Would you like to make a DIY address sign for your home?

See Step by Step DIY Home Address Sign Tutorial 

This creative DIY House Address Sign tutorial will show you how to make a home address sign that is displayed over a front door.

These step-by-step instructions will help you to create a custom house address sign just like the home address sign on our front porch.

Distress Wood with Tools

we are recreating this same technique for a custom house address sign using a reclaimed wood technique with new wood.

White Wash Distress

Us a dry brush technique over grey stain for a white washed look on new wood.   

You can make new wood look like reclaimed wood with a faux finish technique.

Outline the address for the stencil placement & then use a stencil brush to apply the black paint.

Use upper case and lower case letters to add a creative touch to the design.

You can also add a shadow to add character to the letters. This also adds depth to the sign.   See the full tutorial for details.

See More Details about How To measure and hang the DIY Address Sign.