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DIY Fall Wreath Made with Rusted Tin Cans – Easy Tutorial

Are you ready for a cheap and easy Fall wreath tutorial? Welcome to making a DIY fall wreath with rusted tin cans. You can make this easy and inexpensive recycled tin can craft also includes cheap Dollar Tree materials. All you need is tin cans, wreath form, and fall decorations. I’ll show you step-by-step how to create this rustic and beautiful wreath that will add a touch of fall to your home.

Do you remember the wreath I added to my Greenhouse for Spring? The wreath was constructed using terra cotta pots and Dollar Tree florals? Well, it was time to take that wreath down, since fall is rapidly approaching and I wanted a fun replacement.

How To Rust Cans

First, you need several rusty tin cans. As you know, I save a lot of my cans. However, most still need to be rusted.

If you don’t have rusted tin cans, you are in luck because you can quickly add some rust with the How To Rust Metal Fast tutorial.

Learn how to rust tin cans faster for DIY Farmhouse Fall Decor tutorial and autumn craft ideas.

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DIY Fall Wreath Materials

After I rusted a few additional cans, I was ready to gather my supplies.

I have several wreaths that I have made from foraged grapevine which I previously shared on this post – 10 Tips for Free Fall Decorations.

Prepare Tin Cans

First, you want to prepare your tin cans so that they are easily attached to the wreath.

Fill each can approx. 1/2 full with water and freeze.

Then using a large nail and hammer, drive 2 holes into the center of the can, side by side.

The frozen water will prevent the can from denting.

Punch tin can with nail for DIY Craft Projects.

Allow approx. 2-3 inches between the nail holes.

Freeze water in tin cans to allow for puncture with nail to create holes for wire.

DIY Fall Wreath

Begin by adding a length of galvanized wire to each tin can by pulling it through the holes you created in your cans. I allowed approx. two feet for each can and you want both ends of the wire to be evenly extended outside the can.

Fall Wreath - save tin cans and allow to rust.  Rustic Farmhouse Fall Decor

Tin Can Craft

Determine your placement of each can and then using the wire, firmly wrap the wire around the grapevine wreath until the cans are secured.

In addition, to create some variety, place some cans facing upward, some downward and some sideways

Making Tin Can Wreath with Dollar Store Florals and grapevine wreath.

Spanish Moss & Fall Leaves

Once all the tin cans are attached to your fall wreath, heat up the hot glue gun and let’s begin adding some spanish moss between the cans.

You will also use the hot glue to add your floral leaves and berries.

Use Dollar Store Florals, Rusted Tin Cans and Gathered Grapevine Wreath for Fall.

I purchased these fall leaves stems at The Dollar Tree and I had some berry stems from last year that I decided to add to the fall wreath.

For the three larger cans, I used a whole stem. Just fold up the excess stem and use hot glue to secure it to the tin can.

Then begin to fill inside the smaller cans with a combination of spanish moss and individual floral leaves. Attach with hot glue.

Tin Can Craft Project - Rustic Fall Wreath with Dollar Store Florals for farmhouse fall wreath

Note: The tin cans don’t have to be completely full. I let the leaves appear to be falling from the cans.

Continue to fill with spanish moss, berries and leaves until you achieve the desired fullness.

Add a bow if desired. I had one spot that was calling for a bow to be added. I had purchased some ribbon from The Dollar Tree and attempted a bow without great success. However, I had some burlap ribbon from another project and easily created a simple bow. See tips on making a bow here.

DIY Fall Wreath using rusty tin cans and dollar store florals.  Easy Dollar Tree DIY - Fall Craft Projects

DIY FAll Wreath – Rusted Tin Can Craft

I originally placed the wreath on our rock column, because the colors looked so pretty with the natural rock.

DIY Fall Craft Project with Dollar Tree Supplies, Rusted Tin Cans and Foraged Grapevine Wreath

Video Tutorial

You can also watch this video tutorial to make the Rusted Tin Can Craft.

However, the Rusted Tin Can Craft – Fall Wreath was destined for the greenhouse and I look forward to adding more fall touches to the greenhouse soon.

Dollar Tree and Tin Can Craft Fall Wreath.  Easy and cheap Autumn Craft Project

Additional Wreath Ideas

The new wreath is perfect for fall and was so inexpensive to make. I hope you will give this tin can project a try.

Thanks so much for stopping by and I look forward to sharing my next adventure with you!

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Tin Can Craft - How to Make a Fall Wreath with Rusty Tin Cans with Dollar tree florals and foraged grapevine wreath


Monday 21st of August 2023

Oh my goodness! What you do with tin cans is amazing! You are so creative. Hugs to you.


Wednesday 23rd of August 2023

Thank you so much. I was amazed at how good it looks. LO>

Wendy McMonigle

Wednesday 17th of August 2022

What an adorable idea Rachel. I love the old rusty cans, they add such character to your wreath.


Wednesday 14th of December 2022

@Rachel, I finally found your fall wreath with rusty cans and now will try to do something for the Christmas holiday using the rusty cans...Poinsettias and berries and few pine cones and red and green bow??? Whatcha think?? HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL OH! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! I'm old school


Friday 19th of August 2022

Wendy, I really appreciate this. Thanks for stopping by.


Monday 13th of September 2021

This is so gorgeous! I didn't know where it was going at first, lol, but it turned absolutely amazing!

[email protected]

Wednesday 15th of September 2021

Christin, Thanks so much for your kind words.


Sunday 12th of September 2021

OMG I am soooo in love with this wreath!! I love tin cans and I have hundreds of them waiting for me to use. I’ve made several things already as well as a tin can wreath a few years back but who woulda thought to add more than cans. I know what I’ll be doing with mine from here on!🙃 This is simply awesome for fall!

[email protected]

Sunday 12th of September 2021

Shirley, I'm so glad you liked this tutorial. I was actually amazed at how good it looked. I appreciate your support.

Kim | Shiplap and Shells

Friday 10th of September 2021

This is the best fall wreath EVER! I really want to make one of these Rachel, thanks for the great idea.

[email protected]

Sunday 12th of September 2021

It's so easy Kim. Go for it.