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Cozy Budget-Friendly Valentine Rustic Wood Heart in 5 Easy Steps

You are going to love this simple and charming primitive Valentine decor heart hanger. If you want a unique and affordable Valentine’s idea, check out this Dollar Tree Valentine’s DIY, Budget-Friendly Wood Heart! You can create a stunning rustic heart in 5 easy steps for less than $5.00. You only need to pick up a Dollar Tree wooden heart and a pack of cheap wood shims because you most likely have the other supplies. This quick and easy DIY craft can be hung on your door or wall for a touch of rustic charm and vintage Valentine’s cheer.

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Dollar Tree Valentine's DIY with Wood Shims for a Rustic Valentine's Day Decoration.

Rustic Wood Heart Hanger

Y’all know I love picking up inexpensive Dollar Tree craft supplies, and when I saw the large wood heart, I knew I’d find a use for it. Since I love the look of primitive hearts and Valentine’s decorations, I decided to attempt to make a rustic wood heart hanger.

I stumbled across these inexpensive packets of wood shims while looking for budget-friendly wood. The wedge shape adds texture and interest to the Dollar Tree Valentine’s DIY project.

Farmhouse Valentines Decor with wood heart to cozy up your front door.

Wood Heart Hanger Supplies

These are the supplies I used to make a Primitive Valentine’s Heart Hanger. I had most of the supplies on hand and spent less than $5.00 for the wooden heart and shims. You will only need a small amount of paint and glue for the project.

Easy Primitive Valentine's Heart made with Dollar Tree Valentine's DIY Craft and inexpensive wood shims.

# 1 – How To Cut Wood Shims To Fit Heart

First, you need to cut the wood shims to fit the shape of the Dollar Tree Wood Heart.

Begin at the top of the heart and trace the curve of the heart onto one of the wood shims. Then, use a utility knife to score the design. You will need to cut deeper into the wood at the thick edges of the shims. Once you have the wood scored, you can break away the excess. Use the utility knife to trim away any ruff edges or uneven areas.

score the wood shims with a utility knife to get the heart shape for a primitive heart hanger.

Continue to work down the edges of the heart, drawing your design as you go.

Insider Tip

I recommend gluing each piece as you go. This will avoid any slipping, and the shims will fit snuggly together.

#2 – Glue Shims To Dollar Tree Wood Heart

As you cut your shims to fit the primitive heart, add glue to the back of each piece and apply it to the Dollar Tree Wood Heart.

Fortunately, the heart came with a jute hanger attached, and I wanted to keep the hanger in place. Therefore, to allow the wooden shims to lie flat, you will need to use the utility knife to remove a section from the back of the shims that covers the jute hanger. This will enable the jute rope to remain in place, and the shim will lie flat against the wood heart.

If you prefer, you can remove the jute twine and create another method for hanging your primitive heart.

Add a weight to the pieces until the glue is set. Our coffee cups were heavy enough, and the e6000 glue set very quickly.

Attach wood shims with glue to cover the Dollar Tree Valentine's DIY

# 3 – Paint the Wood Shims

Next, you will want to paint the wood shims, and you can decide on the colors you wish to use. I plan to use the primitive Valentine’s Wood Heart at our beach cottage, so I used pastel pinks and blues.

However, the pale pink would also look fabulous mixed with red or white. You may also opt for neutral farmhouse Valentine decor and use shades of white and beige. They would all be stunning, in my opinion.

Paint the wood shims for a rustic Farmhouse Valentine's Decor using Dollar Tree Valentine's DIY

# 4 – Wax The Rustic Valentine Heart Hanger

Now, you can add wax to the Valentine Heart to stain the wood and give it a rustic finish. I used a combination of clear and dark antique wax to add a hint of primitive to the hearts.

Insider Tip

Be cautious when applying dark wax to painted wood. The wax will grab the paint, possibly resulting in a darker finish than you desire. I recommend mixing the clear wax with the darker shade and gradually building to the desired aged look.

Add wax to the wood shims to age and make the craft project look primitive.

# 5 – Add A Bow or Trim To Dollar Tree Valentine DIY

Just like the paint colors, you can be creative when adding your bow or trim.

The Dollar Tree Wood Heart has a jute hanger attached. I chose to keep the hanger and applied two different bows to the hanging heart.

Primitive Valentine’s Decor For Indoors

First, I added a pink satin bow and hung the Valentine’s Wood Heart inside the beach cottage. It’s a stylish, primitive Valentine’s decor accent under the vintage light.

Hang the Rustic Valentine wood heart with a pink satin ribbon.

I also added a couple of DIY clay hearts to the hanger for added charm. You can look for more details about the clay hearts soon.

Pink satin ribbon and clay heart charms on the pimitive Valentine's Decor heart

DIY Wood Heart Valentine Door Hanger

Finally, back to my original idea of creating a Valentine’s Primitive Heart Hanger for the cottage door.

Primitive heart with seashells for a beach cottage cozy front door hanger.

For this version, I added a jute twine bow and glued some seashells to the twine.

Heart hanger with seashells on beach cottage front door for Primitive Valentines Decor

With the natural outdoor light, you can see how the wedge wood shims add dimension and texture to the door hanger.

Wood Heart with rustic seashells and jute twine bow for primitive Valentines Decor

The primitive Valentine’s decor heart hanger is a charming addition to the shingled beach cottage.

Whether you are looking for a door hanger or indoor primitive decorations, this easy, budget-friendly project will add Valentine’s Charm to your home.

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Tiny beach cottage with DIY Rustic Valentine's Wood Heart with Seashells on front door hanger.


Additional Budget-Friendly DIY Project for Valentine’s Day

Here are some additional, inexpensive projects you can make for Valentine’s Decorating.

DIY Valentine's Day Craft Heart Swag with scrap wood.

I hope you enjoyed this easy primitive Valentine’s Decor project, and I look forward to sharing my next adventure with you.

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