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#1 Best Way to Use Old Inherited Family Photos

When faced with boxes and boxes of old Vintage Family photo’s, the temptation to discard them can be overwhelming. So what should you do with Old Family Photos? Instead of throwing them away or storing in the back of a closet, I came up with a perfect solution to organize them. Here is how I used old Family Photos that allow them to Shine.

Old family photos in a box that inspired me to find a solution for using old photos in a creative way.  How to use old inherited photos.

I sort of accidently discovered the #1 Best Way to Use Inherited Family Photos.

After cleaning out my mom’s house, I came home with a few boxes of old, old photo’s that I had no clue what to do with. But I knew we should keep them, but where??? Then I came up with the perfect solution to be able to use these old family photos.

One thing leads to another

It all began with a couple of panoramic photos of my dad, made during World War II. I decided I’d enjoy framing these two photo’s to display in our loft. Once I had those two photo’s framed, a couple more of the old military photo’s caught my eye. That’s when my idea began to take shape and I realized the solution to using all these old photos. For some basic tips on hanging art perfectly every time, click here.

Panoramic military photo and frame that inspired me to find a solution for using old family photos in this way. How to use inherited photos.
These military photos were unframed and had not been taken care of. Because we were currently in the middle of the Corona Virus lock down, I couldn’t have them professionally framed. So I found frames with a mat online. By using the mats, the panoramic photo’s would fit.

I could create a gallery wall!

We had several treasured black and white photo’s that hadn’t seen the light of day in many years. So I began to search the house for these almost forgotten treasures.

Old family photo is a Group Fishing Trip Photo with the catch. Ways to use old family photos.   Inherited vintage photos used in creative way.
My father-in-law, first on the left, on a fishing trip in the early 60’s

Once I had a good stack of old photo’s, I then started looking for more frames. I wanted to frame some of the other old photo’s that I had inherited from my mom. She had a couple of framed photos of The Ponds made prior to our ownership. These photo’s were in color, so I just quickly copied them in black and white and placed the original photo’s behind the copies for safe keeping. Note: If your vintage photo’s will be exposed to light, I recommend making photo copies of them all. Light exposure can totally ruin your treasured photo’s. I plan to hang this in a powder room with no window so I have used several of my original photo’s

Black and White Photo Copy of an original photo. I made a photocopy since other family photos are Black & White.  Use with Vintage Photos.
Before we began restoring The Ponds to their former glory, a section of pines along the driveway were dying. This photo was taken just before they were cut and replanted.

But my Frames Don’t match!

Painting Frames Black to use on Old Family Photos.

Because I wanted a consistent feel for my gallery wall, I began to paint some of the old frames black. About this time, I was wishing I’d saved some of the frames that we had donated. I also had a few metal frames and a couple of mirrors that I chose to use for a little creative interest. Keep in mind, I couldn’t go out and buy frames or mats. With the exception of the panoramic frames, everything I used to create my gallery wall was something I had on hand. Although this limited what I could do, it also made for a more unique wall.

Mixing black frames with metal frames to showcase how I found a solution to using old family photos. Creative ways to use old photos.
By removing the easels from the back of the frames and adding some hangers, I was able to re-purpose many old frames.
Now I’m ready to begin

I now had a collection of re-purposed frames, old photo’s and some other interesting pieces of family history I discovered along the way.

Another old family photo which includes Ford Model T and original sales receipt.  Perfect for adding to gallery wall of vintage family photos.
My grandfather with his first car and the sales receipt for the purchase.
I included Ariel view of the Ponds from 1960 to add to the old family photos.  Perfect addition to gallery wall with vintage family photos.
Here is a framed Arial view of the ponds from the early 1960’s
Small selection of the gallery wall including a mirror.  This is how I used old family photos. Creative ways to use your inherited family photos.
Here is one of the mirrors I added because I had a limited number of frames to work with. Click here to see how I customized the mat on the military photo to look like an aged mat.
I was finding so many interesting things.

Now Where Do I hang my Gallery?

Sneak Peak of the gallery wall using my solution for using old family photos. Creative ways to use those old vintage family photos.
Because we are limited in wall space, the loft powder room is where I decided to display my gallery wall.
Gallery Wall revealed. A perfect way to use old inherited family photos. Creative ways to use old vintage family photos.
What do you think? I feel that once our guest start to visit again, more than one will become lost in the history of this wall. Here are my step by step instructions for hanging a gallery wall without making any mistakes.

Thank you for stopping by. Hopefully, you enjoyed seeing some of my families history and that you’ll be inspired to use your old family photo’s in more creative ways. We are certainly enjoying seeing these treasures on a regular basis. Please feel free to ask any questions and all comments are welcome.



#1 Best Way to Use Old Inherited Family Photos.  My solutions for preserving and using old family photos.  Creative us of vintage photos.
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Tuesday 31st of May 2022

Very inspiring-I am working on an old photo gallery wall also. :)


Tuesday 31st of May 2022

Thanks Sue, I am sure it will turn out great!

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Tuesday 12th of April 2022

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Thursday 20th of May 2021

Back again Rachel. I have many photos which are very old and so endearing. I copied them with a very high res and made a nice size box with a lid and decoupaged it with copies of the photos which included my great grandfather's obituary. Also the obituary of my grandfather and when he got cancer, it changed his short life to become a wonderful man. The box is colorful and is history I don't want to forget. My aunt was still living when I received these photos so I sat down with her to gain information and personalities of my family. We stayed up almost all night talking, laughing and crying. Memories making memories.

Thursday 20th of May 2021

Diana, What a great idea. These old photo's are such happy reminders of days gone by and no one even prints their photo's any more. it's sad.


Saturday 20th of February 2021

Love the collage look BTW, brush up on the use of plurals and possessives -- more than one photo is photos but if that photo owns something, e.g. a photo's color or age, then an apostrophe is used

Saturday 20th of February 2021

Evelyn Thanks so much for the advise.


Monday 18th of May 2020

I like the helpful info you provide in your articles. I will bookmark your weblog and check again here regularly. I'm quite sure I'll learn plenty of new stuff right here!

Best of luck for the next!

Tuesday 19th of May 2020

Scarlett, Thank you for your sweet compliments. I appreciate you for stopping by. Rachel