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10 Stunning Vintage Milk Glass Centerpiece Ideas for Spring & Summer

Looking for budget-friendly vintage-inspired table centerpiece ideas? These 10 stunning vintage milk glass centerpiece ideas will bring timeless elegance to your spring and summer tables!

If you are a milk glass collector, it’s time to bring them out of the cupboard and brighten your Spring and Summer tables with these creative centerpiece ideas. For every occasion, you can create unique table vignettes from Easter through Labor Day using vintage milk glass.

Red, white, and blue milk glass summer centerpiece ideas.  Farmhouse Style, Cottage Style, Summer Tablescape.

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What is Thrift Store Milk Glass?

You can easily find vintage milk glass in thrift stores, antique malls, and consignment shops. Several companies produced milk glass from the 1830s to the 1980s. Mass production hit its stride in the 1950s and 1960s, with most households owning a vase or two.

It’s a white opaque glass that can be smooth or include intricate patterns, such as Hobnail, pressed flowers, or seashells.

Some popular and easy-to-find pieces include bud vases, larger vases, lamps, compotes, cake stands, and candy dishes.

You can quickly begin a bud vase collection by shopping in thrift stores. Many simple bud vases sell for less than $5.00 each, and I’ve been fortunate to find them for as low as 50 cents.

Most of my collection is inexpensive thrift finds. However, you could stumble across rare pieces, and knowing what to look for is always a good idea. If you’d like to learn more about the value of milk glass, check out this article, Identifying and Determining Value of Antique Milk Glass.

Decoupage Easter Eggs in vintage milk glass bud vases for Easter Table Centerpiece.

Vintage Milk Glass is a versatile, affordable accessory that can easily be mixed with most decorating aesthetics.

The neutral white and simple designs soften a modern home and look right at home mixed with cottage and farmhouse-style decor.

Collecting milk glass is a popular trend; grouping several pieces will brighten your home and give it a curated feel.

There are so many options for decorating with milk glass. Today, I’m sharing how versatile the pieces are for creating vintage table centerpieces all spring and summer long.

Fresh Yellow Daffodills in hobnail vase with rosemary herb stems.

White Milk Glass Easter Table Centerpiece Ideas

One of my favorite ways to decorate with vintage pieces is to use my collections in unexpected ways.

First, I’m sharing a few Easter Table Centerpiece ideas using my vintage milk glass collection.

Easter Egg Milk Glass Centerpiece

The first Easter Centerpiece idea includes several milk glass bud vases filled with napkin decoupage Easter Eggs. The eggs are elevated to new heights, creating a stunning display.

The centerpiece consists of a vintage cake stand topped with a vase filled with faux tulips, a moss bunny, and bunny salt and pepper shakers.

Easter Table Centerpiece Ideas with vintage milk glass and antique dishes.  Moss bunny on cake stand with pink tulips.

In addition to the bud vases, a candy dish, and candleholders complete the Easter table centerpiece.

Vintage milk glass centerpiece for Easter Tablescape.

The candlestick holders were a recent thrifted find. Although short, I love the detail and knew they would be perfect for this table centerpiece. To make them work, I used another vase as a base. Just flip the vases over and perch the candlestick holders on top. Ta-da, now they are the perfect height.

Vintage crochet doilies, used as napkins, vintage dishes, and DIY burlap placemats, help to complete the table arrangement. Even the napkin rings are a burlap DIY project, resulting in a budget-friendly Easter tablescape.

Easter Bunny and Milk Glass Centerpiece Ideas

This rustic Easter Bunny and Milk Glass Centerpiece idea includes 3 favorite vintage pieces mixed with a rustic toolbox and Easter Rabbit dishes.

Rustic Farmhouse Easter Table with Tool box and milk glass centerpiece.  Pewter Bunnies in white milk glass bowls.

In addition to the tulip-filled vase, two pewter bunnies sit inside a compote bowl and flower container. The rustic centerpiece would be perfect for a casual buffet table or a between-meals table centerpiece.

Rustic Farmhouse Easter Table with Tool box and milk glass centerpiece.  Pewter Bunnies in white milk glass bowls.

Easter Lamb Centerpiece idea

Finally, for the last Easter table centerpiece idea, I used the DIY thrifted Easter Lambs I shared earlier this week. They have been transformed into boutique-worthy Easter decor and look adorable mixed with vintage milk glass.

DIY thrift store Easter Lamb with napkin decoupage for Easter table centerpiece on milk glass cake stand.

The updated $4.00 thrift store lambs stand on a glass cake stand and are surrounded by bunny salt and pepper shakers, several bud vases filled with daffodils, and chunky candles.

A hobnail vase holds more daffodils, creating a stylish backdrop for the cute lambs.

Napkin Decoupage Easter Lambs Easy Thrift Store makeover with yellow daffodills and milk glass vases.

Spring Table Centerpiece Ideas With Milk Glass

After the Easter Bunnies have been put away, you can still use your vintage milk glass to decorate your tables with fresh spring ideas.

