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Easy DIY Speckled Easter Eggs: Charming Porch Decor, Centerpiece & more

Tired of the same old Easter decorations? Check out how to transform these plain, affordable, large Dollar Tree Easter Eggs into speckled magical eggs in minutes. You can transform your home into a stylish Easter wonderland with this easy, budget-friendly craft idea. Fill your planters with greenery and add these dazzling speckled eggs for a charming front porch. Or use the eggs on a coffee table or dining table for a unique Easter centerpiece. There are so many options, and I’m sharing them all today.

This craft project is great for getting the kids involved and letting their creativity flow. There is no right or wrong way to decorate your eggs.

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Dollar Tree Large Easter Eggs Rustic DIY Speckled Easter Eggs for a charming vignette with grapevine and bunny,

DIY Speckled Easter Eggs

If you are looking for unique, custom-designed Easter Egg decorations, wait until you see this easy and inexpensive speckled Easter Egg tutorial.

These fun large Dollar Tree eggs can be customized to suit any decor style. You can paint them any color in the rainbow and decorate them with a multitude of different ribbons.

They are versatile and can be used in multiple areas of your home to decorate for Easter.

Porch dining table with DIY Speckled Large Easter Eggs: Dollar Tree Craft with black and white bunny dishes.

Dollar Tree Large Easter Eggs

First, grab several of the oversized 12-inch Easter Eggs from Dollar Tree. These eggs are only $3.00 each, which is very affordable compared to other eggs this size.

Next, determine what color you want to paint your large Easter eggs. You can choose multiple colors or stick with a neutral color. I recommend using a spray paint that is recommended for plastic.

Porch planter filled with DIY Speckled Easter Egg using Dollar Tree crafts.  bunny and carrot wreath for front porch Easter Decorations

Supplies for Oversized Eggs

Here are the supplies used for the projects you will see completed today.

Easy Speckled Easter Egg Tutorial

First, you will want to put the Dollar Tree eggs together. If you plan to use them outdoors, add something heavy to the inside, such as gravel or rocks.

Add rocks or gravel to inside of eggs to make them heavy.

Spray Paint Dollar Tree Eggs

Next, place the Dollar Tree eggs in a well-ventilated area and spray paint with your choice of colors.

Spray lightly and reapply until you can’t see the original color. Allow the paint to dry to the touch before proceeding.

Spray Paint eggs with Chalky Finish for DIY Easter Decorations.

Speckle Large Easter Eggs

To speckle the large Easter eggs, use Folk Art Craft paints in your choice of colors. I used brown, yellow, pink, and green.

Use a small paintbrush and dip the brush into water. Shake excess water from the brush and dip it into the first paint color. Mix the paint with the wet brush and remove excess paint.

To speckle the eggs, tap the brush filled with paint against another brush handle. Tap until you have the desired speckles on the egg. You will need to fill your brush until you have the coverage you desire.

Rinse the brush and repeat the process for your next color choice.

Speckle eggs with craft paint.

Insider tip

First, be cautious when mixing the paint with water. You don’t want the paint excessively thin. In addition, you want plenty of room around your eggs because the splatters will go a good distance.

Second, test the splatter before applying it to your project. Have a paper or box handy and tap the brush once or twice to see if the consistency of the paint is correct. Then, apply it to the egg.

You can add as many colors as you desire.

I recommend a light coverage with each color and then reapply each color if you feel you need more.

If you allow the kids to help with this step, be sure they are covered from head to toe in old clothing. LOL

Decorate Your Speckled Eggs

Once the speckles have dried, it’s time to decorate your eggs.

You can be as creative as you desire. Use multiple ribbons and trim to create your masterpiece. Allow the kids to choose colors and designs, and you’ll be amazed at how creative and fun this project is.

You can permanently attach your ribbons and trim with glue or make temporary designs that can be switched out.

Because I wanted to show you several options, I used tape to hold my projects temporarily together. The tape works great and helps to ensure a tight fit around the egg’s middle.

