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Clever Ways To Add Light To A Room Without Wiring

Do you want to avoid the cost of an electrician to add light to a room? I’ve included these budget-friendly tips on how to add lighting to a room without wiring which we discovered while remodeling our 1940s beach cottage. We had to get creative on how to add light to a room which included options for lighting without wiring because we wanted to avoid the expense of hiring an electrician.

As you can imagine, a cottage built in the 40s has limited electrical outlets. Let’s take a look at how we solved this problem.

How To Add Lighting To A Room Without Wiring

First, we contacted an electrician about adding additional receptacles to the house, and the quote was much more than our budget allowed.

So then we had to devise a plan B and figure out how to add lighting to a room without sufficient wiring.

Therefore, we found that adding surge protector power strips and extension cords was necessary to power all the appliances and other modern conveniences we require today. However, that still didn’t solve all the problems.

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The Small Bedroom

The bedroom has a ceiling fan with light; however, I don’t care for overhead lighting. I much prefer subdued lighting from lamps and wall sconces.

If you saw the small bedroom remodel, you know there is no room for bedside tables, so wall sconces were the best option for providing subdued lighting.

The bedroom only has two electrical outlets; an extension cord was needed to add sconces. It would allow the two lights to be attached to the same outlet on the other side of the room.

The question became how to access the on and off switch on the wall sconces without climbing on the bed.

We have the same dilemma in the living room. One light is plugged into a power strip and the on/off switch is located next to the power strip behind the sofa.

How To Add Light Switches Without Hiring An Electrician

The answer to these first problems was installing a wireless remote control outlet switch.

The one we purchased came with two remote outlets, which allowed us to add one to each lamp within the living room.

You plug the remote outlet’s receptacle into the wired outlet and then plug your lamps or wall sconces into the provided receptacle.

You can then attach the remote switch to the wall if you desire. It comes with a handy double-stick tape.

Adding Remote Switch To Living Room

This one remote switch will operate both lights in the living room.

Now we no longer have to get behind the sofa to turn the hanging light on. LOL

Adding Light To The Bedroom

This idea worked for adding lighting without wiring to the bedroom wall sconces.

Each lamp is plugged into the same extension cord behind the bed, and then the extension cord is plugged into the remote receptacle across the room.

The remote light switch is located just inside the bedroom door and operates both lights above the bed.

How To Add Overhead Lighting Without Wiring?

Another issue was overhead lighting for our new dining bar.

While remodeling our tiny beach cottage, we removed a partial wall to create an eating area bar between the kitchen and living room.

However, there was no electrical wiring to add lighting above the bar.

The area didn’t require a lot of bright light, so we added these remote-controlled puck lights. They are easy to install with double stick tape; even the remote can be attached with velcro.

I successfully added a puck light to my bathroom a few years ago, so I knew this was a viable option for over the bar.

How To Add A Vintage Wall Sconce Without Wiring?

Another living room area had no lighting and no electrical outlet within reach.

In addition, I found a fun vintage wall sconce that I wanted to add to that space.

The old wiring on the sconce was useless; again, I didn’t want the expense of an electrician.

So we purchased rechargeable battery-operated light bulbs. They come with a charger and a remote control, which also allows dimming.

Now the corner with the accent wall has light. I love the vintage light fixture and this easy solution for adding lighting without wiring.

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I hope these clever ideas will help you with your next lighting dilemma.

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Thursday 1st of February 2024

How did you attach sconce to living room wall?


Thursday 1st of February 2024

Mandy, The original metal base was attached to the light fixture and we just added screws and attached it to the wall. If you'd like to see a photo, send me an email at [email protected] and I'll take one for you.


Monday 17th of April 2023

Rachel I never knew about the chargeable lightbulbs I’m going to order some up🙌🏻


Monday 17th of April 2023

Ann, They are very convenient.


Sunday 16th of April 2023

What great ideas!


Sunday 16th of April 2023

Stacy, I appreciate you for sharing this idea on your blog.