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DIY Rustic Corn Stalks Decor Topiaries For Unique Fall Decorating

Y’all, I can’t wait for you to see these adorable corn stalks decor topiaries. If you are looking for a unique and inexpensive fall project, you will love this creative use of corn stalks and foraged materials. Decorating with corn stalks is a stylish way to add country chic charm to your home this Autumn.

They are the first project in my decorating with corn stalks series for September.

I love using corn stalks for fall decorating, and today, I’m sharing a DIY Tutorial for making these super easy corn stalk topiaries. This is a budget-friendly project because everything is foraged except for a few items.

I shared this fall porch filled with corn stalks on 15 Ideas for Fall Decorating Outdoors. However, today I’m bringing the cornstalks inside for a fun project.

Modern Farmhouse Front Porch decorated for fall with pumpkins, mums and corn stalks.
15 Outdoor Decorating Ideas for Fall

Why Decorate with Corn Stalks?

First, dried corn stalks are the first sign of fall if you live in the country. Just before the harvest, the stalks begin to turn brown and rural roads are full of them.

Secondly, if you know a farmer, you can most likely get the corn stalks for free. Just be sure to only cut those without ears of corn on them.

Usually, the stalks on the outer edges of the field will be less likely to have ears still attached because deer have already had a meal here.

John Deere Gator filled with freshly gathered corn stalks.
John Deere Gator filled with corn stalks

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What Supplies For Corn Stalk Topiaries?

You only need a few items that you can’t forage.

Foraged Supplies

I was able to forage my supplies. However, I understand this isn’t an option for everyone; therefore, I have added links to help you find all your supplies.

  • Corn Stalks (cut husks into small pieces approx. 4-5 inches long) (corn husks for purchase)

Note: If your corn shucks are dry, you may want to dampen them before beginning. Don’t soak them; wipe them with a wet towel to make them more pliable. Do this as you gather your supplies, so they have time to start drying. You don’t want them wet, just slightly damp.

For this project, I recycled the bases I used for my DIY Real Cedar and Orange Topiaries. However, they are easy to make by cutting a 5-inch branch approx. One inch thick, drill a hole to attach a small stick and hot glue in place. You can see full details here.

Cut a branch approx. 1 inch thick for base of topiary.
Wooden base is approx. 1 inch thick

Corn Stalk Decor – Topiaries

After you have gathered your supplies and cut your corn stalks to size, it’s time to heat the hot glue gun and get started.

First, you will want to attach the corn stalks to the floral tape with hot glue. You can stick them directly to the styrofoam cones; however, the corn shucks are fragile and will disintegrate if not careful.

Attach corn stalks husks

Begin with husks that are cut flat.

Attach corn husks to floral tape with hot glue.
Add Corn Shucks to floral tape

Then add a second row cut from the pointed end of the stalk.

Hot glue pieces of corn stalks to make a modern farmhouse topiary with neutral fall colors.
Hot Glue Shucks

Wrap the two rows around the cone approximately halfway up from the bottom and secure with floral picks.

If gaps allow the cone to show, add more corn husks by attaching them with hot glue.

Wrap cone with corn husks to create a fall farmhouse style topiary.
Wrap the floral tape filled with corn shucks around cone

Add Twigs

Next, using the same technique, hot glue the twigs to a piece of floral tape.

attach twigs to floral tape for a cheap and easy cottage style fall craft.
Hot Glue foraged twigs to floral tape

Wrap the floral tape (filled with twigs) around the cone, just above the corn husks.

Use foraged twigs to enhance the fall topiary made with Corn Stalks and foraged fall pinecones and acorns.
wrap floral tape filled with twigs around cone

You can attach the base at any point by adding a drop of hot glue to the stick and pushing it into the bottom of the cone. Make sure the cone is level and hold until secure.

Repeat this process once more until you have two identical rows of corn husk and twigs. This will leave approx.—1 1/2 inches at the top of the cone.

Wrap cone with corn husks for a easy DIY Fall Topiary for fall decorating.

Add Third Row

Next, cut several short pieces of corn husk to fill in at the top of the cone. Fold the top as shown in the image below.

Use hot glue to hold the fold in place and attach it to the top of the cone.

Hot Glue Corn Husks to make a fall topiary.

Finish Decorating with Corn Stalks

Finally, it’s time to finish decorating with corn stalks by adding a pinecone to the top of the topiary.

Add hot glue and hold in place until secure.

Attach a foraged pinecone to top of corn husk topiaries.  Modern Farmhouse Fall Decor.

Lastly, add the tiny acorns around the bottom of the pinecone to finish the project.

I added a little white paint to the tips of the pinecone before attaching it to the top of the topiary.

Pinecone and acorns adorn the top of the DIY craft project using corn stalks for making fall decor.

Corn Stalk Decor

I choose to make two corn stalk decor topiaries to add to my fall dining table. However, they also look great here in my entryway for fall. I’m sure they will be moved around several times.

Two Corn Stalk DEcor Topiaries for cheap and easy DIY project for fall decorating.

In addition, the corn stalks work well with the Sweet Gum Ball Stems that I shared earlier for fall.

Cheap DIY Projects make a perfect fall entry way.  Sweet Gum Balls, Decorating with Corn Stalks Free Topiaries.
See Easy Thrifted Lamp Makeover and Sweet Gum Ball DIY

The fall entryway table is filled with neutrals and a little blue. The Easy Thrifted Lamp makeover and How To Use Chalk Paint Shelf Update combined with the antique table to create an inviting autumn vignette.

Cottage Style Entryway table with fall pumpkins, corn stalk topiaries, sweet gum ball stems all cheap foraged DIY Projects

Stay tuned for more Decorating with Corn Stalks ideas for Fall.

Entryway decorated for fall with DIY Corn Stalks Topiaries and Sweet Gum Ball Stems and Pumpkins.  Farmhouse Style Decorating.

Project Update

At the end of the fall decorating season, I couldn’t toss these cute topiaries so I stored them with all my fall decor.

I’m happy to report they look fabulous again this year.

I hope you will give this easy craft project a try. You will love the topiaries and the cute pumpkin also.

update on DIY corn huskTopiaries after one year.  Still looking great

Watch Video Tutorial

Other Corn Husks and Corn Stalk Decorating Ideas

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Decorating with Corn Stalks with DIY Rustic Topiaries for FAll
Decorating with Corn Stalks easy DIY Tutorial for fall decorating.  Farmhouse Style Decor.

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