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8 Corn Husk Crafts and Cheap Corn Stalk Fall Decor Ideas

Are you looking for eco-friendly and inexpensive ways to decorate for fall? Corn husks and corn stalk decorations are a natural way to celebrate the fall season. They’re also a great way to get creative and make your own unique decorations. You will love these 8 corn husk crafts and cheap corn stalk fall decor ideas that are perfect for any skill level.

I love decorating for fall because nature provides so many wonderful fall decor options. You also don’t have to worry about storing all those foraged supplies because you can compost most of your decorations, which will be readily available again next year.

Creating unique corn husk fall crafts is a sustainable and economical way to decorate for Autumn.

Let’s look at eight of my favorite ways to use corn husks and corn stalks for fall decor.

Farmhouse Fall Porch decorated with Corn Stalk Decorations and Corn Husk Crafts

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Where To Get Corn Husks and Corn Stalks

When looking for fall decor, I always think FREE first. If you live near a farmer with corn fields, don’t hesitate to ask for some of the stalks. Many of the stalks have already lost the ears of corn and are no longer useful to the farmer.

If that doesn’t work for you, you can check out farmer’s markets. In the fall, many markets will sell bales of straw and corn stalks for Autumn Decorating.

If all else fails, check with garden centers at home and garden shops; they almost always have them for sale.

Last year, Home Depot and Lowes Home Improvement had bundles for sale, and the prices were reasonable.

corn stalks around porch posts with a view of ponds.

How To Dry Corn Stalks for Crafts

Many of the corn stalks are still green in my area. If you don’t want to wait for them to dry in the fields, you can speed up the process by cutting them now.

Bring them home and hang them in a dry spot upside down. The husks and stalks will begin to dry quickly and be ready for your fall crafts.

Corn Husk Fall Craft Ideas

First, let’s look at some of my favorite corn husk fall crafts.

Last year, I had an abundance of free corn husks and corn stalks courtesy of my neighbor’s cornfield, so I got busy with some creative ideas.

Corn Husk Topiaries and Pumpkin for Cheap Fall Decorating that is sustainable and eco-friendly.

How To Add Corn Husk To A Dollar Tree Pumpkin

Have you seen the Dollar Tree foam pumpkins? They are so easy to work with, and I decided that adding corn husks to the pumpkin would make for a rustic fall decor idea.

You only need a few corn husks, a Dollar Tree pumpkin, a foraged stick for the stem, white paint, and floral picks. If you don’t have a Dollar Tree in your area, Amazon has this pumpkin, which is identical.

The craft project turned out even better than I imagined and only took a few minutes to assemble.

READ MORE to see the full tutorial.

How To Make Corn Stalk Topiaries Craft

One of my absolute favorite fall projects is the Corn Stalk Topiaries. This is another easy-to-make corn stalk decoration that is so unique.

If you plan to make the pumpkin craft, you only need a couple more items to complete this project. In addition to the floral picks and white paint, you’ll need 2 12″ Styrofoam cones, floral tape, and a Hot Glue gun. You will also need foraged twigs and pinecones, a base for the topiaries, and the corn husks.

This base is made with foraged wood rounds and gathered twigs. However, you can purchase the wood rounds if you prefer.

You can see the full tutorial and simple tips for creating these adorable topiaries here.

How To Make A Corn Husk Craft Wreath

A traditional favorite corn stalk fall decoration is a corn husk wreath. They are easy and inexpensive to make. You only need corn stalks, a grapevine wreath, some twine, and a hot glue gun.

I have several foraged grapevine wreaths that I use over and over again. Therefore, this project was practically free to make.

If you have an old grapevine wreath, I recommend using it instead of buying a new one. At the end of the season, you can pull the corn husks from the wreath, compost them, and save the wreath for the next project.

READ MORE for the tips and tricks to create a wild corn husk craft.

Fall Corn Stalk Decorations

Next, I’ll share ways to decorate for fall with corn stalk decorations. These projects use the entire corn stalk instead of just the husks. There are many ways to use corn stalk decorations for outdoor fall decorating. Let’s take a look at these easy tutorials.

How To Make A Fall Garland – Dried Corn Stalks Decor

I almost always add a dried corn stalk garland to my porch. You can make the garland to surround your front door or any area you want to enhance.

I’ve added the garland to my porch swing for the past couple of years. The addition of twinkle lights provides a beautiful fall canopy for fall porch sitting.

See detailed instructions on How To Make A Corn Stalk Fall Garland.

Adding Corn Stalk Decoration to Porch Posts

When I shared 15 Ideas for Fall Decorating Outdoors, the porch was filled with lots of corn stalk decorations.

You can add autumn drama to your porch posts by gathering several corn stalk decorations to tie around them.

I placed the base of the stalks in containers to keep them from shifting, then used heavy jute twine to secure them around the porch post.

Corn stalk decorations on front porch.  Perfect autumn decorating ideas for cheap fall decor.

How To Add Corn Stalks Decorations to Fall Planters

Fall planters can be enhanced with the addition of corn stalks and husks.

How to decorate a fall planter with corn husks craft ideas and pumpkins

Add a few pumpkins, and your planters will look magnificent.

You can watch a video tutorial on creating a stunning fall planter for your porch.

Fall Coffee Table Centerpiece For Budget-Friendly Decorating

Last year’s Fall Home Tour with Inspiring, Budget-Friendly Decorating Ideas featured many of the DIY craft projects you’ve seen so far.

I also used corn husks to decorate the coffee table centerpiece. Dried gourds and fall foliage mixed with the dried husks created a stunning arrangement in a antique wooden bowl.

Large wooden bowl is filled with corn stalk decorations and dried gourds.

Shiplap Tree Decorated for Fall with Corn Husk Fall Craft Ideas

You can add a touch of autumn to any area of your home with corn husk fall craft decorations.

Just tuck a few husks into existing fall decorations such as garland, wreaths and centerpieces to instantly create a warm cozy fall feel.

The shiplap tree is decorated for fall with foraged pinecones, white pumpkins and corn husks.

I shared the DIY Shiplap tree last year on How to Decorate A Screened-in Porch for Fall.

DIY Shiplap Tree decorated with corn stalk decorations for fall screened-in porch decorating.


Floral TapeFloral PicksHot Glue Gun, Dollar Tree Pumpkin (or alternative choice), White Chalk Paint, 2 styrofoam cones 12″, mini acorns, Small Pinecones, Wooden Bases, Grapevine wreath, Small White Pumpkins.

Check out my Amazon Storefront for other favorite craft supplies and tools. Click the image below for details.

I hope these corn stalk decorations inspire you as you begin your fall decorating.

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Corn Stalk Decorations - 8 Fall Corn Husk Crafts To Make now.


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You gave me a bunch of ideas using cornstalks that I hadn't thought of! Now to go get some and get to decorating!! Thanks so much for sharing...I always love your creative have such a talent that we all appreciate!


Sunday 17th of September 2023

Karolyn, I"m so glad you found this helpful. I can't wait to hear what you make.


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Love all your fall ideas and especially the shiplap tree. Your talent is amazing.


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Va, You are so kind. I appreciate your comments.