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Easy No-Sew Valentine Heart Pillow DIY: An Upcycled Scrap Fabric Craft

Looking for a budget-friendly Valentine’s Day Pillow DIY project? Create a No-Sew Heart Pillow from Scrap Fabric for a Valentine’s Day Pillow Decoration that you will love. I’m combining my love of seasonal pillows and my waste-not attitude to create easy, budget-friendly pillows with upcycled scrap fabrics.

The possibilities are endless as the pile of scrap fabrics you have on hand. This is an easy, no-sew project.

Because it’s Valentine’s Day soon, I decided to use red and white ticking scrapes for my heart pillow.

DIY Valentine Pillow Cover made with scrap fabrics for an easy no-sew heart pillow cover.

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Materials Needed for Valentine’s Heart Pillow

How to Make Valentine Pillow From Upcycled Scrap Fabrics

The Valentine Pillow is an easy DIY project using upcycled scrap fabrics and requires minimal craft skills.

Begin by gathering your scrap fabrics. I used red and white ticking fabric. However, you can make a heart pillow with any color of fabric that you desire.

You will also need to purchase or make a pillow cover. Although I can sew, this is an inexpensive pillow cover, and I couldn’t make one for this price.

Add Protective Barrier

Next, protect the inside of the pillow cover.

Insert a piece of card stock or cardboard that is slightly larger than the size of the heart.

Add a protective barrier inside the pillow cover

Create A Template For The Heart Pillow

You should determine the heart pillow design and create a template for the desired heart size. Lay the template on the top of the pillow cover and trace it.

Use template to trace the heart shape on the pillow cover

Prepare To Upcycle Scrap Fabric

To make the Valentine pillow, rip the scrap fabric into 1/2-inch wide pieces. The lengths can vary depending on your scraps.

I recommend ripping the fabric instead of cutting the strips. When you rip the fabric, it creates a curl in each piece and makes the application easier.

Add Upcycled Scrap Fabric To Valentine’s Pillow

Now you are ready to add the upcycled scrap fabric to your Valentine’s Pillow

Apply a bead of glue along the traced lines, starting on the other edge of the heart.

The fabric glue is easily absorbed into the pillow cover fabric, so work in small sections to avoid drying.

Add permanent Fabric glue to adhere the scrap fabric to the pillow cover

Now, pin a section of fabric at the tip of the heart, twist the fabric, and press it into the glue.

You can see a video version of this process here.

Start by outlining the heart shape with the ticking scrap fabric.

The Valentine Pillow Scraps Come Together

Continue working inward and filling the Valentine pillow until there are no open areas of the heart.

Place the heart pillow on a flat surface and allow the glue to dry.

Fill in the entire heart with scrap fabric to form a heart shape on the pillow cover.

Scrap Fabric Valentine Pillow Cover

The heart scrap fabric Valentine pillow cover is now complete and ready for Valentine’s Day Decorating.

Remove the protective barrier and add the pillow insert. I like to use down-filled pillows when the budget allows.

Finished Heart Valentine Pillow Cover from Scrap Fabric.  Red and White Ticking Fabric Seasonal Valentine's Day Pillow

Insider Tip – Save Money On Expensive Inserts

If you like to invest in quality down-filled pillow inserts, keep in mind that you can easily switch out your pillow covers seasonally.

If you have a down-filled pillow on your bed, you can use that pillow insert in your new Valentine’s Day Pillow. Place the current pillow in storage until Valentine’s decorating is over. This reduces seasonal storage space and is budget-friendly.

Another great tip is to look for down-filled pillows at thrift stores. I have seen pillows with the more expensive fillers for less than I can purchase the inserts alone. Be sure to check the insert for damage before purchasing.

Yield: 1 Pillow Cover

DIY Heart Pillow With Scrap Fabirc

DIY Heart Pillow With Scrap Fabirc

Simple, inexpensive way to recycle fabric scrapes into a beautiful pillow.

Prep Time 5 minutes
Active Time 25 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $5.00


  • 20 x 20 Pillow Cover
  • Pernament Fabric Glue
  • 10 pieces Fabric Scrapes , This will vary based on the fabric length
  • 1 piece large card stock or cardboard
  • 4 Straight pins


  1. Determine the size of your heart, draw a template on card stock, and cut your template.
  2. Cut a 1/4 inch notch into the grain of the fabric approx. 1/2 inch wide
  3. Once you cut the notch, hold both ends of the fabric and rip the fabric into narrow strips.
  4. Place a piece of cardboard or cardstock larger than your heart in between the pillow cover fabric.
  5. Trace your heart onto the fabric at the desired location using your template.
  6. Add a bead of fabric glue to the traced line of the heart. Add glue in small sections at a time to prevent it from drying out.
  7. Using a straight pin, secure the end of one fabric stripe at the bottom of the heart and then twist the stripe and press it into the glue.
  8. Continue around the edge of the heart and use a straight pin to secure any areas that don't want to stay in place.
  9. Once the outside edges are complete, begin to fill in the center of the heart. Keep each row close together so that you don't see the pillow cover fabric once the heart if completely filled in.


Note:  Cost is based on using leftover, free fabric scrapes.  

Should there be open areas once the glue is dry, you can go back and fill in with additional fabric scrapes.  

Did you make this project?

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Beautiful for Valentines pillow- Red and White ticking fabric heart pillow DIY project.

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Farmhouse Style Heart Valentine Pillow from Scrap Fabric. Easy Seasonal Pillow cover ideas.

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Upcycled Seasonal Scrap Fabric Pillow Covers

See how easy it is to upcycle scrap fabric into lovely seasonal pillow covers.

Thanks so much for stopping by today. I look forward to sharing my next adventures with you.

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scrap fabric valentine pillow - Easy no sew heart pillow cover.
Heart Pillow Cover made from red and white ticking scrap fabrics.  Farmhouse Style Craft Ideas with fabric.

DIY Decorative Heart Pillow made from Scrap Fabrics and fabric glue.  Seasonal farmhouse-style pillow cover.

Jamie Butler

Thursday 19th of January 2023

If you had to guess, how much material did you use for the heart. I don’t have any scraps and so I will have to buy some. Thank you,


Saturday 21st of January 2023

Jamie, You need less than a 1/4 yard for sure. You can ripe up old cloths to make this project.

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Friday 4th of February 2022

Thanks so much sweetie.


Saturday 30th of January 2021

Thanks for the great info! I have so MANY SCRAPS of fabric I’m glad to have a way to use them.

[email protected]

Saturday 30th of January 2021

Lisa, So glad you found this helpful.

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