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Easy DIY Tassel Garland Plus 5 Tassel Decor Projects

I love using ticking fabric, and so many DIY tassel decor projects incorporate this fun fabric. I’m sharing a tutorial to make an Easy DIY Tassel Garland & 5 more tassel decoration ideas.

Using red and white ticking fabric to make decor tassels adds simple country elegance for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Patriotic holidays.

Although I used red and white ticking fabric, the options are endless. You can make many cute tassels that will work with your holiday and other seasonal decor.

How To Use DIY Tassels?

There are so many fun ways to use DIY Tassels for seasonal decorating. You can make a tassel garland, tassel napkin rings, package toppers, add to Christmas stockings, table runners, and pillows.

How To Make a Tassel Garland

This is super easy to make. Just tie the tassels onto a rope or another string of the fabric by spacing the tassels approx. 4 inches apart.

You can hang the garland on a Christmas Tree, over a window, or on a door, as shown below.

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Hang On A Door

Tassels are also cute hanging from a door knob, and kitchen drawer pulls, or any cabinet door, as you can see below.

DIY Red and White Ticking Tassel used as a Christmas Tassel on the hutch door.

Use For Gift Wrap

Another great tassel decoration idea is to add them to your Christmas packages. Just add a sprig of greenery and tie the tassel to the box.

DIY Red and White Ticking Tassel used as a Christmas Gift Wrapping Package Topper.

Add Tassels To Christmas Stockings

The distressed ticking Christmas Stockings are easy to make and the tassels are the perfect addition.

Tassel Decoration Ideas for Tassel Garland to be used on Christmas Stockings

Great Tassel Decoration Ideas For Napkin Rings

In addition, they can be used as tassel decoration ideas for napkin rings and make great gifts for your guests to take home to remember your event.

Be sure to adjust the instructions and use ample jute string to allow the ends to wrap around the napkin.

DIY Tassel Used for Napkin Ring for Farmhouse Style Christmas Table

Use As Trim For Table Runners, Pillows, Etc.

Lastly, I made a smaller tassel to trim the edge of a table runner. You can see the full table runner tutorial here.

DIY Christmas Table Runner with tassel decoration ideas

This will be so cute with the DIY Napkins I shared last week.

(Posts on The Ponds Farmhouse may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. See the full disclosure details here.)

Materials Needed To Make DIY Decor Tassels For Garland and More

  1. Ticking fabric or any 100% cotton fabric will work
  2. Jute Rope
  3. Wooden Beads – Large or Small
  4. Tape
  5. Scissors
Supplies for making DIY Christmas Tassels - Jute twine, scissors, painters tape

How to Make DIY Tassels

Now that you have Tassel Decoration Ideas let me show you the step-by-step tutorial.

Step One – Wash Fabric

Begin by cutting your fabric into square pieces. Use smaller pieces to achieve a frayed look to give your tassels a more distressed appearance.

I cut my fabric 18×18 inches before washing and drying. This will make tassels approx. 4 1/2 inches long. If you desire a different size tassel, adjust your fabric accordingly.

Step 2 – Rip the fabric into small strips

Next, cut small notches at the edge of the fabric approx. 1/4″ wide, as shown below.

Ticking Fabric for Tassel Decoration Ideas

Once you cut the notch, hold both ends of the fabric and rip the fabric into narrow strips.

Strip fabric into small pieces for tassel decoration ideas

Step Three – Cut Fabric for Tassel & Ties

These fabric strips are approx. Eighteen inches long, and I cut those in half. The 9-inch strips are then folded in half to form a four 1/2-inch tassel. You can choose how fat you’d like your tassels to be by adding more or less of the fabric strips.

When planning this easy DIY Tassel garland, you can choose how long you prefer your tassels to be and how thick or fat.

Using either a piece of jute string or another strip of the same fabric, tie the desired number of strips together at the center.

tie red and white ticking fabric together to make DIY tassels for Farmhouse Christmas Decorating

Below is the tassel for the table runner which isn’t as full as the garland tassel.

Tie knot in fabric for Tassel Decoration Ideas
This tassel has only four strips for the table runner project.

Step 4 – Add Beads to the Tassel

This next step is optional, but if you’d like to add the wooden beads, here is how to do so easily.

Just wrap the ends of your fabric or jute rope tightly with tape. I used painter’s tape because it’s easy to remove.

Red and White Ticking Fabric for DIY Christmas Tassels with wooden balls for creative tassel decoration ideas.
This tassel works great for the garland, hanging on a door handle, napkin rings, and added to a gift package.

You can change the fabric choices to match your decor colors. Made with other colors, these tassels work well for Spring, Summer, and Fall Decorating

Additional Ticking Fabric Ideas

I recently shared these DIY Package Toppers or Tree Ornaments using ticking fabric. In addition, you may enjoy seeing this Ticking Fabric Napkin Tutorial also.

Thanks so much for stopping by today. I look forward to sharing my next adventure with you.

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Tutorial to make  Easy DIY Tassels for a Christmas Garland and more cute and fun ways to use these fun tassels during the Holiday Season.    Tassels can be used for many decorating ideas this Christmas.  Be sure to check out all the ways to use these cute diy tassels.


Saturday 18th of November 2023

Rachel, I absolutely love the woodland Christmas tree. I would love to know where you purchased it.


Saturday 18th of November 2023

Denise, it's from Balsam Hill.


Friday 21st of October 2022

I've been pinning your cute, usable and doable Christmas crafts. I SO appreciate it now before the hectic rush is on. I can carve out a bit of time and nurture the spirit of Christmas now! Thank you!


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Mic, I'm so glad you like these ideas and thanks for stopping by.


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Friday 21st of October 2022

My Xmas story!!! We use to buy, buy, buy all year long but with love! We always had dear friends & loved ones in mind so it was always an adventure! We had to mail all our packages so the extended families would get their homes ready for the holidays a bit early for our arrival! UNTIL 10 years ago I was at the home with the youngest children with all our gifts under the tree, which was plentiful, when a neighbor came by! She had her 5 year old daughter with her & when they walked thru the door the little one's eyes lit up! THEN she started crying!! She was asked what the problem was & she said Santa had come to this house because she could see all the gifts BUT he must have missed her house or she was bad because she didn't have any gifts! I took my time to explain that Santa hadn't come yet but it was just gifts from Grandma & Grandpa! I learned the biggest lesson of my life that day & promised myself this tragedy would never happen again! Being taught as a seamstress by my mother I put my skills to work & now the whole family has decorations to remember us by! It is pleasurable for me as I am making something special I take the time to think about that one person & remember good times! I still make way too much but what better way to while away the hours! My husband indulges my ideas & he ALWAYS gets the first creation!! He always has been my best cheering squad!! We still think of loved ones while shopping in a new place but with my crafts we keep the gifts a lot smaller! Sometimes we run across something that makes us recall a departed loved one but it's nice to be reminded! I look at your home & see a lot of love goes into your ideas so I had to let you know my story! Jane


Monday 24th of October 2022

Jane, What a beautiful story and thanks for sharing it with me. I appreciate your so much.