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How to Hang a Gallery Wall Without a Mistake!

The biggest fear when attempting to hang a gallery wall is the damage to the wall. Because I have that same fear, here is what I learned about how to hang a gallery wall without a mistake.

By following these techniques, you can do the same.

I used Old Family Photo’s to create this gallery wall.

Step 1 – Decide on a Theme

In my personal opinion, a gallery wall should have a theme. So, you could use children’s photos, vacation photo’s or memorabilia , botanical prints, or vintage family photo’s. Since I had recently inherited a lot of old family photos, that’s what I used to create my gallery wall.

Be Prepared

Gather your supplies

Always remember, any time you are hanging art, you need some basic tools to get the job done properly. But if you missed the 5 Tips to Hanging Art Perfectly Every Time, you may want to check that out here.

Using Craft Paper is the most important added step to hanging a gallery wall without making a mistake

The #1 additional item you need for a gallery wall is craft paper. I don’t think I could have completed this project without it. Can you imagine how many misplaced holes I’d have on my wall? LOL

Having proper tools will guarantee that you don't make a mistake when hanging a gallery wall.

Step 2 – Gather the proper supplies

Trace around each of your frames on the craft paper to assure you don't make a mistake when hanging a gallery wall.

Step 3 – Trace Each Frame onto the Craft Paper

Trace each of your frames onto the craft paper to create a template. Be sure to document which frame you traced. I promise you will not be able to distinguish them once they are all cut out.

Cut your photos template and mark each one so you don't mix up the placement.  This will assure a perfectly hung gallery wall.

Step 4 – Decide on an arrangement

Just laying the photos on the floor didn't work for me.  In order to hang the gallery wall perfectly I needed another step.

If you are using identical frames of a consistent size, this isn’t as difficult. Because I was using multiple size frames and shapes this step is crucial. Keep in mind that you want approx. 2 inches between each frame.

Laying the frames out on the floor to find the arrangement didn’t work for me. So instead, I began adding the template photo’s to the wall.

Use your paper templates and painters tape to arrange your wall.  This will allow you to see a the wall before placing any nails.  This will assure no mistakes when hanging a gallery wall.
Notice that all frames are clearly identifiable and even directional arrows are included on some.

Using painters tape to hold the templates in place, allowed me to easily shift the placement without any wall damage. Since I didn’t want my photos to hang on an angle, I used a level to be sure each template was level in both directions.

Step 5 – Double Check Your Placement

Lay your actual photos out on the floor to get a visual and make sure your gallery wall is in a pleasing arrangement.

Once the templates are placed in a pleasing arrangement, I decided to lay the photo’s out on the floor in an approximate arrangement to the wall.

This step was to insure that the arrangement was eye appealing and nothing looked out of place. By switching a couple of the smaller pieces, the arrangement was acceptable at this point.

Step 6 – Hang your wall

Using painter's tape will insure that you hang your nail exactly where it should be and therefore avoid making mistakes when hanging a galllery wall.
Leave the paper templates on the wall for to make sure everything is level.

Next, you want to place your nails! This is the scariest part of hanging in art. First, I’ll refer back to a previous post. Here is a tutorial with step by step instructions for hanging art. If you use your painter’s tape to mark the hanger placement and then use your wall template, you will place the nail perfectly every time.

Thank you so much for stopping by. I hope you’ll be inspired to create a Gallery Wall of your own. I’m loving mine. Please feel free to ask any questions and as always, you comments are greatly appreciated.



How to Hang a Gallery Wall without making a mistake.
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