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5 DIY Sustainable, Recycled Gift Wrap Package Topper and Ornaments

You will love this idea if you are looking for creative ways to wrap your Christmas gifts and save money. Y’all know I’m a fan of recycling scrap fabric, so I decided to make some sustainable, recycled gift-wrap package toppers using scrap fabrics. These eco-friendly wrapping ideas are budget-friendly and super easy to make. The reusable gift wrap toppers are also great for stylish tree ornaments.

These projects can be done for free because you are using scrap fabric, foraged tree stems, and recycled cardboard. See how to create all five of these unique package toppers.

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Recycled Gift Wrap for Eco-friendly Sustainable Gift Wrap Ideas

What Does Sustainable Recycled Gift Wrap Mean?

Sustainable, recycled Gift Wrap means using materials that do not cause damage to the environment or cause future damage. Eco-friendly materials that are foraged or recycled are both free materials and positively impact the environment.

Using scrap fabric instead of filling landfills with unused materials is just one of the benefits. Recycling packaging cardboard is also eco-friendly.

There are several ways to use environmentally friendly materials for gift wrapping, such as using recycled paper or easily recyclable paper.

For today’s project, I’m focusing on using scrap fabrics instead of purchased bows and ribbons to decorate your Christmas packages.

Rip fabric for all the projects.
Rip scrap fabric into 1/4 – 1/2 inch strips for all projects

How To Make Scrap Fabric & Twig Christmas Trees Package Toppers

The first project is creating a cute scrap fabric Christmas Tree topper to decorate your holiday packages.

You will need several strips of scrap fabric and a twig your desired length.

I also used some rustic craft stars and simple, lightweight wire, which I already had on hand. Adding the star and wire is optional; however, the package decoration can double as a tree ornament.

Begin by using short pieces of scrap fabric and tie the wire and star to the top of the wooden twig. If desired, you may also add a drop of hot glue to the wire to secure it more firmly.

Add metal star to top of tree

Continue to tie scrap fabric pieces to the stick and secure the wire as you go. Allow each piece’s length to increase as you go down the stick.

Twig and scrap fabric Christmas Tree for Eco-Friendly Gift Wrap Ideas.

Push them upward as you tie each piece, covering the twig completely. Continue until you have only a small amount of the twig uncovered.

Trim excess fabric to form the shape of a Christmas Tree.

Add a piece of jute twine to tie the Christmas Tree package topper to the craft paper-wrapped gift. The Christmas Tree reusable gift wrap topper can also be used as a tree ornament.

Sustainable Gift Wrapping DIY Package Topper for Christmas.  Unique and cheap gift wrap ideas

In addition, you can use alternating colors of the fabric in any color of your choice to create this eco-friendly wrapping idea.

Reusable Gift Wrap Package toppers for Eco-friendly Gift Wrap DIY ideas.

How To Use Recycled Cardboard To Make Sustainable Eco-Friendly Gift Wrap Ideas.

Next, I’m using recycled cardboard to make an eco-friendly gift-wrapping DIY package topper. The fun thing about this option is the shapes are unlimited, and you can get creative when decorating your packages.

For this project, you need cardboard from any box or container you have on hand, scrap fabrics, and a hot glue gun. You can use Elmer’s Craft Glue, but it requires more drying time and will require more time to assemble.

Begin by cutting the cardboard in the shape of a Christmas Tree in the desired size. You can make several different sizes depending on your package needs.

Use recycled cardboard to make DIY Christmas Tree & Scarp Fabric Package Topper for Eco-Friendly Gift Wrap Ideas.

Next, add a small twig to the bottom of the tree-shaped cardboard with a drop of hot glue.

Use gathered twigs to make base for DIY Christmas Tree Holiday Package Topper

Then add hot glue to the end of the scrap fabric and secure it to the cardboard.

Begin to wrap the fabric scrap around the cardboard-shaped tree, twisting the material as you wrap.

Secure the end of the scrap fabric at the top of the tree with hot glue.

use hot glue to secure the fabric at top of the Christmas Tree made for a package topper

Prepare the optional star to attach to the top of the scrap fabric Christmas Tree and attach it with hot glue.

Attach Star to top of cardboard and scarp fabric tree.

Finally, attach the backside of the tree to a piece of jute twine and tie it to your gift package.

Add Candy Cane Recycled Gift Wrapping DIY

You can add a candy cane-shaped recycled gift wrapping DIY by cutting the shape of a candy cane from recycled cardboard.

Wrap the candy cane cardboard as you did the Christmas Tree by securing the ends with hot glue and twisting the material as your wrap.

Use recycled Cardboard for base of sustainable gift wrapping DIY Package Toppers

You can also add the star hanger to the top of the candy cane to use as a tree ornament. Attach the jute twine to the backside of the candy cane and tie it around your holiday gifts.

Eco-friendly Gift Wrapping Ideas using scarp fabrics and recycled materials for unique package toppers

How To Make A Reusable Gift Wrap Package Topper Wreath

Another fun scrap fabric reusable gift wrap package decoration is a small wreath.

You will need some floral wire or recycled wire if you have it.

Make a small ring with the wire and twist the ends together.

Tie short pieces of fabric to the ring.

Tie short pieces of fabric tightly around the ring until it is full. Trim excess material to shape the wreath.

Wrap jute twine around two sides of the wreath to attach to the top of your package.

Fabric Wreath Package Topper is eco-friendly wrapping idea for Christmas Packages.

How To Wrap a Package in Scrap Fabric

Another great way to use up scrap fabric for an eco-friendly gift wrapping DIY is to use larger pieces to wrap the entire package.

Prepare the Fabric Scrap

Cut your fabric into pieces, covering the items you wish to gift wrap.

Wash the fabric to fray the edges, dry, and press any wrinkles. Use fabric strips to tie the material around the package.

Place the package on the center of the wrong side of the fabric with straight edges facing the fabric corners.

Gather the corners of the fabric together and tuck short ends inside. Use the fabric strips to tie it together. Pull ends and fluff.

Recycle Scrap Fabric by using it as gift wrap for sustainable holiday reusable gift wrap ideas.

Sustainable Christmas Package Toppers & Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping Ideas

Didn’t they turn out great? I love each one of the designs.

Sustainable & Eco-friendly Gift Wrapping Ideas using scarp fabrics and recycled materials for unique package toppers

These 5 sustainable recycled gift wrap DIY ideas are easy-to-make and cost-effective ways to decorate your packages this holiday season. They are reusable gift wrap toppers that you can save from year to year.

Sustainable and Eco-friendly Gift Wrapping DIY Ideas for reycled gift wrap Package Toppers

In addition, there are so many options for creating unique package toppers. By changing the fabric or shape of the design, you can achieve a brand-new look.

I hope you’ll try these eco-friendly gift wrapping ideas this holiday season.

Eco-friendly Gift Wrapping Ideas using scarp fabrics and recycled materials for unique package toppers

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Creative Recycled Gift Wrap Ideas.  DIY Eco-friendly gift wrap package toppers that are reusable gift wrap ideas.
Reusable Gift Wrap with Sustainable Recycled Gift Wrap Package Topper and Eco-Friendly Ornaments.


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I love these country-style upcycles for making gift toppers and Christmas decor. Thanks so much for sharing these ideas, and also for describing the items you purchase to make these. It is very helpful.


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