Budget Friendly Project 


 Garden Obelisk 

Would you like to build a garden trellis for FREE?  This is how we made a Free Standing Garden Obelisk Pyramid using a reclaimed porch railing that was discarded after a recent porch update.

Should We Buy New? 

We are very budget conscious. So we began looking through our discarded wood supply and found an old porch railing that had recently been removed.  The wooden spindles were the perfect size to use on the obelisk.




Next, split the 2 x 4 boards in half using a table saw. When using reclaimed wood adjustments will need to be made.

Cut Spindles to Size 

Drill Pilot Holes to Prevent Wood Splitting.  

Lay two boards flat and attach the spindles to the post at each marking using wood screws. Then repeat with the two remaining posts.

Once complete add to garden

We love how the garden is coming along. 

 Click to see more detailed instructions.

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