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How To Make A Dried Fruit & Herb Christmas Garland

See how to easily make a unique, sustainable dried fruit and herb Christmas garland. I’ve made several dried fruit garlands for previous holidays, but this one is my favorite. Plus, it’s easy to save and reuse the following year.

Plus, I’ve updated this original post to share how you can store your garland and refresh it for another holiday season.

Materials Needed for Sustainable Christmas Garland

First, many of the items are optional. You can choose from several fruits and herbs and the ornaments you want to add. However, here is what I used.

Herbs gathered for Dried Fruit and Herb Christmas Garland
Sage & Rosemary gathered from my garden.

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Dried fruit to use in Christmas Garland
Dried Oranges are used in the garland. See how to dry your fruit.

Determine The Length Of Your Christmas Garland

Now that your materials are gathered for your dried fruit Christmas garland, you should cut your heavy jute rope to the desired length.

In addition, you will want to allow extra length to form a tassel at the ends of the garland. I recommend allowing more length than you think you’ll need because you can always cut off the excess.

Note: It’s better to have extra length than to cut the rope too short.

Rope for Dried Fruit Garland
I will definitely be cutting some of this tassel off. LOL

You will want to unravel the ends and then tie the frayed ends into a knot. Once the knot is secure, continue to unravel to form a tassel-like appearance for each end of your Christmas Garland.

Combine Your Herbs or Greenery

For each step, you will need your needle threaded with a small jute string.

Note: If the string wants to unravel, preventing you from threading the needle, wrap the string with tape and slide through the needle opening, much like the method used here for the ticking tassels.

Begin by attaching the herb stems together with the jute string approx. 10 inches long. Then thread the needle into one end of the string to attach the orange slices. I used two stems of Rosemary and one stem of Sage in the center.

Bring the jute string in from the back of the herbs and then through the dried orange slices. Be sure to pull the string gently because you can pull completely through the oranges and leave a hole.

Ball Ornament for Dried Fruit Garland

This next step is where you can be creative and make any combination you choose. I personally used dried fruit, herbs, wooden beads, and music note pages in addition to the ball ornament.

Once again, begin by threading the needle with the jute string. Tie one end to the ornament hanger and start loading the additional items by threading them onto the jute string.

Here is the order I used to make this segment of the garland.

  1. Music page
  2. Wooden bead
  3. Small piece of fresh sage
  4. Three orange slices
  5. Wooden bead
  6. Music page
  7. Wooden bead
Make a creative swag to attach to your Christmas Garland

Snowflake Ornaments

The snowflake ornaments can be attached as they are. However, I added a wooden bead to the jute string.

Snowflake to use on Christmas Garland

Tie All The Sections Together To Form A Garland

Finally, you want to lay your large jute rope out and align the different sections. Once you have them in a desirable arrangement, securely tie them to the large rope.

Lay out your Dried Fruit and Herb Christmas Garland

How To Hang Dried Fruit & Herb Christmas Garland

I have hung a garland over my kitchen window for several years; therefore, I have a couple of simple nails at each end with a small cup hook in the center.

Place your garland in the desired area and if the tassels need trimming, cut them at that time. Mine needs a trim. LOL

It’s hard to get a good photo because of the glare from the outside.

See Video Tutorial Here

Dried Fruit and Herb Christmas Garland hanging in window above Kitchen sink.

See this easy garden garland tutorial for more inspiration.

I love the whimsical look of this garland. However, if you’d like to see the original dried fruit garland tutorial, you can watch here on my Instagram Stories.

Year Two – How to Reuse This Garland

First, when I stored the garland after Christmas, I removed all the fresh herbs because they had dried to a crisp. LOL.

I stored all the remaining pieces in a plastic bag with Silica Packets.

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How it’s time to refresh and reuse the garland.

Refresh Christmas Garland

Begin by cutting a few fresh herbs.

Using a hot glue gun, attach the herbs in the same spot they were located in last year.

Recreate the herb swags with twine or jute string and hot glue the dried oranges back to the herbs.

The cordless Ryobi Hot Glue Gun was so convenient for attaching all the fruit and herbs back together.

Tie all the pieces back onto the jute rope and hang. The dried fruit Christmas garland looks fresh and new again.

Ready for another holiday season.

Watch Video – Refreshing Last Years Christmas Garland

Don’t miss how to make this easy Kissing Ball which is another eco-friendly Christmas Craft.

Thanks so much for stopping by today! I can’t wait to share my next adventures with you!

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Here is how to make a dried fruit and herb garland the easy way.  I'll show you step by step how to create a unique garland for Christmas using items of your choice to make your garland as unique as you are.  Helpful tips on stringing the garland and drying the oranges as well.


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