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How to Fold A Napkin – Tulip Napkin Fold

I love setting a pretty table and learning to fold a napkin can enhance the setting. Today I’m sharing How to Make a Tulip Napkin Fold Step by Step.

You may also remember when I shared this Bow Tie Napkin Fold a few months ago.

Bow Tie Napkin Fold, bow tie napkin and napkin ring beautiful place setting of floral dishes.

Both of these napkin folds are easy to do once you know the steps.

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How Can I Use A Tulip Napkin Fold?

There are several ways to add a Tulip Napkin Fold to your table.

  • Lay the napkin beside the dinner plate with silverware on top.
  • Place the napkin in the center of the plate.
  • Add the tulip napkin fold to water goblet
  • Use a napkin ring on the tulip napkin.
Tulip Napkin Fold, tulip folded napkin place setting.  Floral Napkin and White Vintage Ironstone Plate

Steps To Make A Tulip Napkin Fold Steps

To make a tulip napkin fold, lay the square napkin on a solid surface with the wrong side up.

Fold into a triangle with the fold at the bottom and then bring one corner of the triangle up to meet the point at the top.

Next, bring the other corner up, forming a square with the napkin.

Then bring both of the outside points into the center of the fold.

Now pick up the napkin and fold it back at the center with all the folds facing upward.

Lay the napkin back on the solid surface and spread both outside points down flat on the surface.

This will leave the center fold facing upward.

Place your finger along the center and spread the folded area open.

If laying the napkin on a plate or placing it inside a glass, fold the bottom point under to secure the folds.

Tulip Napkin Fold Options

One pretty way to display this napkin fold is to place it inside the water goblet.

Tulip Napkin Fold in water goblet, unique tulip shape folded napkin for a festive summer tablescape.

Another option is to place the folded napkin on the center of the dinner plate or the left side, along with the cutlery.

Enjoy the Ultimate Guide to Creative Tablescapes for more table-setting ideas and creative tips.

You can a see Video tutorial.

Place setting with folded napkin shaped like a tulip.  Floral Napkins and plates with flowers for festive Summer table.

This fold is also beautiful with a napkin ring, enhancing any table setting.

tulip napkin fold with napkin ring, folded tulip napkin place settings with gold and acrylic cutlery.

You will see this fun napkin fold idea on my next Supper Club Theme on Thursday. Be sure to check back.

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Table Setting Ideas

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In addition, I recently shared a Tropical Round Placemat DIY Tutorial that I’ll be sharing with the Tulip Napkin Fold idea. The theme is Hawaiian Luau and both the napkin fold and DIY project look perfect for a Luau. Be sure to check back on Thursday.

Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to sharing my next adventure with you!

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