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Springtime Mantel Decor Refresh: 7 Budget Farmhouse Ideas

Looking for creative decorating ideas to refresh your Springtime mantel decor? Look no further and get ready for some refreshingly light and airy decorating ideas. Transform your home with these budget-friendly ideas for farmhouse Spring mantel decor, which include a mix of DIY, vintage, and thrift store finds.

Today, we will bring the outdoors inside and help you reimagine your existing decor with 7 refreshing mantel ideas.

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Blooming Springtime Mantel Decor

While spring flowers are in bloom, bring them inside for a blooming springtime mantel decor. The azaleas are stunning so I decided to decorate the mantel while they last.

A combination of white azaleas, vintage containers, and DIY projects fill the Spring mantel with farmhouse charm. Although the mantel is filled with neutral colors, the vintage pieces provide plenty of texture to keep the eye moving to find the next treasure.

Vintage Springtime mantel decor with white azaleas and rosemary.  Vintage sap bucket and old basket vase.

A vintage sap bucket anchors one end of the mantel. The bucket, filled with white azaleas, sits beside a stack of antique books, which is the foundation for a DIY book page flower pot filled with rosemary. More azalea stems and a DIY grapevine topiary round out this end of the mantel.

Vintage sap bucket filled with white azaleas and DIY old book page flower pot with fresh rosemary on vintage books

A thrift store woven basket vase and a vintage sifter anchor the other end of the spring mantel.

Thrifted Woven basket vase with white azaleas and old wooden sifter with moss balls for Springtime Mantel Decor.

Pretty in Pink Spring Mantel

If you prefer a colorful springtime mantel decor, check out the same mantel filled with pink azaleas. I was so excited about all these gorgeous blooms that I’m sharing two options.

First, you know I love using milk glass in my farmhouse decor. It’s a versatile and budget-friendly option for brightening your home for spring.

A milk glass cake stand serves as the centerpiece of the farmhouse Spring mantel decor. It is surrounded by greenery and azalea stems. While a bird’s nest with a mini white porcelain bird rests in the center of the stand.

A stunning bouquet of pink azaleas fills a large white milk glass vase to help brighten one end.

Milk Glas Springtime Mantel with pink azaleas on shabby chic mantel

The other end of the mantel is styled with three bud vases, a compote filled with blooms, and a grapevine topiary.

Trio of milk glass bud vases with pink azaleas for Farmhouse Springtime  Mantel decor

The TV screen looks like an amazing floral painting thanks to the YouTube screen saver.

Vintage Milk Glass on Shabby Chic DIY Mantel for Farmhouse Spring Mantel Decor

More Pink Azaleas

If you don’t collect milk glass, you can still fill your mantel with blooms. This Springtime mantel decor is less formal but just as magnificent. You can’t beat fresh blooms.

Pink Azaleas fill the mantel with DIY topiaries and old books

A few vintage books and rustic planters anchor both ends while the center is filled with the most gorgeous blooms.

Rustic Farmhouse Spring Mantel Decor

I couldn’t resist adding my recent DIY Book Page Flower Pots for another Springtime mantel decor idea. They add a rustic farmhouse style to the mantel.

Rustic Shabby Chic Mantel for Spring

The decoupage old book page pots combined with a DIY topiary and several pieces of moss decor enhance the shabby chic mantel style.

Blue and White Classic Mantel

I’ve been obsessing over classic blue and white accessories since I decorated for a Chinoiserie dinner party. I also pulled lots of blue and white into the living room. So, next, the mantel gets a major restyle with classic blue and white for Springtime.

The LED black lamps provide subtle lighting in the evenings.

Classic blue and white flower containers with topiaries and preserved boxwood for Farmhouse Spring Mantel

Rustic Blue and White Decor

Next, using some of the same Springtime mantel decor pieces, you can create a rustic feel with just a few tweaks. A terra-cotta pot and a rattan box help to add more texture to the ceramic blue and white containers.

Rustic blue and white flower containers with topiaries and rattan box for Farmhouse Springtime Mantel decor

Another option for adding more texture is using old vintage books with faded covers.

Vintage Old Books on Mantel

A few tarnished brass candlesticks complete another version of the blue and white Spring mantel.

Blue and White Spring Mantel with old books and vintage brass candlestick holders.

Blue and white flower pots hold faux greenery, topiaries, moss balls, and preserved boxwood to create a stunning Springtime mantel decor display that blends well with the blues and greens in the living room.

LIving Room with Blue and Green Pillows  & Blue and White Spring Mantel with old books and vintage brass candlestick holders.

DIY Springtime Mantel Decor

Many of the items on the mantel are crafted from previous DIY projects. Combined with thrift store finds, they provide budget-friendly decor options. To see the DIY tutorials, click below.

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Thank you for stopping by today. Did you notice how the art kept changing over the mantel? See Turn Your TV Into Free Art With YouTube App. I hope you enjoyed seeing the Spring mantel ideas and I’d love to hear which was your favorite Springtime Mantel Decor.

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7 Springtime Mantel Decor Ideas for a shabby chic mantel.  Farmhouse Style Spring Decorating.
7 Springtime Mantel Decor Ideas for a shabby chic mantel.  Farmhouse Style Spring Decorating