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Unique Birdhouse Ideas for a Show-Stopping Budget Spring Porch

Looking for creative and unique Spring porch ideas that are budget-friendly? You can spruce up your porch for Spring with a bit of creativity and thrifted finds. Use these spring bird and unique birdhouse decor ideas to create a show-stopping display.

This year, I wanted to create a unique display on our screen porch—something different from my usual decor. However, I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on new decorations. The first thing I needed to do was to determine the Spring porch theme. See how an inspiration piece and all the other birdhouse decor come together for a unique Spring porch.

Side Note: I decided on my theme and put the entire porch together. I thought I had everything exactly as it should be, and then I found something perfect—something I didn’t know I needed until I saw it in a consignment shop in Wilmington. Follow along and see what will be added to the porch once I return home.

Centerpiece on farmhouse table with  birdbath and  with pot of ivy.

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How To Determine Your Porch Decor Theme

When determining the theme for outdoor areas, I like to look to nature for seasonal changes. In Spring, the flowers bloom, the birds are singing and building their nests, and everything turns green again.

Next, I look for something to inspire me. I recently found this adorable decorative birdbath in a thrift store and immediately thought it would make a great table centerpiece for my porch. Then, I looked around for items I could use with the birdbath.

When creating a budget-minded theme, you must also determine what you have on hand. So, what goes with a birdbath that you can decorate a porch with? Birds, bird nests, and birdhouses all came to mind.

I have a good collection of birdhouses, so I felt I could easily decorate the porch without spending any money.

Centerpiece on farmhouse table with birdbath with pot of ivy. with decorative moss balls.

How To Create a Birdhouse-Themed Spring Porch?

The first step is to gather your decor. Several birdhouses are scattered around the greenhouse, the porches, and even inside the house. So, I quickly gathered them all to see if I had enough to complete this decorating project.

You also want to gather other decor items that match your theme. These include spring birds, flowers, greenery, bird nests, etc. Don’t overlook the obvious items that will work within your theme.

Sometimes, we are blind to our decor. We’ve had it so long that we take it for granted. I have some bird pillows that will be right on the theme with the porch, but I almost forgot to use them. In addition, the rug I used also has a bird theme, and I nearly overlooked that detail.

Once you’ve gathered all your decor, begin by decorating the focal point of your porch. This may be around your door, tables, seating area, etc.

Since I’m decorating the screen porch, I have two or maybe three focal points.

Once you are ready to start decorating, begin with your inspiration pieces and work out from there.

Centerpiece on farmhouse table with birdbath and DIY birdhouse with pot of ivy.  Moss balls in light fixture vases.

How To Create A Birdhouse Centerpiece

The thrift store birdbath is the focal point of the porch table centerpiece. However, additional items were needed to create a centerpiece vignette.

When creating a table centerpiece vignette, anchoring all the pieces helps make it cohesive. I like to use a tray, platter, or basket as the foundation and then build from there. The large wooden tray is an excellent size for the DIY birdhouse, candlestick, and small planter, which were used in addition to the birdbath.

Decorative moss orbs fill the birdbath, and the vases hanging from the funnel light help tie the vignette together with the light fixture.

Centerpiece on farmhouse table with birdbath and DIY birdhouse with pot of ivy.

In addition, don’t overlook the cabinets and walls surrounding your table. Be sure to add a few touches to bring the area together.

A vintage cabinet is beside the table. It has dishes and serving pieces on the open shelves. However, some greenery, another DIY birdhouse, and bird needlepoint prints help to tie the areas together.

The salvaged windows provide a backdrop for the spring birdhouse decor.

Needlepoint birds and birdhouse with reclaimed old windows on sideboard.

Decorating a Birdhouse Shiplap Tree

The next focal point was the DIY shiplap tree in the porch’s seating area. Originally, it was only used during Christmas, but in recent years I’ve left it up for Spring decorating.

One year, it was filled with bunnies and flowers for Easter. This year, it’s all about the birds.

This year the reclaimed shiplap boards now overflow with greenery, bird nests, spring birds, and mini-birdhouses.

Shiplap tree with thrift store birdhouse topper and bird nest and birds filled reclaimed shiplap branches.

The tree is decorated with anything bird-related, and a few pieces of greenery and flowers were tucked in. I also recently found some unfinished birdhouse decor at a thrift store. They were easy to paint and were quickly added to the birdhouse tree.

How do you like the tree topper? I discovered that the thrifted birdhouse had a plug in the bottom for cleaning, so it was a perfect fit over the tree’s center post. In addition, a foraged grapevine wreath surrounds the base of the birdhouse.