Spring Daffodil Explosion

First, gather all your bud vases and allow the blooms to explode over the table. Combining blue, white, and yellow adds a vibrant, fresh look to the table.

milk glass bud vases filled with fresh daffidols and blue and white accessories for Table centerpiece ideas.

The hobnail vase filled with rosemary and daffodils took centerstage on the cake stand, surrounded by a floral candle ring. The chunky blue candlesticks pop against the white milk glass vases.

milk glass hobnail vase filled with fresh daffidols and blue and white candles for Table centerpiece ideas.

Another fun way to showcase fresh flowers is to grab several bud vases and put them inside a box, tray, or toolbox. Fill the smaller vases with fresh flowers and the taller vases with greenery and candlesticks.

milk glass bud vases filled with fresh daffidols in old tool box for Table centerpiece ideas.

This centerpiece idea makes a fresh table display for any occasion.

Bud vases filled with fresh daffodils in tool box with tiny bird for Spring Table Centerpiece ideas

Insider Tip

All the table centerpiece ideas can be completely updated with different fresh flowers.

Add bright zinnias and change up the candles with bright colors. Small changes can make a significant impact when working with versatile white vases and serving pieces that milk glass provides.

Patriotic Table Centerpiece Ideas

Nothing makes the vintage white glass pop like combining it with red and blue. You can set a simple red, white, and blue table or go all in with stripes and flags.

Simple Red, White, and Blue Table Centerpiece

The red, white, and blue table centerpiece is created with bud vases, a cake stand, a vase, and a compote.

The classic summer table is stunning, with red tulips and blue and white candles.

Red, white and blue table setting with  candleholder and red tulips in vase.

The porch table is dressed up with thrifted red placemats, ironstone dishes, white porcelain napkin rings, navy napkins, and silverware. You can use inexpensive thrift store finds for a budget-friendly, easy, breezy patriotic dinner party.

Red, white and blue table setting with vintage milk glass vase candleholder and red tulips in vase.

Flags for Patriotic Table Decor

Want to elevate the patriotic feeling? Just add a striped table runner and pop a few American flags into the white bud vases.

Patriotic Table setting with milk glass, flags, candles and striped table runner for Memorial Day, 4th of July & Labor day.

Many items are the same, but rearranging them can completely change the feel of the table.

Patriotic Table setting with flags, candles and striped table runner for Memorial Day, 4th of July & Labor day.

Summer Table Centerpiece With White Milk Glass

As we move into summer, you can add more flowers or opt for a neutral green and white centerpiece.

All of the centerpiece ideas are easily duplicated but can look fresh and new with different color additions.

Neutral Moss and Boxwood Milk Glass Centerpiece

First, let’s replace all the colorful flowers with moss-covered decor mixed with vintage dishes and textured placemats.

You will love this idea if you love a soothing, natural feel.

Green moss balls and preserved boxwood topiary and wreath mixed with vintage milk glass for a summer centerpiece.

A mix of bud vases, a cake stand, and preserved boxwood look stunning for a cool summer tablescape.

Instead of adding more color, look for items with texture. The woven placemats and DIY fringe napkins complement the preserved greenery well.

Green moss balls and preserved boxwood topiary and wreath mixed with vintage decor for a summer centerpiece

Rustic Summer Centerpiece with Birdhouse

Mixing the stylish milk glass vases, cake stand, acrylic flatware, and vintage fruit dishes with a rustic birdhouse creates an interesting table centerpiece for summer.

Vintage fruit dishes and bud vases for Summer Centerpiece with bird house, bird nest and bird.

Once again, the bud vases serve as candleholders for a simple, nature-inspired centerpiece.

Milk glass dishes and bud vases for Summer Centerpiece with bird house, bird nest and bird.

Insider Tip

Don’t be afraid to mix your vintage milk glass collection with antique and modern decor. White milk glass is timeless and, when styled correctly, enhances any decor style.

In addition, you will notice that many pieces were used in multiple ways on the variety of table centerpiece ideas. Just by making one small adjustment, your table can look completely different.

Other Ways To Decorate With Vintage Milk Glass

In addition to creating stunning table centerpiece ideas, vintage milk glass can be used to decorate your entire home. Be sure to read the following articles for more inspiration.

You may also enjoy these DIY Milk Glass projects.


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Easter Centerpiece Ideas with milk glass, decoupage Easter eggs and more.
10 stunning table centerpiece ideas with vintage milk glass for Spring and Summer.


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I love every idea! The eggs, the lambs, candles - all of it! The table is stunning and I have GOT TO DO SOME OF THOSE EGGS!!! So beautiful. pinned


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Cindy, I really appreciate your sweet comments.


Friday 8th of March 2024

Rachel, Love how you decorated with milk glass... Funny how things come back in style...A few years ago, people could not get rid of milk glass fast enough and now everyone is scooping it back up again!! Have a great day!! Hugs, Deb Debbie-Dabble Blog


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Debbie Yes, I agree. However, I never let go of mine. LOL