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Craft Your Own Blooming Spring Wreath: Rustic Upcycled Charm

Looking for a unique Spring Wreath idea? In this Blooming Spring DIY wreath tutorial, I will share step-by-step details for how to craft your own Anthropologie dupe, rustic flower masterpiece with upcycled aluminum cans. This budget-friendly, sustainable DIY wreath is easy and will look amazing on your front door.

Close up of Spring Wreath for Spring Front Porch update.  Farmhouse style DIY Wreath.

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Anthropologie-Inspired Upcycled Wreath

The Anthropologie version of the upcycled wreath is pictured below. One wreath is $148.00, and I need two for my porch. Therefore, I needed an alternative, budget-friendly option. I have made several projects with recycled aluminum cans and decided to attempt this Anthropologie dupe.

Because I used two old recycled wreaths and most supplies I had on hand, I was able to craft two Anthropologie-inspired, knock-off Spring wreaths for less than $10.00. It’s not a bad deal, and how do you think they compare?

Why Is Anthropologie So Expensive & How Does This Knock-off Compare

First, Anthropologie is considered a high-end brand, and they use high-quality materials for their clothing and accessories. They also offer a unique style that you don’t see in every retail store. Therefore, many are willing to pay for the uniqueness of their products.

Is it worth the price? That would be for you to decide.

Wreath Comparison

The Anthropologie wreath is made of iron, whereas my version is constructed using a Rattan Vine Branch Grapevine Wreath. My wreath is also recycled, so it’s not perfect.

The flowers and leaves are iron on the high-end version – mine are aluminum. If you don’t have the flower and leaf punches, the cost is approximately $32.00 for both. They are available on Amazon and are linked from the highlighted areas above.

Anthropologie recommends the wreath be used indoors or under a covered area outdoors. I would recommend the same for my version.

Even if you purchased a new grapevine wreath and the flower and leaf punch, my version would only cost $56 – $60 each. Compared to $148.00.

I’ve made several projects using recycled aluminum, which I’ve spray-painted and assembled with hot glue. They have all held up extremely well.

If you are concerned with the DIY quality, I hope this helps.

With Anthropologie, it will be delivered right to your door, ready to hang. The DIY version took a few hours to make. There is some drying time involved with the paint, but otherwise, it was an easy project that I completed within two days. Plus, I made two wreaths for less than $10.00.

So if you prefer the ready made version, you can check out all the details here at Anthropologie.

However, I know you can make the wreath for so much less and you will love it.

Deconstruct old wreath for budget-friendly repurposed Spring Wreath Project.

How To Make DIY Wreath – Anthropologie Dupe

To make the DIY wreath, you can be creative and put your own spin on the design. However, I wanted to duplicate the Anthropologie dupe as much as possible.

If you are a crafter, you probably already own most of the tools you need. Some items can be substituted, but I’ll share exactly what I used or similar items.


The Anthropologie Dupe is an easy project with the proper tools. In addition to 12 recycled aluminum cans, you’ll need the following…

#1 – Upcycle Aluminum Cans

First, save several aluminum cans. I used approximately 12 for this project. Wash and allow them to dry.

Next, remove the top and bottom of the cans. I find that a steak knife works great for this step. After the top and bottom are removed, use scissors to cut the side of the can open.

#2 – Punch Flowers and Leaves

Flatten the aluminum and slide into the flower or leaf punch. Align and punch as many pieces from each tin can as possible.

You will need approximately 22 flowers and 20 leaves for each DIY wreath.

Use punch to create aluminum flowers out of recycled cans for Spring Wreath - Anthropologie Inspired

Insider Tip

If you remove the top and bottom of the cans with a knife, the edges will be jagged. I recommend trimming the ruff edges with scissors before punching the flowers and leaves.

This will allow the aluminum to slide into the punch smoothly, and you can move to the next area for punching easily. Plus, you’ll avoid cutting your hands on the jagged edges.

