a table runner to pull my festive table together, but I couldn’t find what I had in mind.

Using real limes as a stamp, I created this fun table runner. It will be perfect for a Cinco De Mayo tablescape.

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Drop Cloth Fabric Table Runner Tutorial

First, cut a length of drop cloth fabric 15 x 60 inches. Your size may vary depending on your table. I wanted a good length of the runner to drop off the table edge.

Use Drop Cloth Fabric to make a Cinco de Mayo DIY Table Runner with lemons and limes

Next, wash your drop cloth fabric so that the edges will fray and create a fringe. In addition, I used bleach to lighten the fabric. This step is optional.

Once the fabric has dried, cut off any excess strings and press your runner until the fabric is smooth. You should have a good amount of fringe around the edges, however if you desire more, you can easily pull more stings to create a wider fringe.

Fray the ends of the drop cloth fabric

Stamp your Fabric

Now you are ready to begin stamping the fabric with your fruit. I wanted to stamp limes for my Cinco De Mayo table runner. There are two things I discovered when I began this project.

  1. Limes didn’t create as dramatic effect as lemons. So I used lemon slices instead. No one can tell it was stamped with lemons.
  2. Press out as much moisture from the lemon slices as possible without damaging the shape of the delicate membrane. If there is to much moisture, the paint will not adhere correctly.

Supplies Needed

  • Drop Cloth Table Runner
  • Fruit cut into desired shapes ( I used Lemons instead of actual limes. )
  • Acrylic Paint in desired colors (Lime Green)
  • Wax Paper
  • Art Paint Brushes

Begin Stamping

Table Runner DIY Project using real lemons and limes to stamp fruit designs on drop cloth.

Lay your drop cloth out and place a protective barrier between the fabric and your table. I used a length of wax paper which was a perfect fit. Pour paint onto a flat surface such as a paper plate.

add lemons and limes in green paint to stamp the DIY Table Runners made of  Drop Cloth

Press the fruit slice into the paint and press off any excess onto another area on the plate. Then press onto the fabric in random areas until the paint needs to be replenished.

Use lemon slices to stamp fruit designs on a Cinco de Mayo Table runner made of drop cloth.

Alternate shapes and placement until the table runner has the desired amount of stamps. Once you have the area covered, you can use a small art brush to randomly fill in areas that didn’t stamp well.

You don’t want to make the shapes perfect so use a light hand when making any adjustments.

Lime design stamped on drop cloth fabric to make a DIY Table Runner Ideas.

The table runner was just the perfect accent for my Cinco De Mayo tablescape. I can’t wait for you to see the full table ideas here. In addition, check out all our Cinco de Mayo recipes on this post.

Note: Heat Set Table Runner – Place a piece of fabric or towel over the painted area once it is completely dry. Use a hot iron to press over the entire painted area. You can now hand wash your table runner safely.

DIY Table Runner Ideas with drop cloth fabric for Cinco de Mayo on screened porch.

Cinco de Mayo Tablescape

The table runner looks perfect on this Cinco de Mayo Tablescape. Don’t miss all the details. Just click on the highlighted name.

Cinco de Mayo Table Setting with lemon and lime table runner, centerpiece ideas with hydrangeas.

A Fall Table Runner DIY Project

Last fall, I made hand-painted table runners for our tables in the outdoor kitchen.

These were also made using drop cloth fabrics. Please take a look at the full tutorial.

see how to paint flowers on drop cloth.

One of my favorite table runner projects was using coffee filters to make a festive garland. Although I used the garland during the holidays, it would be a perfect project for a spring table and for weddings & showers.

DIY Floral Garland table runner made from Coffee Filters

Coffee Filter Flower Table Runner with red craft paper table cloth for festive Christmas Tablescape
DIY Floral Garland table runner made from Coffee Filters

Y’all have seen my DIY Table Riser on several tables now. It isn’t exactly a table runner, but it serves the same purpose of anchoring the table setting.

It was another easy project but did require a few tools.

For this Easy to Make DIY Farmhouse Table Riser, you can use new wood but add a rustic appearance by distressing the wood and using a dry brush chalk paint technique. Create you own table riser with these easy to follow steps.

More Tableware DIY Projects You Can Make

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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Easy DIY Table Runner made of Drop Cloth Fabric and lime stamped design made with real lemons and limes.
Easy DIY Table Runner made of Drop Cloth Fabric and lime stamped design made with real lemons and limes.


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