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How Long Does Preserved Moss Last? And How To Keep It Fresh!

Y’all, I love using natural elements in my decor and today I’m going to answer the question “How Long Does Preserved Moss Last?” and share how to make it last longer by refreshening it.

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What is Preserved Moss and is it real?

First, preserved moss is real. It’s harvested from forests where it grows naturally around trees and on the ground.

The moss is put through a preservation process to retain its softness and natural color.

Preserved Moss is real and found in forest floors

Preserved vs. Dried Moss

If you prefer a natural looking green moss, you always want to choose preserved vs. dried moss.

Dried moss, as the name suggests, has been dehydrated and will quickly turn brown and will not last as long as preserved moss.

How do you use Preserved Moss?

One of the most common uses for preserved moss is around floral and greenery arrangements. I like to keep a supply of this on hand for my many projects.

It’s perfect for covering over the styrofoam or other elements that are holding the arrangement together. It looks great without requiring any special care.

You can see two different ways to use on these diy topiaries and these boxwood topiaries.

Preserved Moss used to fill pots around plants

Indoors the natural green color of the moss will looking great for years.

You can also purchase sheet moss and that’s what I used on these Shamrock Placemats for St. Paddy’s Day!

Sheet Moss used for Shamrock Placemats

I also have several moss balls that I use in my decor such as these that I used on my porch last year.

The large moss balls began to fade quickly when exposed to the sun, but never fear, I’m going to share how to freshen them.

Moss Balls on Front Porch

How Long Does Preserved Moss Last?

When used indoors, away from direct sunlight, the answer is many years. It may need a careful dusting but it will look great for years.

I have had this moss piece for at least 20 years and it still looks great.

How Long will Preserved Moss last - this topiary is over 20 years old and looks great.

At the time I purchased this piece, I also purchased this topiary. However, it’s been exposed to sunlight on my screened porch.

faded preserved moss topiary

If you like the brown moss, it’s still great to use but if you prefer the green color, there is a solution.

How to Freshen Preserved Moss

This is such an easy solution to prolong the life of your moss pieces and keep them fresh looking.

All you need is:

Items us prolong life of preserved moss

First, prepare a place to spray your moss or spray outdoors. The food coloring will stain if not removed immediately from surfaces.

Mix a small amount of water, approx. 1/2 cup with 4-5 drops of green food coloring and shake to mix.

If you have several projects, you can increase the quantities.

Spray the moss with the solution until the entire area is green again.

Spray preserved moss with food coloring to make it last longer

Once covered, be sure to catch any drips with paper towels.

How to Keep Preserved Moss Fresh and How long will preserved moss last

The container is covered with preserved leaves and the food coloring method worked great for this as well.

Almost New Preserved Moss

The moss may not look as fresh as it did 20 years ago, however it looks so much better.

These moss balls were also refreshed with the green food coloring.

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Thanks so much for stopping by today. I hope you found this helpful.

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