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DIY Anthropologie-Inspired Decorative Trays On A Dollar Tree Budget

Craving the chic charm of designer decor but feeling priced out? If you love the eclectic look of Anthropologie but operate on a Dollar Tree budget, wait until you see how you can craft these two decorative trays for $10.00 or less. This Anthropologie dupe is inspired by two of this season’s adorable trays: one large tray and another smaller monogrammed trinket tray. The best part is that you can customize the Dollar Tree trays to work within your decor style.

You will see how to take a $5.00 Dollar Tree Tray, a $4.00 Hobby Lobby Tray, and colorful printed scrapbook paper to create designer-style modern trays. So let’s get started.

Decorative Tray with Dollar Tree and Hobby Lobby materials for a Anthropologie Dupe

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What Are Decorative Trays Used For?

There are many reasons to use decorative trays. Initially, I think of trays for serving food, but when decorating your home, trays add a new dimension to your decor style. They are great for creating coffee, entry, and side table vignettes.

Here are some areas to consider adding a decorative tray.

  • Create a centerpiece on a tray by gathering several items for coffee tables or dining tables.
  • Add a tray to a bed for holding books, writing paper, coffee cups, etc.
  • Place a tray on the kitchen or bathroom countertops to hold similar items within easy reach.
  • Add a tray to your coffee station to hold cups, creamer, sugar, etc.
  • Use a tray as a minibar. Add cocktail glasses, mixer, etc.
  • Trays are great for poolside or on porches to hold beverages and snacks.
  • And the list goes on.
Small Trinket Tray Anthropologie dupe monogram tray

Anthropologie Dupe Decorative Tray Inspiration

If you are like me, you probably look at all the high-end catalogs and websites to see what the latest and greatest decor ideas are. I don’t necessarily follow the trends, but I like to see if something catches my eye. Maybe I’ll find something similar at a thrift store for much cheaper. I also love running across something that I really like and realizing that I can make it for a fraction of the designer’s cost.

That’s what happened when I was browsing the Anthropologie website. I saw these cute eclectic trays in bright colors with a floral bottom. I made a note of the trays and then hit the Dollar Tree to shop.

I immediately found a great wooden tray in the $5.00 section and knew it would work. However, they didn’t have any smaller wooden boxes or trays, so I hopped over to Hobby Lobby. They had several items at 40% off, and I hit the jackpot.

I found the perfect little wooden bowl or tray, an initial to monogram my trinket tray, craft paint, and lovely decorative paper all at 40% off.

So, I spent less than $10.00 and made two Anthropologie Dupe Decorative Trays. I hope you like them.

Anthropologie Dupe Decorative Tray with splashy floral paper, gold trim and pink paint.

Dollar Tree Tray and Other Supplies

The Dollar Tree Tray was the most expensive item I purchased. Here is a list of exactly what I used to make the trays.

I already had many of the supplies, including mod podge, clear wax, chalk paint, rub and buff, and the seashell pink paint.

Note: If your tray has grooves in the bottom, you want to fill it with either wood filler or joint putty.

wood trays from Dollar Tree and Hobby Lobby

How To Make DIY Designer Decorative Trays

Now that you have your supplies, it’s time to create a designer-inspired decorative tray that works with your home’s aesthetic and colors.

Unlike the Anthropologie Trays, your choices are almost unlimited. You can choose your paint colors, and Hobby Lobby has a fantastic selection of decorative printed paper.

Here are a few that I picked up for future projects. I think the bunnies would be so cute for Easter.

Decorative paper from Hobby Lobby

I decided to use bright, splashy colors to add a touch of kitschy to my bathroom for Spring. I matched a couple of craft paints to the pink shades on the paper I plan to use.

Add pink paint to match the decorative paper

How To Paint Wood Trays

To begin, you will need to paint the wood trays. Use the white chalk paint first and cover the entire tray.

Next, add your decorative colors to the outside of each tray. I added the pink seashell to the smaller tray and the wild rose to the Dollar Tree tray.

Almost An Oopsy!

While painting, I realized that the Dollar Tree trays grooves could be a problem. Instead of taking a chance, I recommend filling the grooves with spackling. You can use wood filler also.

