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5 Easy Valentine Wreaths with DIY Paper Roses & Dollar Tree Frames

Looking for a way to brighten your home this winter? Check out these five budget-friendly Valentine’s wreath ideas. I’ll teach you how to make stunning paper roses to add to inexpensive Dollar Tree Valentine’s wreaths. You can quickly transform these cheap heart frames into unique, romantic Valentine’s Day Decor.

These inexpensive but unique wreaths will add a touch of Valentine’s Day magic to your doors and walls or even as gifts for loved ones.

With five unique designs to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect one to match your style. If you have a rustic farmhouse style or are just looking to add a cottagecore aesthetic to your home, we have you covered.

So grab your scissors, paper, and some glue, and prepare to craft your way to amazing Valentine’s Day home décor!

Hot glue paper roses to a Dollar Tree Heart Frame for a easy DIY Valentines' Day Craft. Cottagecore craft ideas.

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How To Make Dollar Tree Valentine’s Wreath

Today, I will teach you how to make five different styles of Dollar Tree Valentine’s wreaths out of three cheap heart frames. We will use paper roses to adorn the wreaths for a romantic but budget-friendly craft.

First, you will need three heart frames to make all the designs. However, you may prefer one over another, so let’s look at what’s in store.

First, I deconstructed two frames by removing the single outside heart. This left two smaller metal hearts from the centers. I used the same design technique on the smaller hearts, but each of the other wreaths is different.

You will need heavy-duty wire snips to cut the Dollar Tree wire frames.

I left one of the frames in tack for a larger wreath. I made a total of six wreaths by including one round Dollar Tree Wreath frame that I already had.

How To Make Paper Roses

Next, you will need to make paper roses to adorn your Dollar Tree Valentine’s Wreath. The number of paper roses you need will depend on which style of Valentine’s wreath you choose to make.

I’ll be honest: the larger wreath covered with roses and spiral flowers requires several roses. I used 24 roses in various sizes and several spiral flowers. I love how it turned out, but it was labor-intensive.

The good news is the other wreaths are super quick and easy to construct.

I made paper roses from old book pages last winter and have loved decorating the farmhouse with them.

I’ll share the original images for today’s tutorial, and I’ve added a video tutorial for your convenience.

Video tutorial with Paper Roses Tutorial

Materials for Paper Roses and Spiral Paper Flowers

I like to use a variety of colors for the roses and flowers. Be creative when choosing your materials for unique designs.

How To Make Paper Roses For Cottagecore Crafts

Today, I’m sharing last year’s images using old book pages for construction. However, I used card stock, kraft paper, and old book pages for this tutorial. Regardless of the materials, these are perfect for cottagecore crafts.

Cut your paper into four squares. Then fold as you see below and then cut the folded pieces.

Next, remove one petal from one of the paper flower pieces, two from the next one, and three from the third piece. Now, cut the last piece in half. Save all pieces to form the rose petals.

Use glue to attach each petal and roll the top of each petal to curl outward.

Finally, assemble each rose bud by applying glue to the tips of each and stack them together from the largest to the smallest.

You can see more detailed instructions on Learn How To Make Paper Flowers From Old Book Pages or watch the video tutorial.

Insider’s Tip – How To Save Time

The paper roses can be time-consuming to make. However, you can cut and fold multiple pieces simultaneously when working with thin paper.

This will save you time and energy.

The card stock I used for most of this project was thick and didn’t allow cutting multiple pieces at a time.

In hindsight, I would use copy-weight paper for larger wreaths with several flowers.

How To Make Spiral Paper Flowers

In addition to the paper roses, you will want some smaller spiral paper flowers to fill around the roses on the larger wreath.

You will want to begin by cutting a circle for these simple flowers from the paper. I used a candlestick to trace a 2-inch circle.

Cut the circle in a spiral, beginning on the outside and working into the center. Leave a small circle at the center, which will be the base of the flower when finished.

Use a small amount of glue to start the spiral. Wrap the paper until you meet the center circle.

Add a drop of hot glue and hold it in place until it is dry. Be sure to use finger protectors to avoid burnt fingers.

