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DIY Hydrangea Arrangement & Twig Flower Project

Do you love hydrangeas as much as I do? Check out this DIY Hydrangea Arrangement in a twig vase tutorial. The hydrangea flower arrangement is made with artificial flowers but can be easily switched out to real ones while in season.

It makes a beautiful centerpiece, and the project includes some foraging, thrifting, and good ole DIY.

Y’all, I have a big problem. When I see something I like, I talk myself out of purchasing it because I think I can make it for less.

This doesn’t always work out for me. Because either I never get around to making it, or it’s a flop. However, I’m excited to share that this one did turn out just as I anticipated, maybe even better.

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How To Arrange Hydrangea Blooms

Hydrangea Flower Arrangements are one of the easiest to execute. The blooms are large and don’t require a lot of filler.

Today’s project is made using faux blooms however, they can be substituted for real blooms when in season.

Therefore, if you are using fresh blooms, follow these simple rules

  • Remove leaves below the waterline.
  • Then use sharp shears to cut stems at an angle before adding them to the water.
  • Begin with smaller blooms around the perimeter of the vase and fill in with larger blooms as you reach the center.
  • Add more flowers or stems to fill any gaps.
Hydrangea arrangement with lemons and limes

Supplies Needed for Hydrangea Arrangement & Twig Project?

I could forage all my twigs because we have a River Birch tree that drops stems like crazy. The glass cylinder container, placemat, and grapevine wreaths were all thrift store finds, so this project was inexpensive.

Supplies to make a twig vase

Thrift Store Finds & Resources

Begin by shopping thrift stores for supplies. Fortunately, I found all these items in one day at two different thrift stores. Sometimes, it just feels like it was meant to be. However, if you don’t have the time to search for your supplies, here are some recommendations that may help.

Twigs can be easily foraged by cutting branches from a tree if you don’t find any fallen limbs. The grapevines can also be foraged if you have wild grapevines in your area. I’ve made several small and large grapevine wreaths from a foraged vine.

If you are a DIY fan, shopping in thrift stores can save you money on many items. You might enjoy reading Top Ten Tips for Successful Thrift Store Shopping.

DIY Hydrangea Arrangement & Twig Project

Begin by adding a piece of styrofoam to the inside of your glass vase. Add a drop of hot glue to hold it in place.

Note: The styrofoam is optional. After adding the stems, I realized that they are very secure without styrofoam and can be removed and changed seasonally.

Cover the Vase

Let’s begin by covering the container with your choice of materials. To do so, wrap the placemat or fabric around the container until the glass is no longer visible. Use hot glue to secure it in place.

Another option would be to spray paint it the color of your twigs if you are using a tin can for the vase.

Add Grapevines

Next, add the grapevine wreaths by sliding them onto the bottom of the vase.

Adding the wreaths is optional but adds a stylish decorative appeal to the twig vase.

Add small grapevine wreaths to the covered vase.

Apply Foraged Twigs

Lastly, you will add the twigs vertically to the outside to complete the covered vase.

Be sure to cut twigs the correct length to reach the top of the container.

To attach the twigs, apply hot glue at the bottom of each twig to hold it in place.

Add additional glue at the top where necessary.

To finish, work around the diameter of the glass container until it’s completely covered in twigs.

Attach twigs to vase with hot glue gun.

It may be necessary to fill in gaps with smaller pieces of twig and secure them with hot glue.

Cover vase with twigs to make DIY hydrangea flower arrangment.

Decorate the vase

Adding a piece of ribbon or raffia around the twigs, tie it into a bow to decorate the vase.

Tie a raffia bow around twigs to make hydrangea arrangement.

Hydrangea Flower Arrangement Tips

Now you are ready to fill your twig vase with a beautiful hydrangea flower arrangement.

Begin by removing the majority of leaves from the hydrangea stems.

Cut the stems to allow the blooms to rest at the top of the twig vase. Completely fill the top of the vase with hydrangea blooms.

Next, add the faux twig stems to the center of the arrangement. If you prefer, use foraged stems to add to the arrangement.

As you add the twigs, allow them to branch out away from the center of the arrangement to allow for one last bloom to be added.

Finally, add the one final bloom to the center of the twigs and allow the twigs to intermingle with the last bloom.

Add faux hydrangea flowers to the twig vase.

I found that all the stems don’t have to be secured into the styrofoam. Because the arrangement is tightly packed, the blooms will easily stay in place as long as the first few stems are secured.

DIY Hydrangea Arrangement with twig vase for table centerpiece

Hydrangea Flower Arrangement & Twig Centerpiece

The DIY hydrangea arrangement adds rustic charm to the dining table.

You can add a hydrangea arrangement to any room in your home for a stylish addition.

DIY Hydrangea flower arrangement with faux twigs and real twigs vase. Rustic farmhouse style centerpiece

It’s hard to believe I only spent $18.00 on this project, which was very easy to make. The hardest part was gathering and cutting the twigs to size.

If you are willing to search thrift stores for bargains, you can save a lot of money. Be sure to join me each month for our Thrifting with the Gals series. My friends and I share tips on where to shop, what to shop for, and how to use your bargains.

Rustic Farmhouse Style Hydrangea Flower Centerpiece with twig vase

The hydrangea flower arrangement looks great for any season. The faux hydrangea works well with the dried hydrangeas above the bed.

Twig vase with hydrangea flower arrangement on side table in bedroom.

Watch The Video Tutorial for The DIY Hydrangea Arrangement and Twig Project.

More DIY Projects

Here are some other fun projects, How To Cover Tin Cans with Twigs, Easy Twig Napkin Rings Tutorial, and DIY Terra Cotta Pot Wreath made with a large grapevine wreath. The Grapevine Topiary can be made with any size grapevine wreath you choose.

More Thrifting and Floral Ideas

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Hydrangea Arrangement with Twig Vase on farmhouse table centerpiece
Hydrangea Flower arrangement Centerpiece with foraged twig vase.


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