Apply enough to fill the grooves and smooth them with a plastic putty knife. Ensure the bottom of your tray is smooth and the putty is dry before proceeding.

Fill grooves in wood with putty.

Add Gold Trim

Next, to capture the essence of the Anthropologie Dupe, I added a gold rim around the top of each tray. You can use paint if you prefer. However, I like the ease of Antique Gold Rub and Buff.

You add a small amount to a paper towel and rub it over the areas you wish to cover. If you slip and apply the gold outside the intended area, you can easily touch it up with your paint.

Add antique gold rub and buff to trim Hobby Lobby Wood Tray

Add Protective Sealer on Wood Trays

Now, you are ready to seal the paint on your decorative wood trays.

I used clear wax to seal everything but the bottom of each tray. Just apply a liberal amount of clear wax and buff until it shines.

If you prefer a glossy finish, use a spray sealer.

Wax the Dollar Tree wood Tray with clear wax

Insider Tip

If you spray to seal your decorative tray, you will need to cover the bottom of the tray. You don’t want the wood sealed before you add the decoupage technique.

Just cut a piece of paper and tape it to the bottom of the tray before spraying the sealer. This will ensure that the decoupaged paper will adhere properly to the bottom of the tray.

Decoupage the Bottom of the Decorative Tray

Now, you are ready for the final touch. Begin by tracing the bottom of your tray onto the decorative paper. Trim the paper until it’s an exact fit.

Add mod podge to the bottom inside of the tray and adhere the paper to the tray.

Smooth the paper over the mod podge and then brush another coat over the top. Allow to dry.

You may desire another coat of mod podge depending on your intended use of the tray.

If you plan to serve beverages, you should consider having a piece of plexiglass cut to cover the paper.

Add decorative scrapbook paper with flowers to bottom of decorative tray with mod podge

Inspiration Trays From Anthropologie

These are the trays that inspired this DIY project. Let’s compare them to the less expensive versions. If you’d like to know more about these trays, click on the highlighted description underneath the image.

Inspiration trays for DIY Anthropologie Due/
Lyla Oval Tray Monogrammed Trinket Tray Pink Trinket Dish

Dollar Tree Tray Anthropologie Dupe

That’s it, and it only took about two hours, including drying time, to make two Anthropologie Dupe Trays.

The Dollar Tree tray isn’t oval like the original inspiration piece, but I love the fun colors and the money I saved.

Dollar Tree Tray with floral scrapbook paper and gold trim repurposed for Bathroom tray

It really brightens up my bathroom countertops and makes getting ready so much more fun. I added a fun rechargeable cordless lamp to the tray along with some of my skincare and hair products.

Dollar Tree Tray with floral scrapbook paper and gold trim for bathroom accessories.

Hobby Lobby Personalized Monogram Trinket Tray

Isn’t the Hobby Lobby Monogrammed Trinket Tray the cutest?

Hobby Lobby Wood bowl transformed into a Anthropologie Dupe Monogranned trinket tray with pink and white.

It looks cute without anything inside, but it’s spacious enough to hold several pieces of jewelry. Wouldn’t this tray make a great gift? Think Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Graduation, and the list goes on.

Two Coordinating Trays

I chose to use the same paper for both trays but used two coordinating colors for the outside. They can be displayed together or separately.

I really like them stacked together as well. They are so fun.

I’m itching to get back to Dollar Tree and pick up some more trays because there are so many possibilities, and this was super easy to make.

Video Tutorial:

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Anthropololgie Due Decorative Tray on a Dollar Tree Tray Budget.  Eclectic colorful trays for less.


Friday 2nd of February 2024

Rachel, your trays are so colorful and fun looking. Your tutorial is clear and makes it look easy to make trays like these. Thank youfor sharing your terrific projects.


Friday 2nd of February 2024

Angie, I'm so glad you found this helpful. Thank you for stopping by.

Gail Cunningham

Friday 2nd of February 2024

Rachel, these are beautiful! What a great idea, thank you for the tutorial and the inspiration. Now it's off to Hobby Lobby I go!


Friday 2nd of February 2024

Gail, Thanks so much. Good luck.