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Craft Fun DIY Clay Easter Eggs: Budget Pottery Barn Dupe

Want the latest from Pottery Barn Easter Decorations but don’t want to pay the price? You can easily make your own Pottery Barn Dupe Easter Eggs. This fun Air-Dry Clay Craft is a quick and easy way to duplicate the look of these cute Easter Table Accessories. They can be used as a decoration on your Easter dining table as creative Easter plate decorations, guest gifts, or trinket trays for yourself. You can customize this Easter Egg Craft to match your table decor or home decor.

Pottery Barn Dupe - Easter Egg Craft Idea.

Insider Tip – Not Food Safe

Warning: This Pottery Barn Dupe is for Decorative purposes only.

Air-dry Clay and Acrylic Paints are not food-safe and, therefore, should not be used to serve food.

Purchase the Pottery Barn version if you plan to serve food on the dishes.

Here are the Pottery Barn Easter Decorations that inspired this inexpensive DIY Craft. You can see Easter Egg Plate Details here.

Pottery Barn Easter Decorations - Egg Shaped Plates.

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How To Make Air-Dry Clay Crafts: Pros and Cons

Air-Dry Clay is a fun and quick way to create home decor accessories. It’s easy to work with and dries quickly without the need for a kiln. However, you can only use the clay for decorative purposes.

If you make cups, bowls, or plates with air-dry clay, they are not food-safe and are not water-tight. However, if you want decorative plates, bowls, trinket dishes, etc., you can make some really cute accessories.

Air-dry clay isn’t toxic, so it’s safe for crafting with children. Just be sure you know the purpose of your DIY project before you use this form of clay.

What Can I Use The Pottery Barn Easter Egg Dupe For?

If you purchase the Pottery Barn Easter Decorations, they are completely food-safe and make great small serving plates. So you may be asking, “What’s the point of making this Easter Egg Dish if I can’t serve food on it?”

When I first saw the Easter Egg Plates, I immediately thought about styling an Easter tablescape with colorful dishes. I love to add a cute seasonal accessory to the center of my dining plates. These adorable Easter eggs will make a precious take-home gift for your guests.

In addition, they will make the cutest trinket dish. So I wasn’t concerned with serving food on them so much as duplicating the look for fun Easter Egg Decorations.

The bowls will also look good on a side table or part of an Easter vignette anywhere in your home this Spring.

Make a DIY trinket Tray with air-dry clay to look like Pottery Barn Easter Decorations.

How To Make Easter Egg Craft?

This Easter Egg Craft is so easy to make, and the possibilities of colors and designs are unlimited. I chose to use pastel colors similar to the Pottery Barn Easter decorations. However, you may choose to create designs that complement your home decor aesthetic.

Supplies for Easter Egg Bowls

Here are the supplies I used to create these decorative Easter Egg Bowls.

Cut clay with egg shaped cookie cutter

Design Your Easter Egg Craft

Begin by rolling the air-dry clay onto a sheet of wax paper. Roll until the clay is approximately 1/4 inch thick.

Use the large egg-shaped cookie cutter to cut your design. Repeat until you have the desired number of Easter Eggs.

Next, press designs into the soft clay eggs. For this step, I used several items, including a fork, chopstick, two sizes of straws, a small heart cookie cutter, a piece of faux greenery, and toothpicks.

You can be creative with this step and use items that you have on hand.

Press the objects lightly into the soft clay until they make an indention. Don’t press through the clay.

I began with horizontal lines using a chopstick.

Press objects into soft clay to make Easter Egg Craft decorative designs.

Then, add circles with straws. I used two sizes to create the design I wanted.

The fork can be used flat or upright to create designs on the air-dry clay craft egg.

Gently press the faux greenery into the clay to create more design details.

Once the designs are complete, drape the clay Easter Egg over a smooth round surface to dry.

For this project, I wanted a shallow bowl shape, so I used the side of a round bottle.

Allow the Easter Egg Dish to dry for a few hours or until the shape is set. Then place on a wire drying rack until completely dry.

How To Paint Easter Eggs

Once the air-dry clay crafts are dry, you can paint the details of the bowls using small artist brushes.

This is again your preference.

Insider Tip

To achieve a similar appearance as the Pottery Barn Dishes, I used varying shades of the same paint colors.

Try mixing colors as you go to create various shades. This will keep the soft appearance you see on the Easter Eggs.

Finally, after the acrylic paint is dry, you can seal the Easter Eggs with a spray sealer. Place the craft project in a well-ventilated area and spray a light coat of sealer. Let dry for approximately 30 minutes and repeat.

Spray a sealer over the Easter Egg Bowls

How To Decorate with Pottery Barn Dupe Easter Egg Craft

Now, you can decorate your tablescapes, bathroom countertops, side tables, etc., with your creative one-of-a-kind Easter Egg Bowls.

Easter Egg Craft Pottery Barn Easter Decorations Dupe.  Creative colorful Easter Egg Plates for jewelry and other trinkets.

Add one to the center of each dining plate for a sweet take-home gift at your next ladies’ brunch.

You can also scatter them on the table for Easter Egg Decorations.

Easter Egg Craft with clay bowls for decorating an Easter Tablescape

They will make adorable trinket dishes for you or your friends. They will be so impressed that you made them from air-dry clay craft.

Pottery Barn Dupe Easter Egg Trinket Tray with Air-dry Clay.  Look Alike Pottery Barn Easter Decorations.

What would you use this decorative Easter Egg Craft for?

Colorful Easter Egg Craft Bowls with air-dry clay for a Pottery Barn Dupe.  Trinket Trays for a rustic Easter Decoration.


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DIY Easter Egg Shaped Trays with Air Dry Clay for a Pottery Barn Easter Decoration Dupe
DIY Easter Egg Shaped Trays with Air Dry Clay for a Pottery Barn Easter Decoration Dupe.

Rachel-The Antiqued Journey

Friday 16th of February 2024

SO adorable, Rachel!! What an amazing DIY..the colors are the patterns are fantastic!


Friday 16th of February 2024

Rachel, I'm so glad you like them. They are so easy and fun to make.

Michelle |Thistle Key Lane

Friday 16th of February 2024

You are so creative Rachel! These are even prettier than the PB ones!


Friday 16th of February 2024

Michelle, You are so kind. Thank you for your sweet comment.


Thursday 15th of February 2024

Just popping back in to say I loved this so much that I'm featuring it tomorrow on Farmhouse Friday 335! Thank you for sharing it with us and linking up. pinned again!


Friday 16th of February 2024

Cindy, I appreciate you so much. Thank you for sharing.


Wednesday 14th of February 2024

Hello cutest trinket dishes ever, Rachel! I love how these turned out and how you can easily customize them too. Thanks for all your extra tips. I always forget to spray a protectant on mine at the end. Can't wait to try this and to share on Friday. It's fabulous! Hugs, CoCo


Thursday 15th of February 2024

CoCo, Thank you so much. I appreciate you for sharing.


Monday 12th of February 2024

Thank you Rachel for sharing these amazing egg dishes over at the Creatively Crafty Linky Party! I love the household items you used to make the patterns in the clay! Creatively, Beth


Tuesday 13th of February 2024

Beth, Thank you for your sweet comments.