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7 Best Entry Table Decorating Ideas for Spring

Hey friends, I’m sharing 7 Key Elements for Entry Table Decor Ideas that are budget-friendly ideas to prepare your entryway for Spring.

I don’t have an entryway per se, but I do have a console table beside my front entry doors, so I guess that counts.

Y’all know that I love budget-friendly decorating, and today is no exception.

Most everything is something I moved from another spot in the house and is either thrifted, DIY, or vintage. I didn’t add any new items to create this vignette.

I can’t wait to see what you think.

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Pinterest Challenge

Today’s post is part of a Monthly Pinterest Challenge which Cindy at County Road 407 hosts. This month’s inspiration photo comes from Leen at Sand Dollar Lane. I love doing these challenges because they allow me to think outside the box and encourage a new perspective for my home decor.

Entry Table Inspiration for Pinterest Challenge

It’s always so fun to see each participant take on an inspiration idea, so be sure to check out all the links at the end of today’s post. If you are joining me from Lora Bloomquist, I’m happy you are here. I loved Lora’s creative Spring vignette.

7 Key Elements For Entry Table

I began today’s design by choosing seven key elements of Leen’s entry table that I could include on my table. These were items that I had on hand, and I wouldn’t have to spend any money to pull them together.

  • Lamp
  • Basket
  • Greenery
  • Books
  • Vintage Bottles
  • White Ceramic
  • Tray

A few different design elements are to be noted.

First, my table doesn’t have a lower shelf, but I have a shelf above the table. So although the elements are all included, the arrangement is entirely different.

Entry Table Decor Ideas for Spring with vintage, thrifted and DIY decor.  Greenery and baskets Farmhouse Style

Entry Table Ideas

First, let’s talk about the lamp. I moved the DIY Thrift Store Lamp from my bedroom for this vignette.

And guess what? I love it here.

I encourage you to move your decor around because the lamp has an entirely different feel in this location.

Now I have to find a new lamp for the bedroom! To the thrift store, I go. LOL

Entry Table Decor Ideas with 7 Key Elements to add Farmhouse Charm to Console Table

Entry Table Decor Ideas – Basket Texture

This vignette is basically neutrals, so adding texture is very important.

Although there isn’t room for my basket on the entry table, it works perfectly on the side. Today it is filled with loose, airy stems, and I added a metal monogram tag to the handle.

This thrifted basket has been a favorite and is another item I often move around.

Entry Table Ideas for Spring - 7 elements to create country chic farmhouse style decorating.

Add Greenery For Texture

I’ve used a mix of faux and real greenery for the Entry Table for Spring.

Can you tell which is real and which is faux? Probably not that hard to do but……

Add greenery for Spring Entry Table - Include real boxwood and how long it will keep in your home.

How Long Will Natural Boxwood Last Inside?

Sometimes it’s hard to tell. The boxwood is the only natural greenery; I’ve had it in the house since Christmas!

I just shared a Fresh Boxwood Topiary tutorial, and the most asked question was, “How Long Will It Last?”

The answer is several months when cut in the winter months.

I’ve left boxwood in containers for a year with success. It takes several months for the leaves to turn brown.

If you place your container where it’s not disturbed, it will last a long time. You can see more about keeping natural greenery fresh here.

Using faux and real greenery - Boxwood will stay looking fresh inside your home when cut in winter

Books are a Great Entry Table Decor Idea

I love vintage books and incorporate them in many of my decor choices. They are great for many reasons, including using them as a riser.

The lamp added from the bedroom has great texture and girth, but it was a little short for this location. Therefore, I added a couple of coffee table books and ta-da; the lamp is the perfect height.

The small urn and porcelain vases on the wall shelf also benefit from vintage books mixed with the decor.

Entry Table for Spring beside french doors.  Industrial Farmhouse Style Decorating for Spring

Vintage Bottles

I love blue vintage medicine bottles, and I’m lucky enough to have a small collection.

When I saw Leen use them in her vignette, I immediately ran to my bathroom and gathered my collection.

This is another example of reimagining decor in a new space.

I’ve had them in the bathroom since we moved into the farmhouse, and that’s where they have stayed. Although they were displayed, no one got to enjoy them but us.

I love being inspired to try new things and to look at my collections in a new way.

Vintage Medicine Bottle for Spring Decor.  Farmhouse and Country Chic decorating for Spring and Summer.

