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How To Add Corn Husk To A Dollar Tree Pumpkin: Rustic Fall Craft

Y’all, this is just the cutest and cheapest fall project. You will see how to add corn husk to a Dollar Tree Pumpkin for an adorable fall decoration. The corn husk pumpkin craft is a cheap and easy way to add a rustic charm to your home this fall.

I have shared a series of Corn Stalks and Corn Husk DIY Projects for your fall decorating.

Be sure to check around at your local farmer’s market for free corn stalks. It is a great way to save money on fall decor if you can get your corn stalks for cheap or, even better, free.

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DIY Corn Stalks Tutorials

The first project was How To Make Corn Stalks Topiaries. They turned out to be just the cutest idea.

Corn Stalk Topiaries - Easy DIY project.

Next was a garland for the front porch swing. Doesn’t it look great with twinkle lights at night?

Corn Stalk Garland on front porch swing.

I shared How to Add Corn Stalks to Planters for Fall on the Front Porch Ideas. In addition, more were added to the garland above the front door.

Front porch planters filled with corn stalks for Fall Decorating

Even the shiplap tree got a few, along with pumpkins and pinecones, for the screened-in porch fall tour.

corn husks on shiplap tree decorated for Autumn

Finally, the coffee table centerpiece was filled with corn stalks and gourdes on The Bloggers Best Home Tour.

Corn stalks with dried gourds for Fall Centerpiece

Now let’s move on to the pumpkin tutorial.

Supplies for Corn Husk Dollar Tree Pumpkins

Gather supplies

Paint Pumpkin

Begin by painting the foam pumpkin white. My Dollar Tree Store had sold out of the white ones, but if you can find them, you can skip this step.

Paint Dollar Tree Pumpkin White for Fall Craft Project

If you have an abundance of corn husks, you may cover the pumpkin completely, and the original color will not be seen. As a precaution, I paint mine first.

Paint Dollar Tree Pumpkin White

Once the paint is dry, remove the foam pumpkin stem.

Paint Dollar Tree Pumpkin White

Use a knife to cut the hole approx—the diameter of your wooden stick.

Paint the Corn Husks

If your husks are very dry, you will need to dampen them to make them pliable.

I used water and white chalk paint to dampen them. I don’t recommend using paint alone because it will dry quickly and be more likely to crack.

Paint corn husks for Fall Craft Projects

Paint the mixture on both sides and cut into strips that reach slightly more than 1/2 way around the pumpkin.

Paint corn husks for Fall Craft Projects

Attach Corn Husks to Foam Pumpkin

While the corn husk is still damp, turn the pumpkin upside down and add strips with the ends overlapping. After you have several layers, use a floral pick to attach them to the bottom of the pumpkin.

Wrapping dollar tree pumpkin with rustic corn husks for Rustic Fall Craft.
Easy & Cheap DIY Project for Autumn

Wrap the husk around the pumpkin and push the other ends into the hole where the stem was previously.

Once the entire pumpkin is covered, place the wooden stick into the hole to secure it. If necessary, add additional floral picks to hold in place.

Be careful to cover any exposed picks with additional corn husks.

Wrapping dollar tree pumpkin with rustic corn husks for Rustic Fall Craft.
Easy & Cheap DIY Project for Autumn

Dollar Tree Pumpkin Now

The rustic pumpkin looks great with neutral decor.

Rustic Fall DIY Pumpkin on black stool with deconstructed chair.

See Video Tutorial –

Display with other fall decorations.

DIY Corn Husk Pumpkin from a Dollar Tree Pumpkin - Rustic Fall Pumpkin on a black stool

The corn husk pumpkin works well with the Sweet Gum Ball Stems and Corn Stalks Topiaries.

Check out this Fall Home Tour and see if you spot the corn husk pumpkin.

Rustic Fall Pumpkin:  DIY corn husk pumpkin made with a Dollar Tree Pumpkin displayed with sweet gum balls.


Floral Tape, Floral Picks, Hot Glue Gun, Dollar Tree Pumpkin (or alternative choice), White Chalk Paint.

You can add your supplies to your shopping cart below.

Thanks for stopping by. I look forward to sharing my next adventure with you!

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Corn husk pumpkin made with Dollar Tree Pumpkin for a Rustic Fall Craft

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decorative Inspirations

Friday 7th of October 2022

Rachel, your corn husk pumpkin is such a great idea. I love all that you have been creating from corn husks. so pretty.


Saturday 8th of October 2022

I'm so glad you like it. I'd like to make a few more. Like I need more pumpkins. LOL

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Saturday 8th of October 2022

Thanks for sharing.


Sunday 2nd of October 2022

What’s great idea! So fun!


Sunday 2nd of October 2022

Thanks Stacy!

Kim | Shiplap and Shells

Saturday 1st of October 2022

Look at you and your corn husk projects Rachel! I think I like this one the best. I can't wait to try it. Great job my friend.


Sunday 2nd of October 2022

Kim You are so sweet. they are all so easy to make.