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The Secret To Creative Coffee Table Decorating

Are you looking for some ideas for decorating your coffee table? Would you like to transform your coffee table into a stylish and functional focal point in your living area? Today, you will learn the secret to creative coffee table decorating.

We will look at several coffee table decorating options and explore some ideas to help you get started.

Dried hydrangea flower arrangement on Spring coffee table.
The dried hydrangea flower arrangement adds a dramatic statement to the Spring Coffee Table.

Decorating Coffee Table Ideas – Where To Start

Here are some things to consider when decorating a coffee table.

Coffee Table Decorating Ideas using old frame for table centerpiece.
See More Ways To Use Old Picture Frames In Your Decor.
  1. Start with a foundation. This could be a tray, a piece of fabric, a vintage picture frame, a toolbox, or a large bowl. The foundation will help ground your other décor and keep it from looking cluttered. My favorite foundation is a large wooden antique bowl. I’ve used it several times and can change the decor accessories seasonally.
  2. Choose a style that reflects your personality and home décor. Do you prefer a modern, minimalist look? Or something more traditional and ornate? Once you know what you’re going for, you can start shopping for items that will fit the bill.
  3. Add layers. This is where you can really have fun with your coffee table décor. Layer books, magazines, candles, flowers, and other items to create a visually interesting display.
  4. Don’t forget the functional items. In addition to décor, you’ll also want to make sure your coffee table has a place for all of the essentials, like coasters and snacks.
  5. Don’t be afraid to experiment. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to coffee table décor. The most important thing is having fun and creating a space you love.
  6. Make A Statement. You can make a statement by adding a large accessory to the center of your coffee table. A large floral arrangement or a large bowl with several bottles or glass ornaments.

When fresh blooms are available, fill a large container with them and let them be your statement centerpiece for coffee table decorating.

Fresh Flowers in wooden bowl to decorate a coffee table in a modern farmhouse.

The flowers don’t have to be real. Let’s take a look at these gorgeous faux orchids.

orchids in a wooden bowl for coffee table decorating ideas in a modern farmhouse.

Insider Tip – The Secret To Coffee Table Decorating

When out thrifting or vintage shopping, look for oversized containers to use on your coffee table. The secret to coffee table decorating is starting with a statement piece for the foundation.

  • Large wooden bowls
  • Old vintage boxes
  • Vintage Tool Boxes
  • Unique Concrete statuaries or planters
  • Large tureens (if the lid is missing, YAY! It should be a better deal.)
  • Large Basket or Basket Tray
  • Large Trays
  • Candlesticks
  • Risers (cake stands, oversized candle holders, etc.)
  • Old Picture Frames
  • Remember, if the color isn’t right when thrifting, you can always paint it.

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Coffee Table Decorating Ideas

Here are some helpful coffee table decorating ideas that will give you inspiration to get started.

Vintage Tool Box

This vintage wooden toolbox is always a favorite for the center of the coffee table. With more vintage pieces, the decor can be easily changed seasonally.

Gather thrift store finds together in the toolbox to decorate the coffee table for Valentine’s Day.

The toolbox is filled with vintage books, candlesticks, and rolls of book pages.

Vintage tool box for decorating coffee table in a modern farmhouse.

Old Wooden Box

This vintage encyclopedia box is handy for decorating a coffee table for any season. It’s a great statement piece and is easy to fill.

Vintage crocks and earthenware are all gathered inside the box, along with pumpkins and fall florals decorated for fall. Even the box lid serves as a foundation for additional fall decor.

Antique Vintage Encyclopedia Wooden Box used as a centerpiece for decorating coffee tables in modern farmhouse.

For Christmas, a trio of frosted Christmas Trees fill the box and take centerstage on the coffee table.

Antique Vintage Encyclopedia Wooden Box used as a centerpiece with Christmas trees for coffee table centerpiece

Garden Decor

Bring outdoor garden accessories inside to create visual interest on the coffee table.

If you are not using a foundation piece, group items together in clusters for a more cohesive look.

A concrete swan is mixed with a hurricane lantern, chunky candlesticks, and coffee table books for a garden-inspired coffee table vignette.

The swan and lantern are both great statement pieces that work well together to anchor the decorations. For more details, see this Spring Country Chic Home Tour.

Concrete Swan Planter mixed with books, candlesticks, and hurricane lantern for Farmhouse Coffee Table Centerpiece

Bird statues and clay saucers get special attention when displayed under glass cloches. See more ideas using birds and birdhouses at Unique Birdhouse Ideas for a Show-Stopping Budget Spring Porch.

concrete birds with clay saucers under glass cloches on porch coffee table.

Insider Tips

When creating a coffee table vignette, be sure to add a variety of heights to create visual interest. Use riser, candleholders, cake stands, etc., to display your decor.

Create vignettes with uneven numbers of objects.

Roadside Trash To Treasure

A roadside wooden ice cream churn gets a new life as a coffee table decorating idea.

The oversized container makes a statement when filled with fresh flowers as the table centerpiece. Only a few accessories are needed to complete the table vignette.

Budget DIY Projects for Coffee Table Decorations

DIY Dollar Tree Lanterns for an inexpensive coffee table vignette. These easy-to-make lanterns cost $3.00.