I divided my collection with a few pieces on the upper shelf and a few on the entry table.

Vintage medicine bottle on entry table tray.  Vintage and thrift Store decorating for budget-friendly farmhouse style

A few porcelain pieces for entry table ideas

I have a trio of small porcelain vases and love to group them. I used two on the shelf and one on the tray below for this vignette.

Did you know it’s best to decorate with an odd number of items? It creates more interest than even numbers.

There are exceptions to this rule, but that’s for another day. Let’s get back to the entry table.

Books and porcelain vases on entryway shelf.  Country Chic and Cottage Style Shelf Decorating.

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Add a Tray as part of the Entry Table Decor Ideas

Y’all, I love trays so much that I have a small (large) collection. LOL

They are perfect for pulling a vignette together. I use them all around the house and especially for tablescapes.

I’m using a wooden tray covering approximately 1/2 of the entry table.

Faux and Real Greenery mix with neutrals for a Spring Entry Table Ideas.  Country Chic, Farmhouse Style

I love the oversize dimension because it is perfect for holding books, bottles, porcelain, two containers of greenery, and a tiny bird.

Entry Table Ideas for Spring - Budget-Friendly and Sustainable Decorating with a curated farmhouse style.

I love that all the elements chosen will also be perfect for the entire Spring and Summer. I’m always moving things around seasonally, but these elements will easily work through August.

Small Bird for entry table - Industrial Farmhouse Style Entry Table.  Country Chic Budget Friendly decorating

Entry Table Decorating Ideas for Spring

In addition to the seven elements that the inspiration photo included, I added a few elements of my own.

Below the table, I included a wooden hat box filled with a pillow and some linens, which rests in front of a vintage arched window frame.

Textures are key with a neutral entry table.  Baskets, greenery, thrift store lamp DIY project and more.

In addition, I added a vintage print and mirror above the entry table, and a small neutral felt garland hangs from the shelf.

The vintage art was a gift from my mother-in-law many years ago. She said the girl in the painting reminded her of me, so it’s a treasured reminder of her thoughtfulness.

The deconstructed chair was also pulled from the bedroom. It has been in and out of the entryway for several years. You may remember seeing it here when I shared the Real Truth about Deconstructing a Chair! Whew! Please take a look at what I learned about that here.

Deconstructed Chair beside Spring Entry Table with vintage basket, DIY Thrift Store Lamp and chippy sap bucket with greenery

I hope you enjoyed these Spring Entry Table Ideas and that you will be inspired to reimagine your decor when decorating for Spring.

Hold on because there’s more! Up next is Marty from A Stroll Thru Life with her creative perspective on the Pinterest Challenge, and you can see all the other participants’ inspiring posts by clicking the links below.

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Spring Entry Table filled with vintage, DIY and Thrift Store Finds.  Farmhouse and Country Chic Decorating.


Wednesday 22nd of February 2023

Rachel, I love your Spring entry table! It's beautiful -- and so is the shelf above it! I am definitely thinking about Spring but we keep getting more snow! However, I found some lovely tulips at the grocery store and brought two bundles home with me! So this will be our little touch of Spring for now!


Thursday 23rd of February 2023

Mary-Ann, We are having a early Spring but I'm sure it will not last. Everything is starting to bloom and I'm concerned it will all freeze. Glad you found some tulips.


Wednesday 22nd of February 2023

This was so incredibly helpful. I’m good at upcycling things but stink at placing them. This fave me soooo many good ideas. Much appreciated’


Wednesday 22nd of February 2023

Connie, I'm so glad you found this helpful. Thank you for commenting.


Wednesday 22nd of February 2023

Perhaps you have a post on this, but I would appreciate you sharing how you store your vast collection, for example, all table decor or all spring decor. I know part of it is mixing what you have but for example, do you have a box maked green table decor? Easter decor? Thanks.


Wednesday 22nd of February 2023

Nancy, I do have everything stored seasonally, and this post may help to see how I know where everything is.


Wednesday 22nd of February 2023

I love your version of the spring table! Great job!


Wednesday 22nd of February 2023

Melanie, I really appreciate this. Thanks for stopping by.


Wednesday 22nd of February 2023

So pretty, my friend. I’m definitely ready for Spring.


Wednesday 22nd of February 2023

Renae, I am also. Thanks for stopping by.