Spring Decor For Porch Coffee Table

Next to the sofa is the coffee table, a vintage treasure that my dad built many years ago before I was born. We rescued it from the dilapidated cabin on the property, which has now been transformed into our outdoor kitchen.

The seating area is anchored by a springtime rug featuring birds and butterflies. We also gathered grapevines to surround the porch, which is illuminated by twinkle lights.

Spring Screened Porch with handcrafted coffee table and DIY shiplap tree for decor.

Using cloches is a fun way to elevate the importance of your decor. A trio of simple spring birds grace the coffee table. Two are perched on terra cotta saucers under the glass cloches. In addition, a third sits on the rim of a tiny birdbath.

Birds on clay saucers and under glass cloches on coffee table in screened porch for Spring Porch Decor.

The bird pillows I mentioned earlier are from a few seasons ago but are still a fresh addition to the porch. Boxwood and faux cherry blossoms fill the metal planter beside the couch, bringing the beginning signs of Spring to the porch.

Blue bird pillow on screen porch with cherry blossom stems and boxwood topiaries for Spring Decorating.

Decorating A Baker’s Rack for Spring

Next to the entry door is a baker’s rack we have had for at least 35 years or more. I keep thinking I’ll find something to replace it, but it’s a great addition to the screen porch. We use it as a beverage station when we entertain, and it looks festive and decorated each season.

Baker's Rack with DIY Scrap Wood village for Spring Porch Decor ideas.

The shelves are decorated with more birds and a large birdhouse. In addition, the DIY scrap wood village, planned for the potting bench, has temporarily found a home here.

More Birdhouse Decor Ideas

Next, it was time to decorate the vintage metal icebox next to the dining table. It is topped with an old wooden flower market crate that is used to display ironstone dishes.

I always pick up concrete statuaries when I find a deal at a thrift store. The thrifted concrete bird is perched on top of the crate and surrounded by a eucalyptus candle ring. The vintage ironstone pitcher is filled with spring flowers and adds a pop of color to the space. Although Easter is over, a few pieces remain on the porch, such as the DIY napkin decoupage eggs. The bird-covered eggs fill a small dough bowl for more birdhouse theme decor.

The porch is an extension of our living area, and we spend a lot of time there. It’s so fun to change up the decor seasonally. Rudy spends most of his time here, provided the temperatures are not too cold or hot.

I hope you found inspiration for decorating your porches with birdhouse decor this Spring and Summer.

Spring Centerpiece with Birdhouse and birdbath on a wooden tray to decorate the screen porch farmhouse table.

Side Note: And Then I Found The Perfect Spring Bird Lamp

I really thought I had the porch perfectly decorated, and I am happy with how it turned out. However, we went to our beach cottage for Easter, and I went to one of my favorite consignment shops, Ivy Cottage, in Wilmington. This is where I found the original inspiration birdbath on my last visit.

During this trip, I found what I didn’t even realize I needed for the porch. The minute I saw the cute, budget-friendly Spring bird lamp, I knew it had to be added to this post. However, I’m still at the beach and can’t share a photo of it on the baker’s rack where I intend to place it. So here is a photo as I was purchasing it and I’ll add an update next week when I get my new treasure home.

Isn’t it just the cutest? I look forward to sharing the update with you soon.


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Spring Porch Birdhouse Decor Ideas for a Whimsical screened porch


Saturday 6th of April 2024

Rachel, I love your porch with the bird theme! And that lamp...oh, yeah, it's perfect for out there. Can't wait to see out there! Thanks for sharing...really pretty and comfy!


Sunday 7th of April 2024

Karolyn, I'm so glad you like it. Thank you for stopping by today. Have a great weekend.


Saturday 6th of April 2024

Your birdbath in the dining table vignette is a charming piece and you have combined so many items to create a really interesting spring porch decor.


Sunday 7th of April 2024

Angie, Thank you! I appreciate your kind compliments.


Saturday 6th of April 2024

I would have snatched up that bird lamp in a heartbeat as well... simply ĺove all your birdhouse spring decor❤️


Sunday 7th of April 2024

Lorri, Yes it was such a great price and perfect for my porch.


Saturday 6th of April 2024

Adore your decorations for Spring using the birds, nests, houses, and what a lovely find: the bird lamp. Birds are so interesting, and listening to them sing, eat, etc. makes a perfect calming time. As always, you made a great choice. Thanks for sharing.


Sunday 7th of April 2024

Dee, I'm so glad you like everything. It was a fun project and it's funny how you don't realize how many items you have until you pull them together.


Saturday 6th of April 2024

I love this birdhouse tree idea! That's perfect on your porch too!


Sunday 7th of April 2024

Amy, Thank you. It's such a fun item to decorate seasonally.