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Fourth of July Craft – No Sew Patriotic Pillow Cover

Do y’all remember the heart pillow cover I made using red and white ticking fabric? Well, I couldn’t resist trying another version for the Fourth of July!

This Fourth of July Craft is an easy, No Sew Patriotic Pillow Cover, using ticking fabric to create a star shaped flag. This step by step tutorial will show you how to make one, just in time for your summer decor.

I’ve enjoyed using scrap fabrics to create these unique, no sew pillow covers. I’m a big fan of ticking fabric for a farmhouse feel and therefore, love how this latest patriotic, no sew pillow cover, turned out.

Fourth of July Craft Supplies

  • Red & White Ticking Fabric (less than 1/4 yard)
  • Blue & White Ticking Fabric (much less than 1/4 yard – scrap pieces will work)
  • Small scrap of White Fabric – I used some scraps from an old chenille bed spread.
  • A Pillow Cover 20 x 20
  • Permanent Fabric Glue
  • Straight Pins
  • Card Stock or Card Board for Template
  • Black Sharpie Marker

Note: Be sure to use real ticking fabric. The stripe is sometimes printed on fabric instead of woven into the fabric. You can tell because the back of the fabric will be white. You want to see a stripe on both the front and back sides. I purchased my fabric from Hobby Lobby.

Preparations for a No Sew Patriotic Pillow

Gather your supplies and begin preparations for your Fourth of July craft project. First, draw a template of your design. I taped 3 pieces of card stock together and drew a large star with a black sharpie, as you can see below. The template will also serve as a protection between the two pieces of fabric.

Next, strip your fabric by cutting a notch in the ticking fabric approx. 1/4 inch wide and then hold both ends and pull. This will tear the fabric and slightly curl it. Be sure to follow the grain of the fabric.

Place your template inside the fabric cover and pin in place. You will be able to see the star pattern through the fabric, to use as your guide. If you use a dark colored pillow cover, you will need to draw the pattern onto the front. However, you still need to insert a protective barrier to prevent the cover fabric from sticking together.

Glue the fabric to the pillow cover

Begin with your blue fabric and apply a bead of permanent fabric glue to the line drawn to divide the star. Twist the fabric as you press it into the glue and continue until the divided section is filled with blue and white ticking.

Apply glue in small sections at a time. Otherwise, it will dry out before you get the fabric applied. If you have trouble adhering the fabric, you can use straight pins to hold in place until the glue sets. Remove pins before glue has completely dried.

Next, begin adding the red and white ticking in the same matter to create your stripes on the patriotic pillow cover. To start creating a stripe pattern, it’s easiest to begin just under the blue and white section. Then go back and forth until the entire area is filled with the red and white fabric keeping the strips running horizontally.

Occasionally, place your hand inside the pillow cover and gently lift the fabric slightly away from the card stock pattern. This will prevent the card stock from being permanently glued to the inside of your pillow cover.

Stars for a Fourth of July Craft

To finish, you need to cut some stars using your white fabric. I drew the stars on the backside of the fabric to get them shaped correctly. I used some scraps of an old chenille bedspread, left over from some other pillow projects. You can use white felt or any other slightly thick white fabric. If it’s very thin, you may see the ticking fabric underneath.

Using the fabric glue, attach the stars on the blue and white section of your star. You can add as many stars as your space will allow.

Finally, check to be sure all the fabric is adhering to the pillow cover and add additional glue to any necessary spots.

Allow the glue to complete dry before placing a pillow insert into the pillow cover.

The no sew patriotic pillow is perfect decor for the up coming 4th of July.

Fourth of July – Patriotic Pillow

I hope you like the No Sew Patriotic Pillow Cover! It’s a fun Fourth of July Craft and it’s easy enough that you can get the kids involved. I’d love to see some of their creations.

If you are looking for some additional patriotic DIY projects, you may like these DIY Patriotic Ticking Napkins and this Easy Made Patriotic Tablescape from last summer.

I love how it looks in the Deconstructed Chair – See The Real Truth About Deconstructing a Chair

This no sew technique can be used in so many creative ways. Did you see the DIY Scrap Fabric Spring Pillow Tutorial? This pillow was inspired by the vintage quilt and you can see all the vintage bedroom decor here.


Sunday 13th of June 2021

What a great project. Thanks for sharing. Pinning.

Wednesday 16th of June 2021

Virginia, I'm so glad you stopped by. thanks.


Saturday 12th of June 2021

Such an incredibly unique way to decorate a pillow! I’d love for you to join us over at the Creative Crafts Linky Party every Wednesday through Sunday Followed and Pinned! 🙂 Creatively, Beth

Saturday 12th of June 2021

Beth, I really appreciate this. I just added a couple of projects to your link party. Thanks for the reminder.

Cindy Rust

Friday 11th of June 2021

Such a fun project! Ticking is such a classic fabric! That log cabin quilt is amazing too! Thanks for sharing! Pinned!

Saturday 12th of June 2021

Cindy, I really appreciate this. Thanks for stopping by.


Tuesday 8th of June 2021

I love that pillow project - this one is adorable too! I love it. I need to make one of these. You make it look so easy! xo

Thursday 10th of June 2021

Stacy, It is so easy. I hope you try one.

Margie Clements

Tuesday 8th of June 2021

Oh my goodness! I love it! Thanks for sharing! 🤓

Thursday 10th of June 2021

Margie, Thanks so much for all your encouragment.