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3 Easy Easter Wreath Ideas with Dollar Tree Egg Frame 2024

Have you stopped by Dollar Tree to see all the amazing Easter decor? I couldn’t resist filling my cart with packages of wooden Easter eggs, carrots, and those great egg-shaped Easter wreath frames. If you are looking for DIY Easter Wreath inspiration, you are in the right place. You can make these three budget-friendly adorable wreaths for under $20.00 with Dollar Tree Craft Supplies.

So grab your hot glue gun, and let’s get started.

Polka Dot Seed Pot with DIY Old Book Page Flowers on Rustic Wreath.

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3 DIY Easter Wreaths

Today, I will share 3 DIY Easter Wreaths, all made with Dollar Tree Supplies. Each wreath uses the Egg Shaped Wreath Frame, but they are all completely different otherwise. I’m sure you will find one that will suit your decor style.

So, let’s begin with the frames. You will need to cover each frame with floral tape to help secure the Dollar Tree wooden Easter eggs, carrots, and other supplies. You will need a hot glue gun to adhere the moss and other supplies to the frame.

I will share the wreath tutorials in the order I made them.

Insider Tip: Supplies

I will list the supplies as I share each tutorial. Many items were used on multiple wreaths, so you don’t need to purchase 3 of them. Example: I bought one package of paper seed starter pots. I only needed one package to make all three wreaths, and I still had a few left over.

You will need the following tools for all wreaths.

  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Finger protectors
  • Scissors
  • Mod Podge
  • Floral Tape
  • Scalloped Pinking Shears

1. Easter Bunny & Carrot Wreath

If you love Easter Bunnies, you will love this cute wreath. The inspiration for this wreath was a cute little straw bunny that I picked up at a thrift store last year. Since she holds a carrot, I knew she was perfect to add to the Easter Wreath.

Begin by covering the egg-shaped wreath frame with floral tape.

Next, fill five of the seed starter pots with reindeer moss, faux greenery, flowers, and the faux carrots from Dollar Tree. Use hot glue to secure.

Start at the bottom of the wreath and use a piece of jute twine to tie the straw bunny to the wreath. Use hot glue to secure the tie and apply glue to the backside of the bunny. Hold in place until secure.

Place two larger carrots on either side of the bunny with hot glue.

Attach the Easter Bunny to the Dollar Tree Egg Frame

You will also need hot glue to attach the seed pots and reindeer moss to the frame.

Place the five pots randomly on the frame and hold until the glue dries. Fill in around the bunny and seed pots with reindeer moss.

Attached seed pots filled with carrots, greenery and flowers to Dollar Tree Easter Wreath Frame.

The wreath only took 30 minutes to complete and looks so adorable for Easter.

DIY Easter Wreath with Moss, Bunny and Carrots.

Supplies used for Bunny Easter Wreath

  • 3 packages of Dollar Tree Carrots
  • 2 packages of Dollar Tree Reindeer Moss
  • 1 package seed starter pots
  • 1 Dollar Tree Greenry floral stem & one baby’s breath faux stem.
  • 1 straw bunny
DIY Bunny Easter Wreath with Carrots and moss.

2. Blue and Green Wooden Egg Easter Wreath

Next is a Blue and Green Wooden Egg Easter Wreath. This wreath was inspired by the new pillows I’m adding to my living room for spring. I thought the wreath would be a stylish addition.

I used two sizes of wooden eggs and spray-painted them all with Chalky White paint.

After the paint dries, it’s easy to attach the ribbon to the eggs with hot glue. I used a variety of blue and green ribbons to create a design for each wooden egg.

Decorate the wooden Easter Eggs with ribbon to make a DIY Easter Wreath

Just cut the ribbon long enough to wrap around the backside of the eggs. Secure the ribbon with hot glue.

Wrap ribbon around the wooden Easter Eggs and glue at the back

Once all the eggs are completed, begin attaching them to the metal egg frame with hot glue. Overlap the eggs and position them so that they completely cover the frame.

Leave a gap at the bottom to allow two of the seed pots to be attached.

Attached wooden Easter Eggs to The DIY Easter Wreath with hot glue.

Decorative Seed Pots

For the Wooden Egg wreath, make three small eggs to add to the seed pots. Fill two of the pots with reindeer moss and add a stick from your yard.

Attach another stick to the center bottom of the frame and attach one of the small wooden eggs with hot glue.

Then, add the two seed pots with the same method and apply the two remaining decorative eggs to the sticks.

Add seed cups to blue and green Wooden Easter Egg Wreath for Spring

Finally, tie a small bow with ribbon and attach it to the top of the Easter Wreath. After hanging the wreath, I decided to add small touches of moss around the eggs. There were some areas where the frame was visible, and the moss helped to fill the gaps.

Painted Ribbon Blue and Green Easter Egg Wreath on Old Barn Door

The wooden egg DIY Easter wreath is the perfect addition to our barn door for Spring and matches the new pillows as well.

