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DIY Holiday Candle Rings

I use candle rings for so many purposes in addition to surrounding a candle. I have several but never enough during the holidays when the house is full of candles, trees, and snowmen that all love to be wrapped in a cozy candle ring.

So here is how to make some simple DIY Holiday Candle Rings from inexpensive dollar store items.

Materials for Holiday Candle Rings

All of my supplies were either foraged or found at the dollar store. However, these items sell out quickly and may not be available later in the season, so therefore, I’ve included links from Amazon for your convenience. Just click on the name of the item.

Assemble DIY Candle Ring

Begin by twisting two of the wired garland ties together. Then form into a three inch circle and wrap the ends of the ties around the loop. You should have enough length to double the circumference of the ring.

Add Berry Garland to the Ring

Cut a length of the berry garland approx. double the circumference of the ring and wrap it around the wired garland ties as you see below.

Attach to the Grapevine Wreath

I have made several grapevine wreaths from gathering the vine from our property. So next, cut 3 pieces of the berry garland approx. two inches long. You can also use the wired garland ties for this step if you prefer. I wanted more berries to show on the rings.

Just wrap the berry ties around the new ring and the grapevine wreath to secure them together.

Add Pinecones to the DIY Holiday Candle Ring

You can use a variety of items to dress up your diy Holiday Candle Ring, but I decided to use some mini pinecones that I have picked up from under our pine trees. I had previous used the DIY flocking method to add a touch of snow to the tips. Here is the tutorial for easy flocking.

Just use a drop of hot glue and easily attach embellishments.

Some other ideas would be mini Christmas Ornaments, dried fruit (see how to dry fruit here), larger red berries, jingle bells, etc.

Here are some options, if you prefer to purchase a ready made candle ring.

Easy DIY Holiday Candle Ring

You can see how it dresses up this wonderful candle from Antique Candle Co. These candles make perfect gifts and the DIY Candle Ring would make it just perfect.

Christmas Day & Tree Farm are two of my favorite candle scents.

You can see other uses for candle rings that I shared on my recent Christmas Tree Tour.

Thanks so much for stopping by. I look forward to sharing my next adventure with you.

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Sunday 20th of December 2020

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Sunday 20th of December 2020

Cecilia, I appreciate you for hosting each week.