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Cheap and Easy DIY Halloween Centerpiece Using Dollar Tree Decor

Looking for Cheap Halloween Decoration ideas to celebrate the season? How about a Witches Brew Centerpiece? This DIY Halloween Centerpiece is spooky and easy to make using Dollar Tree decor. The Dollar Tree DIY Centerpiece is affordable, costing less than $12.00 to make.

I only added a couple of items that I had on hand to complete the centerpiece.

Yesterday, I shared the whole table setting using Dollar Tree decor, and today’s post will show you how to make the Cheap Halloween Decoration Centerpiece. My goal was to achieve an authentic Witches Brew Pot Centerpiece.

Dollar Tree Cheap Halloween Decorations for A Supper Club Dinner Party.

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Dollar Tree DIY Centerpiece Supplies

These are the supplies I found at Dollar Tree to make the DIY centerpiece for less than $12.00.

  • Black Stems
  • Spooky Eyeballs
  • Glittery Spiders
  • Skeleton Tongs
  • Witch pot candy bucket

Additional Cheap Halloween Decoration Supplies

In addition, I used these items that I had on hand.

Halloween Centerpiece Witches Brew Pot Tutorial

Here is a step-by-step tutorial for making a witches brew pot Dollar Tree DIY Centerpiece.

Paint Witch Pot Candy Bucket

To make the cheap Halloween decoration centerpiece look more authentic, I began by painting the plastic witch pot.

Paint the exterior with flat chalk paint to make the pot look like a crusty witch pot. The flat chalk paint will adhere to the plastic better than regular craft paint.

Replace Witch Pot Handle

Next, replace the plastic handle with a length of foraged grapevine.

To remove the original handle, you will need to use a knife to increase the hole in the plastic. Insert the sharp knife and twist until the hole has increased in size.

Note: Use caution when using a sharp knife to increase the size of the hole.

You can then insert the ends of the grapevine into the holes. Add a piece of masking tape around the grapevine inside the pot to keep it from slipping out of the hole. You will not see the tape once your centerpiece has been arranged.

You can use a wired vine twine if you don’t have access to a grapevine.

Replace plastic handle with foraged grapevine

Insider Tip

Painting the witch pot and replacing the handle are both optional steps.
I recommend these optional steps if you want a more authentic witches’ brew centerpiece. However, your centerpiece will still look spooky if you use the pot as it is.

Arrange Dollar Tree Halloween Decorations in Witch Pot

Now, you are ready to assemble the DIY Halloween Centerpiece.

Begin by adding the skeleton tongs and black stems to the pot.

Add polyfil in and around the stems and tongs to hold them in place. Continue to fill the pot with polyfil until the stems feel secure within the pot.

Pull some pieces upward into the stems and downward to resemble the brew overflowing from the pot.

Fill pot with poly-fil and dollar tree DIY centerpiece items for a Cheap Halloween Decoration

Add Spooky Eyeballs and Spiders To Brew Pot

Next, attach the Dollar Tree Halloween decorations to the brew pot centerpiece using the hot glue gun.

Add eyeballs and spiders to the poly-fil and the stems with a drop of hot glue to each piece. Hold in place until the glue dries.

You can add an eyeball to the palm of the skeleton tong for a fun touch.

Cheap Halloween Decorations DIY Dollar Tree Centerpiece.

Safe Way To Create A Fire Under the Witches Brew Pot

I wanted to create an authentic-looking fire underneath the witches brew pot DIY centerpiece, but several options were expensive or dangerous. So here’s what I did.

I gather several gravels from my driveway and painted them with spray paint.

Spray paint gravel or rocks to use as hot coals.

I painted them black, red, and yellow. You only need a handful of each color.

Once they are dry, stack them underneath the witch pot. I added a circle of black paper under the rocks to keep them in place.

Witches Brew Centerpiece for Cheap Halloween Decorations.

Cheap Halloween Decoration

The Cheap Halloween centerpiece turned out so fun. The Witches Brew Pot is perfect with all the other Dollar Tree Decorations used on the table.

Cheap Halloween Decoration for Supper Club dinner Party Halloween Centerpiece

If you are looking for an inexpensive way to decorate for Halloween, it’s easy to do with a little creativity. You can make this unique and spooky centerpiece without breaking the bank.

To see the full Halloween Dinner Party Tablescape, click here.

Spooky Eyes and Spiders fill Dollar Tree DIY Centerpiece Ideas for Halloween Centerpiece


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How to Make Cheap Halloween Decoration Centerpiece with Dollar Tree Halloween Decorations.,


Wednesday 18th of October 2023

Pulling together last-minute Halloween ideas for Friday's post and I am over the moon to share this one, Rachel. OMG the rocks and the cauldron, I STILL can't get over how creative this idea is! Hugs, CoCo


Thursday 19th of October 2023

CoCo, You are so sweet and I appreciate your comments so much.


Sunday 1st of October 2023

How cute, Rachel. You really have such great ideas my friend. Love this!


Sunday 1st of October 2023

Tammy, I'm so glad you like it. Thanks for your comments.