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Brilliant Ways To Hide That Ugly Vent & More!

Here is how you can hide ugly vents and other unsightly necessities in your home.

How am I going to hide that ugly air exchange vent? That was the first question I asked when I walked into my new house and saw the gaping hole in the wall, right smack dab in the middle of my stair case.

The stair case is such a focal point of the house and I was sick!

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The house was still under construction but that hole was not going away! The hole was classified as necessary if I wanted heat and air conditioning! So my mind starting working on a brilliant way to hide that ugly vent. That would not be the first or last time I asked that question. It seems we have a lot of necessary things in our home that are just not pretty and I would have to find more brilliant ways to disguise them. So here are some of the ways I’ve been able to disguise these eye sores.

Brilliant Way To Hide That Ugly Vent!

Y’all know I love old windows so my first brilliant idea was to hang some vintage windows around the vent and hope know one would notice that there was an air exchange vent there. As you know, this was not working for me. So then I came up with this brilliant idea to cover the vent with another vintage window.

Not at all noticeable! LOL

How To Use An Old Window To Hide An Air Exchange Vent?

Find an old window, with no glass, approx. the size of your vent.

Then attach chicken wire to the back side of the window using small tacks or a staple gun.

You will want to remove the vent cover and hang the window over the opening using a sturdy picture hanger attached to the backside of the window.

Place a nail or screw in the wall to hold the window in place securely.

Just lift the window from the wall to easily replace the air filter.

Now the ugly vent is camouflaged and no one even notices it. The above side table was originally a plain box and you can see the before and after transformation here.

Here’s a close up view.

Brilliant Way to hide TV wires

Previously all the wires were just hanging from the TV and I tried to add decor to disguise them. Not exactly a great design choice.

The next brilliant idea I had was to hide all the ugly wires hanging from the wall mounted TV. Originally I used the “let’s stack as much as we can in front of the wires method”! Even from this angle, in which I was trying to hide the wires as best I could, you can still see them peaking out.

First, gather all the wires that are hanging from the TV together in the center and secure them with a zip tie. Then using chalk paint, paint the wires to match your wall color. Not invisible but much better than the black wires peaking out from behind a lot of clutter.

Note: Chalk Paint will adhere better to the cords than most other types of paint.

(Posts on The Ponds Farmhouse may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. See the full disclosure details here.)

Brilliant Way to Hide the Ugly ELECTRICAL Cords

There are two things about electrical cords that make them an eye sore. One is the cord almost never matches your wall. If it does match the wall, then it doesn’t match the floor. In addition, if the cord is plugged into the wall behind a piece of furniture, most likely the plug prevents the furniture sitting snug against the wall.

This was the view in most areas of my home.

I discovered a wonderful product called Sleek Socket and love how it cleaned up my messy, ugly wire situation.


In addition, all my cabinets and tables are snug against the wall thanks to Sleek Socket!

What if you have an Exposed Air or Heat Duct

This was a brilliant idea that I had for our beach cottage. The cottage was built in the 1940’s and originally had no central heat and air. When we installed all the duct work, one of the ducts had to be ran through the wall so the bathroom would be cooled and heated.

Not an easy item to disguise.

As a result, we were left with this large silver balloon looking object sticking out of the wall over the bed. My brilliant solution was to put a tall cabinet over the silver duct. The cabinet we installed didn’t have a back so the only area that needed cutting was the top. So using a jig saw, cut enough of the cabinet top away for the duct to fit comfortably.

Although this helped, the silver was still showing above the cabinets. So in addition, we purchased a basket that would fit on top of the cabinet and cut the back side out of the basket. Being sure to cut just enough to allow the basket to wrap around the duct.

Here’s what the cabinet and basket look like when closed.

More Brilliant Ideas For Around The House

Do you have any brilliant ways to hide the ugly necessities in your home. I’d love to hear about them.

Thanks so much for stopping by.

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Wednesday 24th of March 2021

Love, love, love your tips and ideas! Thank you!!! Jill

[email protected]

Thursday 25th of March 2021

Jill, I am so happy you liked this. I appreciate you for following along.


Saturday 11th of July 2020

Those are some genius ideas! I don't think I would have knows what to do with the giant silver baked potato! And that a/c vent might have put me in quite the tizzy! But you fixed them and did a fantastic job of it. Pinned

[email protected]

Monday 13th of July 2020

Cindy, I am so glad these ideas were helpful. thanks for stopping by. Rachel


Saturday 11th of July 2020

Hi Rachel Excellent tips on how to hide things. I am going to use a bunch of them. have a great day deezie

[email protected]

Monday 13th of July 2020

Deezie, Thanks for stopping by and I love getting your comments. Rachel