How To Prepare Dollar Tree Heart Frames For Valentine Wreaths

Next, let’s talk about ways to prepare the Dollar Tree heart frames to make a Valentine’s wreath. You will need a hot glue gun for all of the preparations.

I already shared about cutting the frames to make wreaths of different sizes. You can actually get three single frames from one $1.25 wreath. However, I only removed the outside heart from two frames, leaving one as it is. Therefore, I have five frames to work with.

The next step is to cover the wire heart frames.

How To Cover Dollar Tree Wire Heart Frame with Jute Rope

I covered the first large heart frame with jute rope for a rustic Valentine’s wreath with old book page roses.

First, protect your surface with wax paper. Then, add hot glue to small sections of the heart frame and adhere to the jute rope. Hold it in place until the glue sets. Continue until the entire frame is covered.

Turn the frame over and add more glue to the backside to firmly secure it.

Heart Wreath Frame Wrapped in Fabric

I have some leftover shepa fleece fabric and used it on three frames. You can choose to use a print fabric or other colors to create different styles of Valentine’s Wreaths.

First, the larger single frame was wrapped tightly with the fabric. Cut the fabric into strips approximately 2 inches wide. Secure the beginning of the fabric with a touch of hot glue and wrap tightly until the heart is covered. Add more hot glue to finish.

Next, the two smaller hearts cut from these pieces are also covered with the shepa fleece fabric. Follow the same steps, but the fabric can be more loosely wrapped.

Wrap deconstructed Dollar Tree Heart Frame with Shepa Fleece Fabric for a Dollar Tree Valentine's Wreath

The larger Dollar Tree Valentine Wreath is wrapped in scrap fabric. Any fabric will work since it will be covered with the paper roses.

Wrap Dollar Tree Heart Frame with fabric to make a Paper Rose Valentine's Wreath for cottagecore decorating.

How To Make Paper Roses Valentine Wreaths

Now that your paper roses, spiral paper flowers, and frames are ready, let’s grab the hot glue gun and get started.

You can assemble your paper roses and flowers in several different ways. Add hot glue to the paper flowers and attach them to your covered wreaths.

Add DIY paper roses to the Dollar Tree Wreath Frame for Valentine Wreath. A cottagecore craft.

The largest wreath is completely covered with paper roses and was the most time-consuming. However, all the Valentine’s Wreaths turned out gorgeous.

This wreath has card stock and craft paper roses, plus spiral paper flowers. I used five different paper colors and green to accent.

DIY Paper Flower Dollar Tree Valentine Wreath - Valentine's Day Decorations for Cheap cottagecore aesthetic.

The wreath is displayed on a vintage rack over the dining room table.

I combined Valentine’s Wreath with a vintage quilt tablecloth for a cozy, romantic table setting.

Inexpensive Dollar Tree Wreath with Paper Flowers for Valentine's Day Decorations around the cozy hygge dining table.

One of the large single metal hearts gets a simple touch with a single rose and satin ribbon. Both are attached to the fleece-covered Valentine’s Wreath with hot glue.

Shepa fleece wrapped Dollar Tree Heart Frame with single paper rose and ribbon for Valentine's Day.

The simple heart Valentine wreath looks lovely on the antique barn door.

The rustic jute rope heart is adorned with old book page roses. The wreath is hanging slightly askew for a creative Valentine’s Day door wreath.

Jute wrapped Dollar Tree Heart Frame with DIY paper Roses on chippy old door.  Easy cottagecore craft.

Finally, the sweetness continues in the guest bedroom, where the two small deconstructed hearts flank the vintage ceiling tile. Instead of another heart frame, I used a round Dollar Tree Wreath filled with paper roses. The wreath was used for the holidays with bottle brush trees and was a quick update.

The wall decor is draped with wooden beaded garland, which inspired the paper rose colors. In addition, the shepa fleece wreaths add a warm winter touch above the snowy white fur pillow covers and a vintage quilt.


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Thanks for stopping by, and I look forward to sharing my next adventure with you.

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5 Valentine's Wreaths with DIY Paper Roses and Dollar Tree Frames


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These paper rose wreaths are STUNNING, Rachel! Thank you for sharing the process of how to make the paper roses! Creatively, Beth


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