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Easy DIY Grapevine Topiary

This Grapevine Topiary is an easy DIY project and you will learn how to make a topiary in about 30 minutes. You only need a few supplies and you will love the results. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about killing it. LOL

I love climbing plants, so I decided to make a faux climbing topiary for my bathroom because I’m not good with houseplants.

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How To Make A Grapevine Topiary

Depending on your chosen container, this easy tutorial can be made with large or small grapevine wreaths.

You can use purchased grapevine wreaths, thrifted wreaths, or foraged wreaths. With an abundant supply of wild grapevine, I decided to make some simple wreaths from the foraged grapevine.

It’s best to wrap the vine into a wreath while it is fresh. Otherwise, you may need to soak the vine in water before making the wreaths.

Supplies for Grapevine Topiary

Supplies to make a DIY Climbing Topiary with faux greenery.

Step 1 – Secure the Grapevine to Container

Begin by pushing one of the wooden sticks into the styrofoam in order to secure the grapevine to the container,

Use sticks attached to styrofoam to the grapevine.

Apply hot glue to the bottom of the styrofoam and press into the bottom of the container. Hold until secure.

Press styrofoam and stick into the bottom of the container

Next, separate a section of the grapevine wreath to allow the stick to be pushed through. Then use the second stick to push through another section of the grapevine and into the styrofoam. Using two sticks will hold the grapevine more securely.

In addition, add a few drops of hot glue around the sticks for extra stability.

Attach the grapevine to the stick in the center of the container

Lastly, fill in around with spanish moss to hide the styrofoam.

Add moss to the base of the container to hide the styrofoam and wooden stick.

I love making topiaries and here is one I shared last spring called Easy DIY Topiaries You Can Make Yourself. In addition, if you are looking for a container, you might like this tutorial on How to Age Clay Pots.

Make The Topiary

To create the climbing topiary, begin by cutting several pieces of the faux greenery stem.

Faux stems can be cut into smaller pieces with wire snips.

Apply a generous bundle at the base of the grapevine to cover the sticks that are exposed.

Then, apply the smaller cuttings by weaving them into the grapevine as though they are climbing up.

Use small amounts of hot glue to secure the cuttings in place.

How to make a Topiary by attaching the faux stems to the grapevine wreath with hot glue.

Finished Grapevine Topiary

Ta Da! See how easy that was. This project took less than 30 minutes to complete and I love the greenery in my master bathroom.

DIY Topiary in concrete urn with handles in bathroom  with candle

More DIY Topiary Tutorials

I have used the Grapevine Topiary all around this farmhouse. Here it is grouped with these DIY Fresh Boxwood & Lemon Topiaries.

DIY Grapevine Topiary with DIY Boxwood and Lemon Topiaries

Topiaries are so much fun, especially for spring. I have several tutorials on How to make a Topiary and if you click on any of the highlighted links it will take you to the other options.

Farmhouse Style DIY Grapevine Topiary in Bathroom

Here is a smaller version that I made previously. It was the inspiration for the larger one I’m sharing today. You can get creative and use any type of greenery for your climbing topiary. I’d like to try ivy next!

Did you see the wreath I made using Terra Cotta Pots? This easy tutorial is a great Spring project.

Small DIY Grapevine Topiary in copper container with copper bunny on vintage column

It looks perfect in this vintage copper container. I

love using vintage and you can learn more about my thrift store shopping here.

Be sure to see my original instructions for these DIY Topiaries.

DIY Topiaries with that look like natural herb in clay pots.

Watch Video Tutorial

I hope you enjoyed this easy DIY Grapevine Topiary Tutorial. Please feel free to ask any questions and your suggestions are always welcome.

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How to Make A DIY Grapevine topiary.

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How To Make A DIY Grapevine Topiary in a clay pot with copper urn and bunny.

Jennifer Howard

Monday 17th of April 2023

This is so cute!! I noticed my real ivy topiary looks a little sad, I may have to try the faux route. Clever idea using the branch to hold the grapevine in place.


Tuesday 18th of April 2023

Jennifer, I appreciate this. It's an easy and fun project.


Sunday 16th of April 2023

This turne out amazing! Love it!


Sunday 16th of April 2023

Stacy, Thanks for stopping by.

Anne from Simply2Moms

Saturday 15th of April 2023

Love how this turned out! We're sharing it on Simply Stated tomorrow. Happy weekend!


Saturday 15th of April 2023

Anne, I really appreciate this.


Friday 14th of April 2023

This is such a great project! Thanks so much for sharing!


Friday 14th of April 2023

KariAnne, Thank you for stopping by.


Wednesday 12th of April 2023

Oh my goodness! I love this idea. I have a vintage cast iron urn that I have been waiting for an idea to pop into my head for. Thanks for the inspiration. I would love to share this on my newsletter next week. Hugs to you.


Wednesday 12th of April 2023

Renae, I'm so glad you like this idea and thank you for sharing my ideas on your newsletter.