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How To Make A DIY Painted Rug

Want to learn how to make a unique painted rug? This easy DIY Rug tutorial will teach you how to make budget-friendly, one-of-a-kind rugs with inexpensive vinyl flooring for unique home decor.

The seating area of our front porch needs a new rug, and I can’t find exactly what I want.

I decided to paint my own rug to create the fun, colorful space I envisioned.

These rugs are fun to make, and you might enjoy learning how to make your own rug.

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How To Make Rugs?

First, when using vinyl flooring to make your custom rug, you have complete control over the size and shape of the rug.

This rug tutorial is intended for indoor rugs. However, they can be used outdoors when under cover and protected from direct rain or snow.

Where Can I Find Linoleum Vinyl Flooring To Paint?

You can work with scrap flooring or check out inexpensive small pieces at your local home improvement store.

If you only need a small rug, it would be worth checking with a flooring company and asking for free scraps.

I purchased a 6′ x 8′ piece of vinyl, and the size was perfect for my project. It was only $25.00, and I didn’t have to cut it. Although, it is easy to cut to the size you need.

If your vinyl has been rolled, you can begin by rolling it inside out and leave it for at least 24 hours before you start your project.

How To Make Your Own Rug Tutorial

Finding a spot to work in is the only thing complicated about making your own rug.

I originally planned to paint the rug on my front porch since that’s where I plan to use it. However, we are in the midst of pollen season and high winds.

So on to plan B. The only other area large enough is the floor between the kitchen and dining area.

If you paint inside, you must protect your floors.

I used wax paper and taped it to the floor around all edges of the vinyl rug.

Protect floor around the rug with wax paper taped to the floor around all edges.

Begin by painting the base color over the entire surface of the rug. For this step, I used Linen White Chalk Paint.

I have also used exterior paint for this step with success.

With the chalk paint, I only needed one coat for good coverage. Allow the paint to dry for at least 24 hours before moving to the next step.

Note: I began to add the painters tape as soon as the paint was dry to the touch. You’ll see why that was a mistake later.

Determine Your Design

If you haven’t done so, you should decide what design you want.

My design combines a decorative paint roller and stencils.

I had some stencils on hand that I could make work for my DIY rug. However, I found several others that I know would be beautiful.

Additional, decorative rollers to consider.

I plan to add the decorative roller to the edge of the rug. Therefore, I want to tape off that area by measuring how wide the roller is.

Next, measure from the outside edge of the rug to determine where the tape will be placed.

Begin Adding Design to Rug with Painters Tape

Use your measurements as a guide to add the painter’s tape to the rug.

Add painter's tape to vinyl to mask where you don't want paint to adhere.

Once your tape is in place, determine where your stencils will be placed. Careful measurements are recommended to ensure that the stencils are even.

- Custom Rug with tape and stencils. One-of-a-kind floor cloth.

How To Paint DIY Rug

Now you are ready to begin painting your DIY rug.

Be sure the stencil is taped firmly. You don’t want to risk it slipping while applying the paint.

Gather your chosen paint colors, stencil brushes, and paper towel to blot paint.

custom rug- Stencil, stencil brushes and paint to create unique design on linoleum flooring.

Stencil In The Center

Next, begin in the center and apply the paint with the stencil brushes. I used various colors to create the desired pattern for my rug.

You want to dip your brush into the paint and then blot it onto a paper towel. A heavy application will bleed under the stencil and create an undesirable design.

The stencil brush is flat, and you should press straight down onto the stencil with the paint. Do not brush from side to side.

apply stencil to different areas of rug for a one-of-a-kind design on custom rug.

On larger rugs, you may need to move your stencil to repeat the pattern. Or you can purchase multiple stencils if you prefer.

I used two different stencils to create my design. It was necessary to move them several times to get the desired effect.

Note: It will be necessary to allow the stencil to dry before moving to a new location. Otherwise, you may risk transferring paint from the stencil to undesirable areas of the rug.

How To Make A DIY Rug-stencil pattern onto rug with different colors of paint for a unique design.

Once the center is complete, you can add paint to the other edges.

I began with light blue to fill in between the taped areas.

How To Make A  Rug with blue paint and stencil design.

Finish Painted DIY Rug with Decorative Roller

Finally, you can finish the edge of your painted rug with the decorative roller.

Begin by applying a small portion of the darker paint to a flat pallet covered with wax paper.

You can use a brayer roller to flatten the paint.

Then apply paint to the decorative roller, carefully covering only the raised pattern.

Use the roller to paint the pattern around the edge of the rug.

Remove Tape from Rug

Once everything is dry, you can remove the tape to reveal your new rug.


Remember when I said to wait 24 hours before applying the tape to your base coat?

Well, this is the result of not waiting. I applied the first tape as soon as the paint was dry to the touch.

Then I waited until the following day to add the second inside round of tape.

As you can see, the second round came off clean, while the first round pulled paint.

Damaged rug due to applying tape too early.

How Correct Mistakes?

At this point, I had two choices.

