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Easy DIY Topiaries You Can Make Yourself

If you are like me and love the look of fresh greenery topiaries but fail to keep them alive for a hot minute, you will love these DIY Topiaries. With these step-by-step instructions, you can make your own authentic-looking topiary in a few minutes.

When I couldn’t find authentic-looking faux topiaries, I made these myself. I’m sharing how I made an easy Topiary for my porch decor last Spring!

 DIY Topiary used as a dining table center piece with seed packets inside a basket tray

It all began as I walked through Hobby Lobby and spotted these mini greenery stems. Immediately, I saw that they were just what I was looking for. Because they were on sale for 50% off, I selected several to begin my project. As luck would have it, I spotted some cute pots, also 50% off.

Faux rosemary fern to make topiaries.
Here’s a close-up view of the stems I purchased.  They were $5.99 each but were on sale for 50% off.

Note: This is a re-post from my previous blog, but I felt it was worth repeating. I’m still using these topiaries all over my house.

Here are some recent photos of the original topiaries, and they still look great.


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DIY Topiary Tutorial

First, gather your supplies. For this project I wanted the topiaries to look like real herbs, and therefore I looked for greenery stems in that style.

You may consider using ivy, olive, or eculyptus stems

Farmhouse Style Easy To Make Topiaries for Spring Decorating.

DIY Topiary Supplies

  1. The greenery stems—Hobby Lobby had a good selection of mini stems. Note: For a similar online option, click to see Rosemary Faux Stems.
  2. Sheet Moss
  3. Styrofoam balls – I had these white ones at home but if I were buying, I’d probably choose green ones.  
  4. Floral wire
  5. Hot Glue Gun & Sticks
  6. Straight sticks – I gathered these from my yard.  You can purchase sticks at Hobby Lobby, but that will increase the cost of the project.  
  7. Clay pots or other container.
DIY Artificial Topiary in aged terra cotta pot on bakers rack. Farmhouse Style Decorating.

Prepare Your Supplies

First, use wire snips to cut the pieces of the greenery into smaller portions. By dividing the pieces, you can create an authentic appearance with the stems.

Cut faux stems into pieces with wire snips.

Be sure that your styrofoam balls will fit into the pots. If necessary, trim to size.

Gather your sticks for the topiary base. Choose ones that are as straight as possible. Measure from the bottom of the pot to decide how tall you want your topiary, and cut the sticks to the correct length. Be sure to allow for the attachment of the greenery.

Use stick for base and measure with pot for height.

Separate The Greenery Stems to Apply

I began making my first topiary using a small pot. I cut the stems apart and used 1/2 for each small pot.  For the larger pots, I left the stems intact and used one complete branch for each topiary.  Pull the pieces away from each other to create a full bush.

Attach Styrofoam In Pots

Next, add a bead of hot glue to the Styrofoam ball and press firmly into the pot.  

Add Sticks to Pots

Push the stick into the ball, keeping the stick straight up.  Now, add a little hot glue around the stick at the top of the ball.

Add Greenery Stems To Make Topiaries

Finally, cut the floral wire approximately 12-inches long. Hold the stems at the top of the stick and begin to wrap the wire around the stems.  Using the wire, keep wrapping until the stems are securely attached.  

Wrap wire around the faux stems to attach them to the foraged stick base.

If it still feels loose, apply hot glue to the wire to keep it from slipping. 

Add Moss to the Styrofoam ball

To finish the DIY topiaries, apply a small amount of hot glue to the styrofoam ball and carefully add moss to cover it.

Be careful not to burn your fingers on the hot glue.  I’m speaking from experience here!  EEEEKKKKK!

I’ve learned to be safe around hot glue and recommend finger protectors.

Add moss to over the top of each pot


You can separate and style the stems to your desired shape if necessary. I find that less styling gives them a rustic, organic appearance.

Easy, Budget Friendly DIY Topiaries to make yourself.  Inexpensive Craft Project for cottage style decor.

Here are the first two topiaries that I made.  The small one cost me approximately $ 4.50, excluding the wire, stick, and hot glue I already had.  The larger one was approximately $8.00 because I used the whole stem for the larger pot.  

Here are several of the DIY Topiaries.

You may notice that I used another stem style on the second topiary from the left.  I also used one of my faux-aged pots; you can see the instructions here. Please feel free to ask any questions.  I hope you enjoy experimenting with different stems and different size pots.  

WARNING!! Creating these topiaries may be addictive!  I now have them all over my home!  I’m trying to resist the urge to make more.  LOL  

View of my DIY topiary on my vintage ice box.
Country Church Print is available here.

They are perfect on the porch and inside the house.

Additional DIY Topiaries

I hope you enjoyed this DIY project. I appreciate any questions or comments. Thanks so much for stopping by.

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How To Make Easy DIY Topiaries with faux greenery for Farmhouse Style decorating.
Easy DIY Topiary Pin
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