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What? A Neutral Table For Valentines?

I know most of us immediately think pink and red when it comes to Valentine’s Decor! However, what about a neutral Valentine’s Decor?

I don’t personally feel that your decor style has to change drastically to create a fun and festive Valentine’s table. So today, I’m sharing Neutral vs. Reds and Pink when styling your table for Valentine’s.

I’m sharing how I put together two completely different table settings that reflect Valentine’s Theme!

First, let me say I didn’t leave the house! I only used items I had on hand to create both of these tables. I can’t wait to hear which you prefer.

Neutral Valentine’s Decor

I have been gathering a few things for Spring. Some are new items, but most are vintage finds—some I’ve had for years, and others I’ve picked up recently at Thrift Stores.

Neutral Valentine's Day Decor for a fun twist on a traditional tablescape.  Add texture with table runner and woven plate mats
Neutral Table

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But for now, let’s get started.

Let’s begin with a neutral table, and here are some step-by-step methods I use when planning my table.

Neutral Valentine's Day Decor.  Add texture with table runner and woven place mats
Lots of texture

Add Texture for a Neutral Valentine’s Decor Tablescape

I begin planning my neutral Valentine’s Decor tablescape by adding texture.

This helps to keep the table setting from disappearing on the table. I’ve used woven placemats, and the table runner is a handcrafted macrame runner. Both add lots of texture immediately.

Add DIY paper hearts to table setting for a farmhouse style Valentine's Day Tablescape. Cottagecore DIY old paper hearts
DIY Heart Garland

Next, I add a couple of my DIY heart garlands. These were made using old music sheets and red construction paper. I strung them together with jute twine.

Add DIY paper heart garlands to table setting for a farmhouse style Valentine's Day Cottagecore tablescape.
White on White plates

Next, I used a combination of new large white plates and vintage ironstone plates. I love mixing old and new!

Add paper heart to center of bowl with a ceramic white bird.  Cottagecore Valentine's Decorating ideas.
White bowl with a music sheet heart and a little love bird

I then added these French ironstone bowls on top of the plates. Inside, I tucked another of the hearts cut from old sheet music and held them in place with a cute little white bird. We’ll assume it’s a LOVE bird.

DIY Neutral Tablescape

Several DIY projects include the old paper heart garlands, and the silverware cones help to decorate the neutral table.

Use vintage music pages to make a cutlery silverware cone .  Tie with red and white checked fabric.
Silverware cone from vintage sheet music with a fabric bow.

To keep the sheet music theme going, I made silverware cones from old hymnal pages and tied them with some red check fabric I had on hand. I placed them on a white napkin for added impact.

Neutral Table Centerpiece

I decided to add a vintage milk glass cake stand to the center of the table.

Neutral Valentine's Decor for a Galentine's Day Tablescape with farmhouse touches. Vintage White Milk Glass Cake Stand

I initially added a eucalyptus ring to the top of the stand, but it felt too heavy, so I placed it under the stand. The brass bird salt and pepper shakers are vintage family heirlooms.

Neutral Valentine's Decor for a Valentine's Day Tablescape with farmhouse touches. Country Chic Farmhouse Style

Next, I added two sets of candle sticks for a more neutral Valentine’s decor.

I painted both groups’ thrift store finds with Old White Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan.

It’s important to keep these pieces at varying heights. So I placed one on the vintage milk glass cake stand and one on the table beside it.

Neutral Valentine's Decor with white dishes, thrifted white candlesticks, DIY paper garlands and cutlery cones.

You can see that I added a stack of ironstone dessert plates underneath one of the small candle sticks to help vary the height and make this whole space more eye-appealing. You can then use the dishes when dessert is served as well. I added several more pieces of ironstone to the table to balance it.

Neutral Valentine's Decor with white dishes, thrifted white candlesticks, DIY paper garlands and cutlery cones.

You can see the cream and sugar bowls on the cake place, the butter pat plates, and a gravy bowl. The vintage water goblets were one of my latest thrift store finds at The Triad Goodwill.

Neutral Valentine's Decor with white dishes, thrifted white candlesticks, DIY paper garlands and cutlery cones.

I’m Loving This Neutral Valentine’s Table Decor

White neutral Valentine's Day Tablescape. Farmhouse Country Chic Table Style.

I was able to create this whole table with mostly items I’ve had on hand for some time. I used a few new thrift store finds that literally cost pennies. The macrame table runner and the eucalyptus ring are new items for Spring! This neutral table is complete with my Spring Cow Painting “Faith”!

Table Resources

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Traditional Valentines Colors For Your Dining Table

Here is another look at the same table with more traditional colors for Valentine’s! It will be interesting to see if you prefer the neutral Valentine’s decor or the colorful design.

I was able to pick a few new daffodils blooms yesterday! (I know, crazy here in February!) They are so lovely, and I had to incorporate them into this fun, festive table.

Fresh Daffodills and red, white and pink fill a traditional colorful Valentine's Day table Setting
Reds and Pinks combine perfectly with the yellows and greens!

As you can tell, I like a bird theme, whether Traditional Colors or Neutral! Here are a few of the planning steps that went into creating this table setting.

