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My Best Thrifting Tips – Where to Shop

Y’all I’m so excited to start a new Series of Monthly Thrifting tips. I’ve joined some other Thrifting Gals from around the country to share their tips as well.

So this month on My Best Thrifting Tips – Where to Shop, you will learn how to find the best places to search for Vintage items, In addition, each month you will see how to repurpose thrifted finds and learn how to use them in your décor.

Today, I’m sharing my favorite places to shop and some of my favorite finds from those shops. I think this will answer the question I get asked so often, which is “what do you do with all those finds?” .

If you are joining me from another location, I’m so glad you stopped by. I live in central North Carolina and love decorating with and repurposing Thrift store finds.

My Best Thrifting Tips on Where to Shop

First, there are several options when shopping for Vintage and Thrifted Décor Items.

Our first thought goes the Charity Thrift Stores such a Goodwill, Salvation Army, and Habitat for Humanity. In addition, many communities have local charities with thrift stores to help raise money for their cause.

In Asheboro, we have CUOC or Christian United Outreach Center Thrift Store. I find that both the local and national charity stores can have great deals.

I do find that prices vary from store to store and the secret about thrifting is definitely out. The parking lots of these stores stay packed.

My all time Best Tip

My best tip for shopping any thrift store is to stop in often. I jokingly say that my car automatically pulls into the parking lots when I happen by. LOL

You can see more Tips for Successful Thrift Store Shopping on this post.

Recent or Special Finds

Below is a solid wood shelf that I found at Goodwill and I shared How to use Chalk Paint to transform it into a treasured piece of home décor.

I just shared how this $7.00 Goodwill Find was updated into a current décor trend. If you missed the post, you can see it here.

One of my favorite projects was The Real Truth About Deconstructing a Chair from Goodwill

This Trash to Treasure makeover was a Salvation Army Thrift Store Find.

Some of my favorite décor finds have been from Habitat for Humanity Restore. These dishes graced my recent Galentines Brunch Tablescape and the FREE Chandelier is perfect in the DIY Greenhouse.

Many finds can be re-purposed with replacement parts like below

Other Thrifting Options

Next on my list of My Best Thrifting Tips is consignment resale shops.

Again, there are several in my area that offer great deals. Just like the charity thrift stores, you have to stop in often and many times, it’s being at the right place at the right time.

Some Consignment Store Finds

Just a few of my latest finds from Consigns & Finds. You can see how I used the enamel ware to make an Indoor Herb Garden. The vintage dishes and silverware were perfect for the Promise of Spring Tablescape and the vintage printer tray will find a home soon. A favorite recent purchase is this postage scale which is a perfect addition to my desk.

This $45.00 cabinet, was another consignment store find and makes a perfect spot for storing this complete set of vintage ironstone! I was lucky to find ironstone dishes that were in great condition at CUOC last year. It happened to be a 50% off day!

That’s another tip, be aware that many shops will have specials that you want to be aware of.

Shopping on Sunset Avenue

Asheboro, North Carolina has a thriving downtown and the main street for Vintage shopping is Sunset Avenue. There are several places to spend hours shopping for vintage items and afterward some great places to get a bite to eat.

I’m excited to have a mini shop located within Vintage Cottage on Sunset Avenue. My space is mostly clothing & accessories with an occasional vintage find. The shop sells Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and offers painting classes and more. Most of their furniture is repurposed and they have some really great deals.

Great Finds from Vintage Cottage

It’s hard to decide which of these finds are my favorite because they each are so unique and special to me. The pantry door was purchased before I even knew what I could do with it. It wasn’t really intended to be used as an actual door, however my builder made it work. The card catalog was my most recent find and we turned it into a wine bar.

The Vintage Metal Ice Box was sitting outside the shop when I happened by and home with me it came. It is favorite item on our screened porch.

I have no regrets for any of these purchases.

Other Shops on sunset and my Thrifted Finds

You may be thinking that these Antique Shops will not have great deals and you would be so wrong. I have found so many great finds at both Collectors Antique Mall and Flea Marketeers. Both shops have multiple booths and two stories of great treasure hunting.

The Finds

I snagged 4 vintage porch posts last year at Collectors Antique Mall and immediately added these two to my décor. The other two finally became the base for a DIY Potting Table.

The dresser was a find from Flea Marketeers from several years ago. This is it’s latest transformation. The bottle crates were all found on one trip to Consigns & Finds.

I walked right by this step back cabinet at Collectors Antique Mall. With a little chalk paint, it now shines in our bedroom. It’s also filled with thrifted finds from all the places mentioned in this post.

The brass container was found last week while Thrifting with the Gals. Did you remember it?

I’m including this photo because, everything, except the pig cutting board was thrifted from a local shop.

Copper Tea Pot & cookie cutters, vintage scale, small green creamer, and several of the rolling pins – Consigns & Finds ** The vintage shifter & cutting board – CUOC ** Crocks – Collectors Antique Mall.

I hope you enjoyed learning more about Thrift Store Shopping and that these tips will encourage you to search out the best thrifting shops in your area.

Now it’s time to see what my friends are sharing to inspire your thrifting adventures.

Just click on their blog name or the post title on the photo’s to follow along.

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Tuesday 23rd of February 2021

I just LOVE thrift store shopping!!! You have found some great pieces for your home (love what you did with the lamp). I am currently hunting for a buffet/sidetable, and twin headboards! Thanks for sharing;)

[email protected]

Wednesday 24th of February 2021

Maria, Good Luck. I'm sure you will find the perfect pieces soon.

Kim | Shiplap and Shells

Saturday 20th of February 2021

I love all the thrifting options you have Rachel! One of my very favorite thrifting finds was from Habitat for Humanity. Great post!

[email protected]

Saturday 20th of February 2021

Kim, Thanks so mcuh.


Friday 19th of February 2021

I absolutely love the DIYs you do with your finds! You are so creative and talented!! It's so much fun to follow along with your thrifting! This series will be so much fun!

[email protected]

Saturday 20th of February 2021

Kristin, Thanks so much.

Shelley Humpal

Friday 19th of February 2021

Hi Rachel, I am newer to your blog and I have enjoyed it immensely. I too am what I like to call a junker and DIYer. I like my antiques to play the music. I have recently come back to my blog I thought you might enjoy a stop by http.//

[email protected]

Saturday 20th of February 2021

Shelley, Thanks so much for stopping by.


Friday 19th of February 2021

I've been loving thrifting again, since you can thrift during covid. It feels good to reuse things vs. buying new. Can you say Treasure Hunt?

[email protected]

Saturday 20th of February 2021

Jeanne. Thanks so much.