After the pieces are punched out, I don’t find the edges to be sharp, but I do handle them with caution.

# 3 – Shape Upcycled Aluminum Pieces for Spring Wreath

Once you have all your aluminum flowers and leaves punched, you are ready to shape them for your Spring Wreath.

Place the pieces on a thick towel, which is folded several times.

Start on the backside of the flowers and use a case knife to press lines in the flower petals. I added two parallel lines on each petal. Then, turn the flower over and press one line in between the parallel lines.

The aluminum will bend as you press helping to shape the flowers.

Press aluminum flowers to create design for DIY wreath

Next, do the same with leaves. Begin on the back side and press a line into the center of the leaf.

Then, turn it over and add 2-3 lines from the center stem outward to the edges of the leaf.

You can see the pattern I used in the image below.

Upcycled Aluminum Flowers and Leaves for DIY Anthropologie Inspired Spring Wreath

Insider Tip

Don’t worry that the leaf and flower punch recommends using them for items like paper and card stock. I have used all my punches many times on aluminum and they still work perfectly. They do not appear to be getting dull from use.

I cannot vouch for all brands but any that I link on my recommended products are the exact ones I’ve used for many projects.

# 4 – Spray Paint Spring Flowers For DIY Wreath

Now, you are ready to paint the recycled aluminum pieces for your DIY wreath. You can paint each item by hand if you prefer, however, I like to quickly use spray paint.

You will need to secure the aluminum pieces in order to spray paint them.

Add several strips of painter’s tape with the sticky side up to a piece of cardboard. Secure the tape on the back side of the board with another piece of tape.

Then, stick the aluminum and beads to the tape. Be sure not to overlap. Place like pieces together to avoid overspray on the different colors.

Spray the flowers with the chalky white paint, the wooden beads with yellow, and the leaves with green.

Apply recycled aluminum to painters tape to spray paint

# 5 – Optional Speckle Technique

The Spring Wreath Anthropologie dupe has a rustic speckled appearance, and I wanted to duplicate that look.

To achieve a speckled appearance on the different pieces, you will need brown craft paint. To splatter, mix a small amount of water with the paint to thin. Then, fill a small brush with the mixture and tap the brush handle with another brush to splatter small amounts of paint over the pieces.

You can add as many colors as you desire. I added some yellow to the white flowers and green leaves in addition to the brown.

Speckle the flowers with craft paint for a rustic DIY wreath.

Insider tip – How To Add Paint Speckles

First, be cautious when mixing the paint with water. You don’t want the paint excessively thin. In addition, you want plenty of room around your project because the splatters will go a good distance.

Second, test the splatter before applying it to your project. Have a paper or box handy and tap the brush once or twice to see if the consistency of the paint is correct. Then, apply it to the aluminum pieces.

You can add as many colors as you desire.

I recommend a light coverage with each color and then reapply each color if you feel you need more.

# 6 – Prepare DIY Wreath for Anthropologie Dupe

Now, it’s time to deconstruct your old wreath in preparation for the Anthropologie dupe. First, remove all the old decorations, and don’t worry if some of the hot glue stays on the wreath.

Next, spray paint the DIY wreath with the green spray paint. Mine was previously painted white, so I only added a light coverage.

If you are using a new wreath, you may want to add some white paint before painting it green.

To duplicate the DIY Spring Wreath, you need a simple light wreath background. If it’s too dark, the flowers and leaves may not be as visible.

Spray paint recycled grapevine wreath after deconstruction

# 7 – Add Flower Centers

Before adhering the flowers to the wreath, you will want to attach the centers to each one.

Apply a small dot of the e-6000 glue to the back of each split wooden bead and press it to the flower center. Allow the glue to dry for several minutes before proceeding.

I decided to use left over split wood beads, however you can duplicate the flower centers from the Anthropologie dupe with recycled aluminum if you prefer. You can use a simple hole punch to create the center circle.

Add wood centers to upcycled flowers.

