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Everything Peachy Keen Summer-Themed Tablescape Ideas

With summer in full swing, there’s no better way to celebrate than with a peachy keen-themed dinner party. The sweet, juicy fruit is the perfect symbol of the season and can be used to create an everything-peachy summer tablescape.

I couldn’t resist setting the table by the water to take advantage of the free floral display surrounding the outdoor kitchen. Plus, I decided to add some free flowers to the table.

To avoid the heat of summer, the supper club dinner party will be held at dusk for a sunset soiree.

So get ready to be inspired with a delightful array of summer colors and refreshing florals. Today’s table is filled with budget-friendly DIY projects, free decorating ideas, and the perfect elements to inspire creative summer entertaining.

Everything Peachy Keen Supper Club Summer Tablescape Dinner Party.  With a peach and flower centerpiece.

How To Plan A Summer Outdoor Dinner Party

When planning a Peachy Keen Outdoor Summer Dinner Party, planning for the summer heat, backup for summer storms, pesky bugs, and more is important.

Here are a few tips to ensure your outdoor dinner party is a success.

  • Plan ahead. It’s essential to plan ahead for unforeseen issues that can arise with an outdoor event. Unpredictable weather is the number one concern, and a backup indoor location should be considered.
  • Choose the right location. The location of your party will depend on the size of your group and the type of atmosphere you want to create. Consider using a patio, deck, or pool area for a casual dinner party. A location close to your home will allow for an easy backup option if bad weather occurs.
  • Plan For Summer Heat. Choose to hold your dinner party late evening when temperatures lower. As the sun begins to set, ambient lighting will help to create a cozy party atmosphere, and guests will appreciate the cooler atmosphere. You may still need to consider adding a portable misting fan for a mid-summer party.
  • Set the mood. Summer is a great time to get creative with your décor. When planning a Peachy Keen Summer Tablescape, you can use fresh peaches, flowers, candles, and string lights to create a festive atmosphere. You can also set up a fire pit to keep your guests warm and toasty for late summer and early spring events.
  • Keep it simple. When it comes to food, less is often more during hot summer days. Choose dishes that are easy to prepare, and that hold up well to the heat. This will make it easy for your guests to help themselves and to get up and move around.

Additional Outdoor Party Tips

  • Fight the bugs. If you’re hosting your party outdoors, be sure to take steps to keep the bugs away. This could include using citronella candles, bug spray, or fogging the area prior to the event. You can also add these bug fans to the table. They are slim and safe even around children.
  • Don’t forget the drinks! With the Summer heat, it’s important to provide plenty of refreshing beverages. Summer is a great time to serve refreshing cocktails and mocktails. You can also set up a beverage station with ice, water, and sodas.

Everything Peachy Keen Supper Club

Today’s tablescape is part of our monthly Supper Club Series.

If you are joining us for the first time, we are a group of friends who love to entertain, and when entertaining in person wasn’t recommended, we started a virtual supper club in January 2021.

We are from different areas of the country, and it’s always fun to see each person’s interpretation of the monthly theme. Meet the Supper Club Hosts.

  • Stacy Ling, Bricks N Blooms from New Jersey
  • Michele, Vintage Home Designs from Texas
  • Jennifer, Midwest Life & Style from Nebraska
  • Anne & AnnMarie, Simply 2 Mom’s from North Carolina
  • I’m also from North Carolina.

We are excited to have CoCo from The Crowned Goat with us today. CoCo is so creative, so I know you will love her inspired ideas today.

Supper Club Summer Tablescape with floral dishes and pink glasses.  Black Eyed Susan and Fresh Peach Centerpiece

How To Create A Peachy Keen Tablescape

To create an Everything Peachy Keen Tablescape you should begin with your color choices.

I love all the beautiful shades of pink, red, and yellow that you can find in a single peach. Therefore, I began pulling from my supply of floral dishes, napkins, and glassware that included those colors.

Next, a beige thrifted tablecloth and woven natural placemats create a perfect neutral foundation that allows the summer florals to shine.

Peachy Keen outdoor dinner party for summer entertaining.  Alfresco table setting at outdoor kitchen

The lovely wildflower design of the Summer Provence Dishes creates a whimsical style that is perfect for a garden outdoor tablescape.

Everything Peachy Tablescape with DIY burlap peach coasters and floral dishes and napkins.

Creative DIY Peach Coasters for Everything Peachy Keen

To add to the whimsical table style, I created the burlap peach coasters specifically for this table setting. However, they are a fun addition and can be used all summer long.

In addition, the tutorial includes optional designs to enhance any table theme you choose.

Thrift Store wine glass on DIY Peach Burlap Coaster for Everything Peachy Keen Tablescape.

Thrifted Dinnerware

To save money, the wine glasses, dessert goblets, silverware, and tablecloths were bought from a thrift store and are budget-friendly purchases.