First, I could touch up the mistake by repainting the area.

Or… I could embrace the mistake and consider the rug distressed.

Can you guess which I choose?

How To Make A DIY custom  Rug with decorative roller painted around the edges.

Seal The Painted Rug To Protect

Finally, once you are happy with your design, you must seal with a quality protective sealer such as General Finishes High-Performance Top Coat Sealer.

I recommend applying at least two coats with a sponge roller for a smooth finish.

This rug will be on my front porch for Spring and Summer, so a good quality sealer is imperative.

Seal new rug with 2 coats of sealer to protect the finish.

Pro Tips:

Although I’ve made several of these rugs, it’s easy to forget and rush a project.

Here are a few tips that will help you when planning your project.

  • Take your time, and allow plenty of drying time.
  • Find a work surface other an the floor (if possible)! Working on the floor isn’t optimal at my age.
  • Be sure you have several stencil brushes to avoid cleaning between color choices.
  • A Sponge Paint Roller is best for a smooth finish.
  • Use a quality sealer and apply two coats to protect your finish.
  • If the rug is in high traffic or outdoors, apply sealer again after a few months.
  • I have a couple of rugs that I’ve had for years. Applying a fresh coat of sealer regularly will prolong the life.


Here are links to the supplies I used or something similar. Some items are optional.

6 x 8 Vinyl Floor Rug

See Storefront Supplies and similar items.

Yield: 1 rug

How To Make Painted Rug

How To Make Painted Rug

Make your own rug with this painted rug tutorial. Use scrap or new vinyl flooring to create a one-of-a-kind unique rug for any area of your home.

Prep Time 2 hours
Active Time 2 hours
Additional Time 1 day
Total Time 1 day 4 hours
Difficulty Medium


  • 6x8 vinyl flooring
  • Linen White Chalk Paint -
  • General Finishes Sealer -
  • Serenity Blue Chalk Paint -
  • Coastal Blue -


  • Decorative Leaf Roller
  • Brayer Roller
  • Sponge Roller Kit
  • Stencils


  1. Roll the rug inside out for several hours
  2. Protect areas around the rug with wax paper taped to the floor or table.
  3. Paint the Base Coat on the entire backside of the rug
  4. Allow drying for 24 hours.
  5. Use painter's tape to section off the pattern and apply stencils to the design area.
  6. Begin at the center of the rug and use stencil brushes to apply paint.
  7. If moving the stencil, be sure it is dry before applying it to another area of the rug.
  8. Paint the area between the tape with a sponge roller and desired paint color.
  9. use a brayer roller to flatten the paint for the decorative roller design.
  10. Use the decorative roller to apply the dark blue design around the edge of the rug.
  11. Remove the tape and touch up any errors.
  12. Apply two coats of high-performance polyethylene sealer with a sponge roller. Allow drying between coats.


Be sure to allow drying time before applying tape to prevent damage to the paint surface.

Recommended Products

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Did you make this project?

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I love how the new painted rug brightens the porch. Stay tuned for 10 Ideas for Ideal Porch Sitting.

New rug looks great on front porch with blues and pinks next to the porch swing.

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Thanks so much for stopping by today. I hope you enjoyed today’s DIY Rug tutorial.

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DIY One-of-a-kind Decorative rug made with vinyl flooring.


Saturday 8th of April 2023

Thank Rachel for sharing this fun creative post! (So glad I found your blog from a link over at the Crowned Goat!)... Anyway I'd love to try this fun diy- wondering do you think any acrylic paints can be used? Is the chalk paint more adhesive to the vinyl? I paint abstract sunsets and thinking a rug is in my future as soon as June rolls in. My only worry is how it will hold up to foot traffic... how's yours doing so far???


Saturday 8th of April 2023

Melanie, Welcome! I'm so glad you found me. Either chalk paint or exterior paint is recommended for the base coat. You can use acrylic craft paints for the details. The key is a good quality polyurethane sealer. I linked the one I used. Apply two light coats to begin and then another a few weeks later if you have a lot of foot traffic. I have one that was under my dining table for several years and I now have it in my pool house, and it still looks good.

Kim | Shiplap and Shells

Friday 7th of April 2023

This is just the cutest idea, Rachel. I love how it turned out!


Saturday 8th of April 2023

Kim, Thank you so much.

Wendy McMonigle

Friday 7th of April 2023

I just love this Rachel, I will be featuring you on my post this Saturday.


Friday 7th of April 2023

Wendy, I appreciate this so much.

Mary from Life at Bella Terra

Sunday 2nd of April 2023

Rachel, I've always wanted to do this and thank you for such a detailed tutorial. It looks really great! Good job!


Monday 3rd of April 2023

Mary, It is really easy to do and I hope you let me know when your project is complete.

Kristin | White Arrows Home

Sunday 2nd of April 2023

This is so much fun Rachel and so pretty! What a great tutorial! I'm sharing with my followers in my round up today!


Monday 3rd of April 2023

Kristin, I really appreciate this. Thank you for stopping by.

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