# 8 – Add Floral Stems to Spring Wreath

While you wait for the glue to dry, begin to add a few of the small bud floral stems to the wreath frame.

Break down the stem into small pieces. Run the wire on the flowers into the old wreath wire wrap. Add a drop of hot glue to secure the stem to the wreath.

# 9 – Add Upcycled Aluminum Flowers and Leaves to DIY Wreath

Now it’s time to finalize the Upcycled Aluminum DIY Wreath for Anthropologie Dupe.

Refer to your inspiration photo and begin to add the aluminum flowers to the branches of the wreath.

Add hot glue to the backside and press to the branches randomly around the wreath.

Then, repeat by filling in with the aluminum leaves.

Adhere upcycled aluminum can leaf  to wreath with hot gluel

DIY Wreath – Anthropologie-Inspired Spring Wreath

The final step was surprisingly quick and easy to accomplish. Within minutes, the DIY Anthropologie-inspired Spring wreath was ready to hang.

It’ looks amazing hanging on the pantry door.

Spring Wreath - Anthropologie Dupe DIY wreath.  Rustic White Flowers and green leaves on recycled wreath frame

However, the plan is to add the two wreaths to my front porch for Spring. I look forward to sharing how I’m using them to refresh the porch for Easter and also later this Spring.

Anthropologie Inspired Spring Wreath with White and yellow flowers on front porch black shutter.


Yield: one wreath

DIY Spring Wreath: Anthropologie Dupe

DIY Spring Wreath: Anthropologie Dupe

Easy upcycled aluminum can DIY Spring Wreath that is Anthropologie Inspired. Use recycled materials for a budget-friendly Spring craft project.

Prep Time 30 minutes
Active Time 3 hours
Total Time 3 hours 30 minutes
Difficulty Medium
Estimated Cost 10.00


  • Recycle Bamboo Grapevine Wreath
  • 12 Aluminum Cans
  • Split wood beads
  • small bud floral stem
  • Chalky White Paint
  • Yellow Paint
  • Spruce Green Paint


  • Hot Glue Gun
  • e-6000 glue
  • flower punch
  • leaf punch


  1. Prepare Aluminum Cans - Cut top and bottom from aluminum cans and cut the can open.
  2. Use flower punch and cut 22 flowers
  3. Use leaf punch and cut 20 leaves
  4. Attach upcycled flowers and leaves to stick side of painters tape to keep them from blowing away.
  5. Spray paint the flowers white and the leaves green
  6. Spray paint the wood bead centers yellow.
  7. Splatter all parts with brown craft paint to give a rustic look.
  8. Deconstruct the old wreath
  9. Spray paint the wreath green
  10. Add wooden half beads to the center of each aluminum flower with e-6000 glue.
  11. Attach pieces of the small bud floral to the recycled wreath with hot glue.
  12. Attach the upcycled aluminum flowers and leaves to the branches of the wreath with hot glue. Scatter randomly around the entire wreath.

Did you make this project?

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Video Tutorial

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DIY Spring Wreath Anthropologie Dupe Rustic Farmhouse Wreath.


Saturday 2nd of March 2024

This wreath is amazing! It looks better than the Anthro one! Beautiful job, Rachel!


Sunday 3rd of March 2024

Kim, I really appreciate this. Thanks for stopping by.


Saturday 2nd of March 2024

Your wreath is charming and looks fun to make.


Saturday 2nd of March 2024

Angie, It's so easy. Thanks.


Friday 1st of March 2024

Love this wreath!I love making my own version of High end pieces! I actually did a version of a different Anthropologie wreath using DT metal outdoor flower stakes and aluminum cookie sheets from DT( They flatten out really easy) You did an awesome job!


Saturday 2nd of March 2024

Marianne, that sounds amazing. It's so fun to duplicate a look. Thanks for stopping by.


Friday 1st of March 2024

This is seriously pretty and so crafty!


Friday 1st of March 2024

Gina, I am so glad you like this one. I'm thrilled with it. Thanks for stopping by.

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