Add tape to apply ribbon around the eggs.

If you are layering several ribbons, the tape will hold everything in position until it has been secured around the egg.

Use tape to hold ribbons together

Insider Tip

If you are planning to use it outdoors, you can still have a temporary ribbon that is secure.

Begin by using tape to attach the two ends of the ribbon together around the egg.

Slide the ribbon up and off the egg with the tape still attached.

Add a drop of hot glue or craft glue to hold the ends together. Once it is dry, slide the ribbon back over the egg and into position.

You want to be sure the ribbon is originally snug around the egg so that it will stay where you want it after adding the glue.

How To Decorate With Oversized Easter Eggs

Just like the design options, you can use your decorative oversized Easter Eggs in so many creative ways.

Porch Planters for Easter Decorating

My original idea was to add them to my front porch planters for Easter Decorating. I began with the DIY Easter Egg Bunny Wreath on the shutter and added green and pink ribbon to the speckled eggs.

The planter is filled with eucalyptus garland for greenery, and the egg is sitting on a brick inside the DIY planters. Although the planters are deep, we added a removable shelf that sits several inches from the top of the planter. This allows for easy decorating without having to fill the entire container.

A large straw bunny sits in the thrifted basket surrounded by a eucalyptus ring to complete the vignette.

Porch planter filled with DIY Speckled Easter Egg using Dollar Tree crafts.  bunny and carrot wreath for front porch Easter Decorations

I love pink and green, but my original thought was green and yellow. Instead of layering the ribbons, the yellow ribbon is tied into a bow and sits in the planter filled with more eucalyptus stems.

I can’t wait to share more front porch ideas for Easter. Stay tuned.

See how the large eggs are used to decorate the front porch for Easter and Beyond.

Coffee Table Centerpiece With Large Easter Eggs

The simple green ribbon looks stylish with the preserved boxwood topiary and wreaths that surround the large Easter eggs.

Use Dollar Tree Oversized Easter Eggs to create Farmhouse Speckled Eggs for Coffee Table Centerpiece with pewter bunny.

The coffee table Easter centerpiece is simple but elegant with the pewter bunny and large speckled eggs.

Use Dollar Tree Oversized Easter Eggs to create Farmhouse Speckled Eggs for Coffee Table Centerpiece with pewter bunny.

Rustic Easter Eggs

Next, I switched out the green ribbon for a rustic Dollar Tree burlap with polka dots. This version was inspired by the DIY Rustic Easter Egg Wreath you see in the photo.

Rustic DIY Large Easter Eggs: Speckled Eggs using Dollar Tree Crafts.

The rustic Easter vignette rests on the loft bar and includes a DIY grapevine wreath, rustic old magazines, and a copper bunny.

Rustic DIY Easter Eggs with grapevine Wreath and copper bunny for Farmhouse Easter Decorations.

Easter Dining Table Centerpiece

Finally, I added a rickrack ribbon to the sage green for an Easter Dining Table Centerpiece.

The black and white Easter dishes are a favorite from years ago and add an elegant touch to the rustic large Easter Eggs.

Porch dining table with DIY Speckled Large Easter Eggs: Dollar Tree Craft with black and white bunny dishes.

Both eggs are surrounded by a eucalyptus ring, and one is on top of a milk glass cake stand to elevate its height. Thrift Store woven placemats and moss bunnies add texture to the tablescape. DIY no-sew fringe napkins and napkin decoupage Easter Eggs complete the table setting.


See all resources used for DIY Craft and Decorating Ideas. Click (i) for details and images to add to the shopping cart.

Easy DIY large Easter Eggs Dollar Tree Craft.

I hope you enjoyed all the options for adding DIY Speckled Eggs to your Easter Decor. Let me know which is your favorite design and I love to see anything that you are inspired to create.

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Dollar Tree Craft - Large Speckled Easter Egg tutorial - create a coffee table centerpiece for Easter.
Rustic DIY Specked Easter Egg for Spring Decorating. Dollar Tree Craft Ideas.


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