DIY Dollar Tree Lanterns for a summer coffee table vignette

Basket for Gathering

Add a basket or basket tray as a foundation to anchor your coffee table vignette. Gather books, vases, greenery, and more to create a charming vignette.

woven tray is foundation for coffee table decorating centerpiece
Photo Credit – Stone Gable Blog

Use Coffee Table For Dining

Plan a casual dinner, coffee, or afternoon cocktails around the coffee table.

Keep the floral arrangement simple to allow for the dishes, cutlery, glasses, and food.

Use contrasting colors and textures to add depth and dimension.

You can see more about these porch coffee table ideas on Best Porch Ideas for Easter & Top 10 Ideas for Ideal Porch Sitting.

Foraged Coffee Table Arrangement

A great budget-friendly approach to decorating a coffee table is to fill a container with foraged greenery or dried corn husks.

This Fall Home Tour shows you more budget-friendly foraged ideas for fall decorating.

Use foraged corn husks to fill a large bowl for Fall Coffee Table Decorating.

Gather From Around The House

When planning a coffee table vignette, gather items from around your house. Using your decor in new and interesting ways will keep your things feeling fresh.

The large bowl looks great for spring and summer with the addition of topiaries and a collection of green bottles that were previously on the screened porch.

Use a variety of shapes and sizes to create visual interest.

Spring coffee table decorations that are easy tips for decorating coffee tables with vintage and antique items

Decorating a Coffee Table For A Summer – Artificial Flower Centerpiece

First, let’s take a look at another way to update the wooden bowl on my coffee table. I received these gorgeous faux orchids from Prestige Botanicals and immediately knew they would be stunning in the bowl.

Because the coffee table is located in the center of the room, they were perfect for creating a centerpiece that looks good from every direction.

How to Decorate a Coffee Table in the middle of a room with faux orchids.

Materials Needed For Coffee Table Arrangement

Y’all know I like to use items I have on hand, if possible, and today’s tutorial is no exception. The faux orchid stems are approx. 32″ tall and would require a heavy container to hold them upright.

To fill the bottom of the bowl, I began with three of my old terra cotta pots and a metal cake stand. In addition, I added a faux bird to add interest to the arrangement.

Next, to secure the faux orchids into the terra cotta pots, I securely place the stem into the weep hole at the bottom and then fill in around the stem with plastic grocery bags. Keep stuffing the bags into the pot until the branch is secure and will not tip over.

You can also use small pebbles or glass beads to fill in around the stems. I didn’t have any on hand, and the plastic bags worked fine.

Now, place all the secured stems back into the bowl and fill in around the pots with more plastic bags or tissue paper.

Because the bowl is deep, you want to add filler to the bottom of the bowl to avoid using an excess of Spanish moss.

Once the bowl is relatively full, layer Spanish moss over the plastic and terra cotta pots. I used natural moss as a first layer and then green moss over the top. Be sure to cover all exposed plastic.

Faux Orchid Arrangement to Decorate a Coffee Table in the middle of a room

Coffee Table Decorations Viewed From All Angles

The challenge of a centrally located coffee table is decorating it with pleasing views from all angles. The orchid floral arrangement works really well in this spot.

How to Decorate a Coffee Table in the middle of a room with faux orchids

The coffee table is easily viewed from the front entrance of the farmhouse.

Coffee Table Decorating with faux orchids.

Other Seasonal Views of the Coffee Table Decorations

The coffee table is constantly updated each season. Here are a few recent seasonal changes.

Spring Coffee Table Ideas

The wooden bowl looks lovely and smells just as good with lilacs and ironstone from this spring.

Fresh Lilacs in wooden bowl for coffee table decorations

Simple budget-friendly Easter centerpiece. See Spring Decorating on a Dime for the full tour.


Simple Summer Centerpiece

Keep things cool and simple for a basic summer centerpiece.

Summer Living RoomCenterpiece for Summer Home Tour.

Cozy Fall Coffee Table Centerpieces

For fall, bring out the thrift amber bottles and cozy flicker candles.

Amber bottle fill the wooden bowl on the coffee table for fall coffee table decorating.

A Thanksgiving theme fills the coffee table bowl from last fall. It is a combination of thrifted amber bottles, cute bird pilgrims under a glass cloche, and fall florals.

Fall Coffee table decorations

Festive Holiday Treasures on Coffee Table

Christmas is the perfect time to fill the bowl with lots of festive treasures.

Christmas view of coffee table decorating

A large vintage red bowl is filled with greenery and reindeer for a coffee table centerpiece. See Curated Farmhouse Christmas Tour for more details.

For a more neutral Christmas display, gold and brown bottle brush trees are grouped together with white reindeer and vintage ornaments inside the vintage wooden bowl.

Winter Simple and Cozy Centerpiece

Cozy Winter Coffee Table with foraged pinecones and flicker candles. The pinecones had a touch of fake snow. See 2 Steps To Add Fake Snow Technique for details.

Cozy Winter Centerpiece with flicker candles and pinecones with faux snow.


Thank you so much for stopping by today. I appreciate your input and comments.

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Decorating Secrets for Cozy Coffee Table Centerpieces.
The secret to decorating coffee tables with vintage finds in a modern farmhouse.
The secret to decorating coffee tables with vintage finds in a modern farmhouse.
The secret to decorating coffee tables with vintage finds in a modern farmhouse.
The secret to decorating coffee tables with vintage finds in a modern farmhouse.


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