When you have a collection of vintage and thrifted pieces to round out your tables, you can afford to splurge in other areas of the table.

For example, I recently added these vintage-inspired pink water goblets. With the money I saved on the thrift store purchases, I was able to get a few new items to complete the table.

Everything Peachy Tablescape with DIY burlap peach coasters and floral dishes and napkins.

Insider Tip

Shopping in thrift stores and second-hand shops is a great way to add to your tableware collections. You’ll be amazed at how much money you can save.

Pick up vintage plates, silverware, and glasses when you find a great deal; before long, you’ll find a great collection for your dinner parties.

Don’t overlook table linens also. They are usually a steal.

Budget-Friendly Everything Peach Keen Centerpiece

Next, you can create a very inexpensive and unique table centerpiece if you just look around to see what you can find for free.

The black-eyed Susans are stunning this year. With an abundance at my fingertips, they were an obvious choice.

In addition, they look lovely with fresh peaches.

In order to see the fruit and greenery, the centerpiece is arranged in a large round glass vessel balanced on a brass stand. You can see the full Fruit & Free Flower Tutorial for more details.

Peaches and Black Eyed Susan Free Flower Centerpiece for Summer tablescape

To complete the centerpiece, a vintage breadboard and brass bird salt and pepper shakers anchor the fruit and flower arrangement.

Battery-operated flicker tapered candles in vintage brass candlesticks add to the sunset soiree.

The brass pieces help to add a warm ambiance to the summer tablescape and help to reflect the ambient lighting.

Peaches and Black Eyed Susan Free Flower Centerpiece  on vintage breadboard & brass birds for Summer tablescape

Insider Tip

When planning a table centerpiece, consider FREE first.

If FREE materials are not available, next consider something that can be consumed or planted in your garden after the event.

Here the peaches can be removed after the dinner party and will make great Fresh Peach and Goat Cheese Bruschetta Appetizers.

How To Create Subdued Ambient Lighting For Sunset Dinner Party

In order to create subdued ambient lighting around the Peachy Keen dinner table, the area is surrounded by outdoor string lights.

In addition, the table is adorned with the DIY Over Table Stand wrapped with grapevine and deconstructed lamp shades. The lampshades are strung with grapevine and solar twinkle lights.

DIY Over the table stand with twinkle lights and deconstructed lamp shades with grapevine on summer tablescape

In addition, the Outdoor kitchen is draped in soft twinkle lighting, and a few garden torches hold citronella to discourage bugs.

As evening approaches, the soft lighting will provide a warm glow around the entire dining area.

DIY Over the table stand with twinkle lights and deconstructed lamp shades  on summer tablescape

The Peachy Keen Summer Supper Club Party will be too warm for the firepit. However, a late summer, fall, or early Spring dinner party would be a perfect time to end the evening around the fire.

Outdoor kitchen with fire pit in front of a pond with twinkle lights for evening Peachy Keen Dinner Party

As the sun sinks behind the mountain, the temperatures drop, and it’s a perfectly peachy keen dinner party. The summer tablescape glows under the twinkling lights, and it’s a perfect way to celebrate with good friends and family.

Evening Supper Club Dinner Party with Everything Peachy Keen Summer Tablescape theme


More Outdoor Dining Ideas

More Peachy Keen Summer Supper Club Inspiration

Now it’s time to follow along to see more Everything Peachy Keen Summer Tablescape Ideas. Next, head over the see Stacy’s Peachy Summer Table Decor Ideas.

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Thank you for stopping by, and I look forward to sharing all the Peach-inspired recipes on Saturday.

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Peach Themed Tablescape for Supper Club Alfresco Dinner Party

AnnMarie | Simply2Moms

Sunday 30th of July 2023

I always love when you style your tablescapes outdoors by your pond. And this year with the black-eye susans in full bloom it's such a pretty setting. The fruit and floral centerpiece is perfection in the round vase. Pinned!


Monday 31st of July 2023

AnnMarie I appreciate your sweet comments. Thanks for stopping by.

Stacy Ling

Friday 28th of July 2023

Great tips for hosting a party in the summer heat!


Saturday 29th of July 2023

Stacy, I appreciate this.

michele - vintage home designs

Thursday 27th of July 2023

Such a beautiful table Rachel! I love your centerpiece and that vase.


Friday 28th of July 2023

Michele, I really appreciate that. Such a fun theme.


Thursday 27th of July 2023

Love the peach theme. Such a pretty color too 🍑


Friday 28th of July 2023

Ann, I really appreciate this.


Thursday 27th of July 2023

You have the perfect outdoor space for a summer party, Rachel. It's all so pretty! Your peach coasters are so darn cute and clever. And I LOVE those pink water goblets!


Thursday 27th of July 2023

Jen, Thank you for stopping by. I appreciate your sweet comment.