Painted Ribbon Blue and Green Easter Egg Wreath on Old Barn Door

Supplies for Blue and Green Wooden Egg Easter Wreath

  • 1 Package of Small Wooden Eggs
  • 1 Package of Medium Wooden Eggs
  • 4 Styles of Ribbon in Blue and Green colors
  • Chalky White Spray Paint
  • 1/2 package of Reindeer Moss
  • 2 Seed Pots (left over from the first wreath)
  • 3 small sticks

#3 – Old Book Page Rustic DIYEaster Wreath

Finally, y’all know that I love using old book pages to decoupage my decor items. I couldn’t resist attempting to make a DIY Easter wreath with old book pages.

For this wreath, I used a package of Dollar Tree wooden eggs that had a raised design and three of the small eggs (left over from the last wreath tutorial).

Begin by coloring the background of the wooden eggs with Grecian Gold Rub N Buff.

Add rub n Buff gold to wooden Easter Eggs

Next, trace and tear the old book page paper to fit the eggs. Use mod podge to attach the paper to the eggs. Smooth the paper and apply another coat over the top.

Once the mod podge dries, buff around the edges of the old book page paper with the Rub N Buff.

Next, apply spanish moss over the entire surface of the Dollar Tree frame using hot glue to adhere.

add spanish moss with hot glue gun to Dollar Tree Oval Egg Shaped Wreath Frame.

Old Book Page Flower Pot

To add a decorative touch to the wreath, you can add one of the seed pots to make a flower pot. Begin by cutting one of the leftover seed pots in half. Then, gather some small twigs and make paper flowers to fill the pot.

Cut seed pot in half for old book page flowers.

Old Book Page Mini Flowers

To make the flowers, use pinking shears to cut pieces of the old book pages. They can be 1/2 – 1 1/2 inches, depending on how large you want your flowers.

Gather your twigs and paint a small amount of glue or mod podge along the bottom of the paper.

Apply a dot of hot glue at the beginning of the paper, insert the twig, and wrap it around the twig. Use your finger protection and squeeze the bottom ends of the paper securely around the twig. If it doesn’t feel secure, add another drop of hot glue inside the rolled paper flower.

Add Eggs and Flower Pot to the Wreath

Using the hot glue again, adhere the larger eggs to the Spanish moss-covered wreath frame. Then, add the three smaller eggs around the seed pot. Fill the pot with Spanish moss and add the old book page paper flowers inside.

Old Book Page Mini flowers in seed pot and decoupaged Easter Eggs with old book pages for Easter Decorations

Next, add a bow to the top of the wreath. I had this polka dot wired ribbon from Dollar Tree, and it inspired the finishing touches to the wreath.

Polka Dot Bow for Top of Easter Egg Wreath

After adding the bow, I decided to add polka dots to the eggs and the seed starter flower pot. Just use the end of a paintbrush to dot the areas with white paint.

Supplies for Rustic Old Book Page Easter Wreath

  • A few old book pages
  • Decorative Wooden Eggs from Dollar Tree
  • 3- Small Eggs (leftover from the previous wreath)
  • Spanish Moss
  • Rub N Buff Grecian Gold
  • Wired Dot Ribbon from Dollar Tree
  • Twigs
  • White Craft Paint for dots

The Old Book Page DIY Easter Wreath is a rustic addition to the loft powder room door.

Rustic DIY Easter Wreath on Chippy White Door with Old Book Page Wooden Easter Eggs and mini paper flowers.

Video Tutorial

Video Tutorial of 3 DIY Easter Wreaths


Although most all the craft supplies came from Dollar Tree, most of the tools did not. Here are the resources for tools and alternative supplies if you can’t find the materials at Dollar Tree.

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3 DIY Dollar Tree Wreath for Easter with Budget-friendly supplies.  Three unique styles of wreaths.
DIY Easter Wreths with Old book pages and Wooden Easter Eggs and paper flowers


Saturday 24th of February 2024



Saturday 24th of February 2024

Brandy, I really appreciate your comment.


Saturday 24th of February 2024

Each of your wreaths look so springy and fun! I like them all, but the wreath using book pages is my favorite. Your tutorials are great.


Saturday 24th of February 2024

Angie, I'm so glad you like them. Thank you for letting me know which is your favorite.


Friday 23rd of February 2024

How do you come up with so many ideas?! Does it drive your husband crazy or does he enjoy it all? "Enquiring" minds want to know. ;) Loved all of your eggcellent creations. Happy spring!


Saturday 24th of February 2024

Cindy, The mess drives him crazy but he enjoys the results. LOL. Thank you for stopping by.

Cheryl Atkinson

Friday 23rd of February 2024

All of the wreaths are so adorable but the 3rd one is definitely my favorite. Like you, i love old book pages. Thank you for sharing all of these tutorials.


Saturday 24th of February 2024

Cheryl, I'm so glad you like them all and I'm with you on the rustic book pages. Thanks for stopping by.


Friday 23rd of February 2024

Super cute ideas! I love Easter.


Friday 23rd of February 2024

Renae, Thank you! Mw too.