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Learn How To Make Paper Flowers with Recycled Old Book Pages

Have you ever made paper flowers from old book pages? Let me show you how to make paper roses with easy paper-folding techniques. Plus, see options for using other paper to create stunning wreaths and more.

I started making paper roses to use as place cards for an upcoming book-themed tablescape. Since the theme was books, I used old book pages to make them. In this easy tutorial, I’ll show you how to make paper flowers.

This unique DIY paper flower idea looks so cute in each place setting. I’ll be sharing the full table setting with you soon; however, in the meantime, check out this easy craft project.

paper flowers maide from old book pages on side table.

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vintage bowl filled with vintage book page paper flowers.  Farmhouse Style decor Flower with paper folding

What Can You Do With Paper Flowers?

Although my inspiration for making paper roses is to use them on a tablescape, there are several reasons to make flowers with paper folding.

One of the most common uses is for weddings. Paper flowers work great for corsages, bridal bouquets, and hair accessories.

In addition, they are popular for table accessories such as centerpiece arrangements and table garlands, such as this coffee filter garland.

Add them to wreaths, garlands, and swags. You can also use easy paper flowers to fill a bowl or display them individually.

Today’s DIY project uses vintage book pages, but imagine all the possibilities with floral paper, colorful craft paper, and customized handpainted paper.

How Do You Make Paper Flowers Easy?

There is no limit to the paper choices you can make for these cute DIY paper roses. However, I chose to use vintage book pages.

The paper flowers can be large or small. I wanted a larger rose design to serve as a place card at each place setting.

You will need 4 pieces for each paper flower.

4 vintage book pages to make a paper rose

Easy Flowers With Old Book Page Paper Folding

First, you will want to cut the four pages into squares.

To speed up the process, I cut all the pieces at once.

Cut vintage book page into a square

Next, fold each square individually three times.

Ensure all the folds align on the same edge of the triangle.

Fold vintage book pages to make paper flowers

How To Make Paper Rose Petals

Draw a half circle to make the rose petals, as shown below.

Next, cut away the exposed edges of the triangle. Ensure the folded edges are still intact.

Use your first triangle as a template to cut the other three petals.

Finally, cut the tip of the triangle, leaving a small hole in the center of each petal.

cut half circle in the folded vintage book page to create a petal

Next, remove one petal from one of the paper flower pieces, two from the next one, and three from the third piece. Finally, cut the last piece in half. Save all pieces to form the rose petals.

Cut all the petals from largest to smallest

Begin to Form Petals for Paper Flowers

You need a small paintbrush and craft glue for this next step.

Begin with the largest pieces and apply glue with a small brush to overlap the two edges.

Add glue to attach ends of the petals together

For the larger pieces, overlap the two end petals entirely and hold until the glue adheres.

Form a circle with each petal by overlapping the ends of each petal.

Continue until all eight cones are completed.

Make each paper piece into a cone

Next, roll each petal’s top edges outward using a small round cylinder. You can use a small paintbrush handle, pencil, etc. In addition, use a toothpick for smaller roses.

Roll the paper petals outward to look like a rose

Continue until the tops of all but the two smaller petals are rolled outward.

Roll the tops of paper petal outward to look like a rose

How To Assemble Flowers With Paper Folding

Now, you can begin assembling the folded paper flowers. I recommend holding the flower in a glass or jar as you make it.

You can begin with the two largest petals and add glue to the tip of the smaller of the two. Place the smaller one inside the large one and allow them to adhere.

Insert the petals from largest to smallest with glue to hold in place

Repeat this method, working from the largest to the smallest petals. Allow the glue to dry.

Use glass to hold paper rose steady while the glue dries

Don’t you love how the paper roses look?

DIY Paper Roses or paper flowers from old book pages
Yield: One Rose

How to Make DIY Paper Roses from Vintage Book Pages

How to Make DIY Paper Roses from Vintage Book Pages

Easy Tutorial to Make Paper Roses

Prep Time 1 minute
Active Time 10 minutes
Additional Time 15 minutes
Total Time 26 minutes
Difficulty Easy


  • vintage book pages
  • Glue


  • Scissors
  • Toothpick


  1. Cut Four Squares from book pages
  2. Fold each square into a triangle 3 times.
  3. Ensure that all folded edges are on the same side.
  4. Cut a half circle to form the tops of each petal
  5. Snip the point of the triangle to form a circle in the middle of each piece.
  6. Cut away one petal, then two petals, then three petals and on the 4th pieces cut in half. Keep all pieces.
  7. Add glue to the edges of each piece and form a cone shape by overlapping the two ends.
  8. You will have 8 cone shapes when you finish.
  9. Use a round cylinder, such as a small paintbrush handle or toothpick to roll the tops of each petal.
  10. Begin to add glue to the points of each cone and stack one inside the other from largest to smallest.
  11. Place in a glass or jar to allow dry time.
  12. Add paper leaves as an option. Cut from the leftover book pages and adhere to the outside of the rose.

Did you make this project?

Please leave a comment on the blog or share a photo on Instagram

How To Add PaperLeaves (optional)

Because I plan to use the paper roses individually as place cards, I decided to add leaves.

Cut two leaf shapes and fold them in half using scrap paper left over from the original book pages.

I also crinkle folded for a more authentic leaf look.

Fold Book pages to make a leaf shape to attach to the paper roses

Add glue to the end of the paper leaf.

Use glue to attach the leaf petals to the paper roses.
Add petals to the bottom of the paper rose

Once dry, you can add it to your table, make a garland, add it to a wreath, etc.

How To Decorate with Vintage Paper Roses

If you like, you can add your guests’ names to the flowers to use as place cards at each place setting.

How to Make Paper Flowers using vintage book pages for a tablescape placecard

Check out the book club-themed Supper Club table that inspired these roses.

DIY Vintage book page roses used as place cards for a book club themed supper club brunch.

I hope you enjoyed today’s tutorial, and let me know what projects you plan to make with paper flowers.

I used jute twine to string the paper roses together and created a simple sway on a vintage shutter.

paper rose swag on a vintage shutter.  DIY Farmhouse Decor. Flower With paper Folding.

If you enjoy unique tablescape ideas, please look at these Kraft Paper Tablecloth ideas, these burlap napkin rings, and this coffee filter garland.

This DIY Book Page and Napkin Decoupage Easter Egg Tutorial works great with these paper roses.

How To make paper flowers easy with paper folding technique. with bronze bunny and decoupage easter eggs.

Display paper roses under a glass cloche for added impact. See Inspiring Ways To Decorate with Glass Cloche Domes.

Flower With paper Folding under a glass cloche with vintage repurposed old frames

Add them to a wreath for Valentine’s Day or any occasion. See 5 Valentine’s Wreaths with Dollar Tree Frame and Paper Roses.

White paper roses look stunning, decorated with vintage red, white, and blue buttons for unique patriotic decorations.

white paper roses with vintage red, white, and blue buttons for patriotic decorations.

Regardless of how you display them, they are a great addition to your farmhouse decor.


See all my favorite craft supplies on my Amazon Storefront. Click below.

Wrap the glued end around the bottom of the paper rose and hold it in place until it adheres. The glue doesn’t need to dry completely. You can place it back in the glass to allow drying time.

Thanks for stopping by. I look forward to sharing my next adventures with you.

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How use vintage book pages to make DIY Paper Flowers for Farmhouse Decor - Rustic Tablescape ideas
How to Make Paper Roses from vintage Book Pages for rustic farmhouse decor flower with paper folding.


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CoCo, You are so sweet. I'm glad you liked these roses. Thank you so much for sharing.

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