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How To Make A Fall Garland – Dried Corn Stalks Decor

I’m back with another Dried Corn Stalks Decor Idea. This easy and inexpensive Corn Stalk Fall Garland can be used over a front door or window. However, I’m using mine on my porch swing. I think you’ll love how it looks.

This is the second of my Corn Stalk Decor Series. It all began with cute corn husk topiaries and wanting to create budget-friendly fall decor.

If you can get your corn stalks for free, you can decorate your whole home this fall on a dime.

What Are Some Dried Corn Stalks Decor Ideas?

There are several ways to use dried corn stalks in your fall decorating. Here are a few popular options.

  • Make Corn Stalk Wreaths
  • Topiaries made with corn husks like these I shared previously.
  • Add to planters with pumpkins or mums
  • Wrap around porch posts or tie a bundle beside your front door.
  • Cover a faux pumpkin with corn husks.
  • Tie a bundle around light post and add pumpkins at the base.
  • Wrap husks around mason jars and tie in place with jute twine for luminiaries.
DIY Corn Stalks Topiaries for farmhouse-style fall decorating ideas. Budget-friendly easy craft project
DIY Corn Stalk Topiaries

How To Dry Corn Stalks

If you are cutting your corn stalks while still green, the best way to dry them is to hang them upside down in a dry place. This will ensure a the husks remain upright while drying.

I usually wait until the stalks start to turn brown and cut them from the field. If you know a farmer, ask if you can cut stalks that the corn has already been harvested.

Gather Free Corn Stalks for Fall Crafts and DIY Projects for Autumn Decorating and Home Decor

Supplies for Corn Stalk Fall Garland

The supplies needed for this corn stalk fall garland are free, making this a very budget-friendly DIY fall project.

Supplies needed to make dried corn stalks decor craft project.  DIY Fall Garland

Assemble The Fall Garland

Begin by laying out the grapevine and two corn stalks on a flat surface.

Place the corn stalk bases end to end at the center of the grapevine. The silks or tassel ends will be facing away from each other.

Assemble corn stalks decor using dried stalks and grapevine.  Farmhouse fall decorating.

Continue to place corn stalks along the grapevine until you have a desired fullness.

Use the zip ties to attach all the stalks and grapevine together.

Assemble Fall Garland with zip ties.  Farmhouse Fall Decor and Outdoor Front Porch Autumn decor.

Next, using the corn stalk husks, combine several pieces and bundle them. These will be added to the center of the garland to give it more interest.

Corn Stalks Decor for cottage fall decor and front porch decorating for autumn.

Use floral tape to hold the bundles together.

corn stalks bundled to make fall garland using dried corn stalks.  Cottage and farmhouse decorating ideas

Attach Bundles to Garland

Finally, attach the bundles to the center of the corn stalk fall garland. Tie each bundle, facing away from each other, to the garland using the light-weight jute twine.

Assemble corn stalks to make a farmhouse style garland for front porches or doorways

In addition, to hide the zip ties and twine, add additional husks to the center of the garland with hot glue.

Note: The husks are fragile, and I only use hot glue when necessary. Getting them to adhere is hard, and you need to hold them in place gently.

Use hot glue to finish the assembly of the farmhouse and cottage style fall garland.
Attach corn husks with hot glue

Hang the Corn Stalks Garland

There are several ways to hang garland around your front door. One of the least invasive methods is using command hooks.

However, since this garland is made to hang on our porch swing, I only need two of these S hooks.

I hang the S hook in one of the swings chain links and attach the garland to the hook.

Once the garland is secured, bend the stalk to align with the swing chain. This will most like break the stalk, but that’s ok, provided you have attached the pieces to the grapevine or rope.

Hang corn stalks decor for autumn front porch decor and cottage style outdoor decorating for fall

The fall garland is secure and looks perfect on the porch for fall. To brighten the garland, I added twinkle lights as well. In addition, secure the stalks to the porch swing chain with jute twine to prevent them from blowing away.

Fall Garland on Porch Swing for fall decorating.

Here is a sneak peek of the front porch decorated for fall. I’ll be sharing a full tour in the next few weeks.

Dried Corn Stalks Decor for Porch Swing and Fall Decorating that is Farmhouse and Cottage Style.

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See Video Tutorial of Fall Garland

I hope you liked these easy and budget-friendly fall decorating ideas. Stay tuned for additional inexpensive fall decorating ideas using corn stalks.

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Dried Corn Stalks Decor Ideas for Fall Decorating and Autumn Cottage Core Style.

Bricks 'n Blooms Weekly 99 - Stacy Ling

Sunday 25th of September 2022

[…] dried fall garland made with corn […]


Monday 26th of September 2022

Thanks For Sharing Stacy.

Kim | Shiplap and Shells

Saturday 24th of September 2022

I'm loving this idea Rachel. I'm all about the cornstalks in the fall.


Monday 26th of September 2022

Kim, I'm so glad you like it.


Monday 19th of September 2022

What a great idea. You are so creative.


Tuesday 20th of September 2022

Renae, You are so kind. Thanks so much.


Monday 19th of September 2022

Such a great idea. Love how it makes the swing so cozy. I need to find me some corn stalks!!! pinned


Tuesday 20th of September 2022

Cindy, check with your farmer's market or take a ride in the country. Most people don't mind you getting a few if you leave the ones with corn on them.