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Easy DIY Christmas Ornaments

Y’all, I just made the cutest DIY Ornaments for Christmas, and I know you will love them.

These cute Angel and Cross Christmas Ornaments are made using hot glue and hand-painted with gold and white accents. They can be made in various sizes and used for gift tags as well as tree ornaments.

Even if you’re not a big crafter and shy away from DIY projects, I think you will love how easy these are to make.

In addition, this would be a great kids’ project with adult supervision because of the hot glue.

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How To Make Christmas Ornaments

This is a fun and easy Christmas ornament project, and there are various ways to do this craft. Today I’m sharing Angel and Cross ornaments with white and gold accents applied to thin wood board ornaments. However, you can be creative with other designs and colors.


Prepare your Boards

First, you want to prepare your unfinished wooden boards. I used two sizes for my ornaments these with the scalloped edges and these rectangle boards.

Begin by using a cordless drill to drill a hole in the top center on each board.

Drill a hole in the precut wooden boards.

Then you will want to sand or use a rotary tool to smooth the edges of the holes. Ryobi makes this easy to use cordless rotary tool that is so convenient for small projects like this.

Finally the last step to prepare your boards is to paint with white chalk paint.

Draw with Hot Glue

Next we are going to draw our design onto the prepared wooden boards with our Ryobi Hot Glue Gun.

I’m starting with the angel and I began with a round circle and then filled in with the glue.

Creating an angel's face on a wooden board using hot glue for DIY Christmas Ornament.

Then I added a body and wings.

This is all free hand, without a pattern. I also made some with crosses.

If you feel you need a pattern, you can trace one onto the wood with a pencil.

The random lines of the design is what I love about the ornaments because no two are alike.

Angel and Cross Easy DIY Christmas Ornaments made from Hot Glue for Farmhouse Christmas.

Paint Ornaments

After the hot glue is dry, you will want to remove any excess hot glue, such as glue hairs.

Then add a second coat of white paint over the entire surface and design.

Angel design made with hot glue and painted white can be used as Christmas ornaments or gift tags.

Once the white paint is dry, begin applying the metallic gold paint. You can apply as much or as little as you desire.

I like to define the hair and halo specifically and the lightly touch along the other raised areas of the design.

In addition, I use a dry brush technique to add touches of gold onto the background of the board.

Add Wax

In order to age the ornaments, I add Annie Sloan Wax.

Begin by rubbing over the entire surface with clear wax. This will prevent the dark wax for grabbing and making the design darker than you want.

After you have the entire surface covered with clear wax, immediately add dark wax and wipe away any excess.

Finally, buff the waxed surface with a fresh rag until the ornament is smooth.

To finish, you may want to add additional gold paint to highlight the main areas of your design. This is optional, but I found the extra gold helps to give the color more dimension and contrast.

You can see the gold areas under the wax versus the extra swipes added afterwards on this closeup view.

Cross Christmas Ornament with white and gold accents

The Christmas Ornaments will look great on a gift package as well as on a Christmas tree.

Easy DIY Christmas Ornament is perfect for a neutral Christmas theme.

See Video Tutorial Here

The options are endless regarding the different designs and colors you can use.

DIY Christmas Ornament on Frosted Christmas Tree

These are working well with my neutral colors in the loft this year.

Hot Glue Painted Wood Ornaments in a bowl of Christmas decor.

Thanks so much for stopping by today and I look forward to sharing my next adventure with you!

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Miche Ortega

Tuesday 23rd of November 2021

Those are SO unique. Sky is the limit on what you can design with this idea. Thanks so much Rachel.


Tuesday 23rd of November 2021

Miche, I really appreciate you for stopping by. and you are right, so many options.

Sandra Smith

Monday 22nd of November 2021

I love these, Rachel, and I believe even I could make them! I'll try! Sandra


Tuesday 23rd of November 2021

Sandra, You can't go wrong. I hope you have fun making them.

Margie Clements

Monday 22nd of November 2021

I just love that idea! Will love to try that!! Thanks for sharing! πŸŽ„


Tuesday 23rd of November 2021

Margie, I'm so glad you like these.

Debra Oliver

Sunday 21st of November 2021

So unique and beautiful, Rachel. Love the gold paint on the white. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Tuesday 23rd of November 2021

Debra, Thanks so much and you too.

Kim | Shiplap and Shells

Sunday 21st of November 2021

What a beautiful DIY project Rachel. I would love to share this on my wrap-up this coming week.


Tuesday 23rd of November 2021

KIm, I really appreicate this.