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Secret To Make Fresh Cedar Garland

Want to know the Secret to make Fresh Cedar Garland that stays together and doesn’t fall apart?

I’ve made my fair share of Fresh Garlands, and although I follow all the instructions, they simply want to fall apart. This year I had another idea, and it worked like a charm.

This technique will work with pine or other fresh greenery. Today I’m using cedar for my garland.

I’ve made this before using floral wire, and it always looks good, to begin with, but later, it will start to droop. Has anyone else had this experience?

I had another light bulb moment while making this dried fruit and fresh herb garland.

I was asking myself why I felt the need to use floral wire, and the answer was it’s what I’ve been told to use.

Here’s the Secret fresh Cedar Garland

The secret to making fresh cedar garland is to use twine instead of floral wire.

You may be asking will it be visible on the garland. If you cut the excess strings, the answer is no. The color blends with the bark of the cedar stems.


Prepare your Cedar

First you want to water your fresh cut cedar to make sure it last through the Christmas Season. Here are some other tips that will make any fresh greenery stay fresh longer.

How to Make Cedar Garland

Begin by gathering a large amount of fresh cedar and cutting your pieces approx. 12 inches long.

Gather approx. 3 of the 12 inches pieces together into a bundle and tie the at the top of the stems with a piece of twine cord approx. 6 inches long. This will allow enough extra twine to tie the bundles onto the garland twine.

You will need to repeat this process several times until you have the desired amount of bundles. However, this will vary depending on the length of your garland.

Lay out the twine Garland

Next spread out a length of the same garland which is slightly longer than you want your finished garland.

Begin to tie the bundles onto the garland approx. every 8 inches. You will use the ties from the bundles to attach.

Note: The good thing about this method is you can slide the bundles if needed to adjust their placement.

The Final Secret to making Cedar Garland

Now that you have all the bundles attached, you can begin the final simple step.

Start in the middle and fold the bundles at the center away from each other and tie them to the main garland twine at approx. the half way point.

Continue to fold down each side until each bundle tips are running toward the end of the garland.

You only need to attach the largest of the stems during this step because you want some of stems to drop down.

If you need add more bundles to the center, do so at this time. I am placing a wreath at the center so it was not necessary for this project.

Hang your Cedar Garland

Finally, cut off any excess twine from the ties and hang the garland.

You can see how some of the stems hang down and how I failed to cut off the excess twine. LOL It’s up so high no one will notice.

In addition, I added fresh cedar to the pine needle wreath for added fullness.

See all the details about how we built our Greenhouse.

The garland has been up for over two weeks and even after a heavy rain and wind storm, it looks great. See a complete tour of the Greenhouse Decorated for Christmas here.

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Thanks so much for stopping by! I look forward to sharing my next adventure with you!

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Stacia Emerson

Saturday 12th of December 2020

I make my cedar garlands with twine, also! I love the tip of going back and adjusting the cedar bundles and tying them to the twine in the center. I will try that next time. I think it will make the garland more stable. Your greenhouse is gorgeous! I have a teeny tiny greenhouse from a kit... one day I will have a dreamy one like yours!! Stacia P.S. I am a brand new blogger and I am getting lots of inspiration from your site!

[email protected]

Saturday 12th of December 2020

Stacia, I'm so glad you stopped by. Thanks for all your encouraging words. Rachel