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Upcycle Oyster Shell Craft: DIY Decorative Ring Dishes

Want to add a touch of coastal elegance to your home? Give shells a new lease on life with this simple and eco-friendly oyster shell craft! I’ll guide you through the steps to create beautiful oyster shell ring dishes that add stylish coastal decorations to your dresser or vanity. You can keep your jewelry safe from rolling off your furniture by placing it in a decorative oyster shell jewelry dish.

I’m sharing two options for creating a ring dish, but there are many more. One option is to leave the natural pearl-like shell center as it is. However, you may want to add a decorative finish to complement your home decor. I’ve got you covered for both options.

Napkin Decoupage Oyster Shell Craft with blue and white napkins and gold trim.  Sea Shell base to balance the shell.

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Where Can You Get Oyster Shells?

I love making oyster shell crafts because you can get oyster shells for free. Even if you are not a fan of oysters, you can visit a restaurant serving oysters on the half shell and ask for a takeout box of shells. I am sure you can get all you need for any project.

Oyster Shells in take out box from restaurant.

How To Prepare Oyster Shells For Crafts?

Once you have your shells, you must clean them to remove any oyster residue. I begin by washing the shells and scraping away any oyster meat. Next, I add the shells to a bucket with 1 part Clorox and 1 part water. I allow the oysters to soak for a few hours. Finally, I rinse them and allow them to dry. Once dry, you can begin your projects.

Soak shells in clorox and water to remove odor.

How To Make Oyster Shell Ring Dish

Making an oyster shell ring dish is easy, and even with limited crafting skills, you can create a decorative dish. The shells come in all shapes and sizes. I recommend using large shells to make a trinket dish. Next, you want to be sure the shell sits level and doesn’t rock. Here are some ways to make your oyster shell jewelry dish level and steady.

How To Make The Oyster Shell Level

You may get lucky and find a level shell without making any adjustments. However, most shells have a rocky bottom and may need assistance to create a steady, level jewelry dish.

There are several ways to level the shells. I like to add beads or shells to the bottom.

Place your shell on a table and determine where you need a bead to keep it steady. Then, add a drop of permanent glue, such as E6000, and adhere the bead or shell in place.

Insider Tip

I recommend turning the shell over before the glue dries to ensure it is properly placed. You can also leave it in that position until the glue dries, but be sure no glue is dripping from the shell.

Another idea is to use more than one bead or shell to create tiny legs to steady the oyster shell.

How To Make A Natural Oyster Shell Jewelry Dish?

Once you have attached your items to level the shell, you are ready to add gold Rub n Buff to make a natural oyster shell jewelry dish.

To dress up the shell, you need only a rim of gold around the edges. You will also want to cover the backside with the gold.

Another option is to add a pearl or shell to decorate the top of the Oyster Shell Ring Dish. I used a pearl button and attached it with the glue.

Natural oyster shell jewelry dish with gold rim and pearl decoration.

See how quick and easy that was! This neutral design will be perfect for any decor style.

Oyster Shell Ring Dish with gold rim.

How To Napkin Decoupage A Oyster Shell Ring Dish?

For our next oyster shell craft idea, let’s make a napkin decoupage oyster shell ring dish. For this one, I used a small sea shell to level it and create a steady dish. Begin by painting the backside with the gold Rub n Buff and painting the inside with white craft paint. Painting the inside of the shell will ensure that the shell color doesn’t distract from the design of the napkin.

Apply Napkin Decoupage To Oyster Shell Craft

Separate the napkin layers to add napkin decoupage to your oyster shell craft. Then, cut the decorative layer to the approximate size of your shell. Ensure that the paint on the shell’s inside is dry, and then add a coat of Mod Podge. Gently press the napkin onto the Mod Podge to prevent it from tearing. Use your brush to help spread the napkin evenly over the shells inside.

Apply another coat of Mod Podge over the top, and gently press out any bubbles and wrinkles as you go. Remove any excess napkin around the edges and allow it to dry.

napkin decoupage with mod podge with blue and white napkin

Finally, apply the gold Rub n Buff to the edges of the shell and over the napkin edges.

Add gold rim around the oyster shell.

Insider Tip

You can paint your shells with craft paints and use any color combinations you choose. I like the gold Rub N Buff finish, but use your creativity to create a unique design.

You can also hand paint the insides of your shells instead of applying a napkin decoupage. Let your imagination guide you as you create your oyster shell crafts.

Stylish Coastal Oyster Shell Trinket Dishes

Once everything is dry, you can add jewelry to your designs.

Blue and white napkin decoupage oyster shell trinket dish.

The small seashell helps balance the oyster shell, but I also love how it adds to the design.

sea shell with oyster shell craft and napkin decoupage and gold trim.

The blue and white napkin design works well with the DIY wallpaper design in our beach cottage bathroom.

Napkin Decoupage Oyster Shell Ring Dish.

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Oyster Shell Craft for ring dishes and jewelry dishes.  Trinket dish.


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