Add texture to Valentine's Day Centerpiece with ironstone pitcher and fresh daffodils.  Farmhouse Centerpiece
Same runner and DIY heart garland. I just flipped several of the hearts over to the red construction paper side. I added the green thistle garland, red cake stand, and white pitcher with fresh daffodils.
Traditional colors for a Valentine's Day Decor Tablescape. Farmhouse style rustic Tablescape
These bird dishes add just the perfect color combination

Using these festive dinner plates, bird plates, salt and pepper shakers, and vintage green goblets changes the feel of this space.

I also added some additional pops of yellow with a water pitcher and a salad bowl.

Traditional colors for a Valentine's Day Decor Tablescape. Bird Dishes and macrame table runner.
The same candlesticks look completely different with fresh green candles from Hobby Lobby.

Notice I changed out the pitcher holding the daffodils. This pitcher has a wonderful aged patina and works better with this table setting. It was a recent thrift store find, and I love using new finds in exciting ways.

Traditional colors for a Valentine's Day Decor Tablescape.  Red and White bird dishes and green vintage water goblets

This table setting was also created using many items I’ve picked up from thrift stores. However, the bird dishes, the thistle garland, and the macrame table runner are all new for this Spring.

Resources for Valentine’s Tables

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Thanks so much for making it to the end.

Share with me below which style you prefer.

Regardless of your preference, I hope you got some tips on planning your table styling for Valentine’s and into the summer months. You can always feel free to comment and ask me questions here.

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Neutral Vs Colorful Decorating a Valentine's Day Table with Thrifted Decor and DIY projects.
Which do you prefer?  Neutral Valentine's Tablescape or Traditional Colorful Tablescape?


Monday 5th of February 2024

Rachel, I always love your tablescapes! You do such a lovely job with each and every one! Your neutral table is so pretty with that beautiful macrame runner and your added touches. I loved your idea of wrapping the silverware in music sheets -- such a cute idea! You always have such great ideas for us. I liked the traditional table because of the lovely dishes and color. For Valentine's I always enjoy using a touch of red on my table! Thanks for sharing all your ideas with us! Have a great week!


Tuesday 6th of February 2024

MaryAnn I really appreciate your input. So glad you like both versions.


Monday 5th of February 2024

Both tablescapes are lovely, I like how you demonstrated how to set the two tablescapes using some of the same elements and ending up with two very different looks. I really like the vibrancy of your colorful tablescape. I like the look of your paper garland with some of the hearts turned to the red side


Tuesday 6th of February 2024

Angie I really appreciate your comments and it's a reminder to share the process. Thank you so much.

~Chrissie O.

Monday 5th of February 2024

Being Autistic, Valentine's Day is the one holiday I never seem to decorate for, as red "screams" at me. I'd been in a bit of a funk with Christmas over, waiting to decorate for Spring, when I got a few of your earlier emails that showed very neutral Valentine crafts. Somebody, stop me!!! I ordered neutral linen pillow slipcovers, bought a yard of mattress ticking, and started ripping. From there, I hit up Amazon for assorted shades of red buttons (from bright to almost burgundy, 700 for $8!) in different sizes, traced a large dollar store heart, and broke out the hot glue gun. Then came the shim heart. It turned out so achingly good in dove gray, powder blue and shell pink, then waxed, that I did another in varied shades of white (antique, parchment, etc.) and waxed it. I'm halfway through a third that I'll leave out year round, but I think I'll just wax it.

You do a lot of crafts with old books and old sheet music. I ADORE them. However, as a pianist and a bibliophile, both, my soul cringes at the idea of tearing/cutting them up. My solution is to find online sheet music (I actually have CDs of about 8 major classical composers), or online public domain, and print them out. THEN, I brew up a STRONG cup of black tea, pour it onto a jellyroll pan, and steep the pages for several minutes, then allow to dry overnight. The paper is wonderfully-aged, a lovely color and vaguely wrinkled texture, and perfect for crafting! When making your flowers, I used Lemon Zinger and Raspberry Zinger for lovely subtle pink and yellow shades! They look beautiful nestled in with the aged ones. But, best of all, "No works of art were injured in the creation of this project." lol

I'm so glad you have this blog. I'm so glad I found it. My daughter is laughing at me and my recent burst of crafting energy, but I'm so glad it's back!!! I plan to use the button-art pillow cover you featured again, with the outline of a rabbit, using white/pearl buttons, come Easter!! :)


Tuesday 6th of February 2024

Chrissie, Thank you so much for sharing this with me. I'm overwhelmed and so glad you are crafting again. It's good for the soul and our mental health to be creative. Your words have energized me to get busy with more crafts. Looking forward to seeing what else you make.


Monday 5th of February 2024

Rachel,I really like the neutral look with the table runner and the paper hearts and Love birds. Great job!!! I'm always excited to see what you come up with. I love your style.


Monday 5th of February 2024

Gail, I really appreciate your comments. Thank you for stopping by.


Monday 5th of February 2024

The neutral table setting is my favorite.


Monday 5th of February 2024

Joanna, I'm so glad you like the neutral table ideas. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.